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What is Mindfulness and Full Consciousness

In the previous article I talked about what it is and the benefits of exploring it what is mindfulness also known as "Full Consciousness."

Mainly I emphasized the type of Mindfulness that is explored in the School for Awakening that I have created. Since it has very different nuances, much deeper and unique than what is normally spoken.

So we continue with the 2nd part of the article to continue investigating more on the subject.



Mindfulness and the "I" Thought

One learns to live from the mind. We spend so much time in the thought that defines us that after a long time we do not contemplate that there is another way to live.

Our attention, our ability to choose where to put our awareness and alertness-attentive, makes the sense of self become our identity thru the "I-Me" thought and this is the lens or nucleus from which we see and experience everything.

This single, initial thought is responsible for all the division and misunderstanding of oneself and the entire Universe.

By spending so much time in that thought, the appearance of endless thoughts brings the concept and perception of the mind to life. And this is where one notices that a thought jumps on itself without stopping; self-justifying by habits and beliefs built on the mind itself.

This amazing process happens in milliseconds and with amazing power. We can see that this mechanism of experience applies almost to everything that happens to us and at all levels. The mind spends its time dissecting, analyzing, interpreting, judging, conceptualizing and much more.

We are unaware of the stress and energy expenditure that all this puts on ourselves.

Regardless of what kind of experiences we have or have, the mind classifies everything in terms of positive or negative. What makes one thought more powerful than another is how a mental pattern was recorded in our brain and with the intensity with which the experience was recorded.

And precisely depending on that intensity we will be able to let the thought pass easily or it will be complicated and we will react emotionally depending on what this set of ideas and memories say.

Throughout our lives we have stored different types of experiences along with their interpretations.

The "I" thought (with its construction of identity and its own universe) became the lens through which life is filtered and seen by our consciousness. We do not realize what thought does at this point, it can alter reality, the observer and the observed in incredible ways. And in some cases making one react and act when the same is not even what one sees is real.

The ability to be attentive in Full Consciousness or in a state of Mindfulness or Mindful (in English), the gaze is altered by the thoughts and emotions that pass in front of a divided and fragmented mind.

A simple example that can give you clarity is when you are walking through the mountains and suddenly you find a rope and you mistake it for a snake. Imagine what unobserved thoughts are doing that are unconsciously analyzing everything. Making us act according to them.

These thoughts affect the way we relate to ourselves and the world. Our relationships, our talents and our capacities will be reduced because they are limited by fears, deficiencies and lack of understanding of things.

That is why when one deepens in awakening from the mind maze, one discovers layers and more layers of conclusions and beliefs of the events that we were experiencing from an early age about oneself and about life.

Here in the School of the Roar of Awakening We try to show different points of view to be able to show the immediate solution to many of the experiences that many people are going through and that several do not finish solving.

Mindfulness and Emotions

Today you can find many places, practices, books and courses about emotional intelligence. This is something that sounds a lot these days, a lot of content that has been written or promoted about this.

Seen from the optics and intelligence of the "I" we can see that it has its limitations, since most cases are approached or viewed from the lowest aspects of understanding that is clouded by unobserved thoughts and beliefs that rest on the subconscious.

I do not want to delve too much into this, since it is a subject that requires another type of depth, investigation and an article or video will not be enough. For this, within the School I have many videos and meetings to address more complex and profound issues and things.

But, in a simple way, emotional intelligence would mean:

The intelligence or ability to manage the emotional aspect is the ability that people have to process emotional information and the capacities that are required to carry out that processing.

A basic principle is to recognize one's ability to be aware of one's own feelings and that of others. This makes one experience and promote the essence of motivating ourselves and this makes one move on to manage properly to learn and have healthy and harmonious relationships.

Most people do not understand emotions and are constantly fighting or rejecting them. This creates a lot of stress on the nervous system, which results in more uncontrollable emotions and thoughts. Creating a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to get out.

Here I show another perspective, true intelligence about emotions will happen when one stops controlling and mislabeling them. This is the way in which one can stop being a victim of them and can be in a constant state of well-being.

When you live from Mindfulness, you take responsibility for your emotional state and take responsibility until you stop living from your own patterns of victim, rejection, guilt and fear.

If we do not learn internal balance, from the maturity of an awake and responsible individual, we will not be able to regulate our emotional state and we will be victims of its intensity and we will be at its mercy.

The vicious cycle leads us to the negative feelings that arise from unconsciousness.

Guilt, shame, anger towards oneself and many more happens due to a lack of understanding of what energy is and emotions labeled by unconscious mental conclusions.

The reality of the ego, of the "I-mine", the filter of thoughts is very strong and to different degrees. The emotional stress that we are continually experiencing suffocates us for not knowing who we are and how the emotional-sensory-energetic aspect is created and designed.

The weight of the past, the expectations of the future and the dreams in life make us be immersed in an internal world of pure unconsciousness and emotional and sensory attachment to almost everything. Here the great trap of illusion.

This is why it is difficult for one to find that empty and pure space within oneself in the midst of so much sensory input that reality external to us has.

“A person who lives and rests in his own Presence, becomes much more effective and successful in everything he does. No thoughts of fear, feelings of guilt, or emotions of anger and rage will cloud the possibilities and intuition that arises when one is truly connected to oneself without filters and conditioning. "


What is Mindfulness for?

Mindfulness Sadhana or Mindfulness can help anyone to discover the immensity and beauty of the Present moment.

Learning or discovering something that will allow you to observe emotions without adding history, judgments and all those patterns that we have learned in relation to the emotional is an invaluable gift.

To be aware and awake to what one really is, is to be connected with the World and in one all the most beautiful qualities that already exist in every Human Being are revealed.

When one rests and discovers and lives in stillness or inner silence, life is experienced to the fullest.

By not living in the thoughts of the past and the future, one connects with life and with all the beings that dance in it.

The Sâdhana School supports and helps the participant or student to enter the realm of Consciousness as the ultimate reality. It contains coaching techniques, meditations, exercises and transformation dynamics. We seek that you awaken the capacities that your Consciousness already has.

I invite you to walk and discover your interior. I'm sure it can help you in ways you can't even imagine. Don't put off your well-being.

You just have to make a simple choice, decide to live in Peace and Love no matter what.


Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover your own self. It's time.

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Greetings and a strong hug


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