What is Mindfulness?

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«If you were to observe without judgment, without taking part on anything or adding any opinion, a limitless horizon would reveal itself and you would be in awe of the Love and Joy that have always existed prior to any desire or need.»


What is Mindfulness or Full Consciousness?

Mindfulness or also known as "Full Attention or Full Consciousness" is a type of meditation that helps the practitioner to live conscious of the Present moment and above all to live in a state of contemplation of serenity and absolute Freedom.

This time I will talk about Mindfulness from the perspective of the Absolute and what it would be like if one lived from the depths and fully awake to Life.

I want to propose something different, a new vision that must be taken into account and consideration, you will see that this is not very common to find.

Full Consciousness or Mindfulness, in the simplest and purest form, seeks to awaken and show the Impersonal Consciousness of the individual as the reality of the true nature of the practitioner. Many meditation practices do not achieve this goal and only get stuck in giving an experience of peace and connection instead of one of total self-realization before the total dissolution of duality and separation that the ego-mind presents.

When we speak of Full Consciousness, we mean that the individual goes from living in thoughts of the past and future to discovering the Present moment as oneself as the witness of time happening.

The moment you discover your own nature, or discover who you really are, it goes from being a very powerful tool that helped emotionally, as well as contributing to the well-being and health of all those who practice it, to show and manifest the reality of the Witness and its timelessness.

What Does Mindfulness Mean

The term Mindfulness is composed of two words in English, "mindful", which means "conscious" and the suffix "ness", which denotes a quality or condition. So we try to show that Mindfulness is "the quality or condition of Being or of being Conscious."

Here at the School that I have created for Awakening, we use a special and different form to the commonly known and traditional Mindfulness. Here we name it: Mindfulness Sâdhana and in other cases "The Power Beyond the Mind", due to the connotation that in one there is a lot of power and this power, if one awakens it and discovers it, has no limits.

The Sanskrit term Sadhana means "spiritual practice" or "means of obtaining something." So if we learn and turn our attention to itself, we will see that over time it goes through different levels of maturity, and one, through Mindfulness, will be able to discover what the Here and Now really are.

Right from the beginning, the practice of Mindfulness can be very beneficial for some aspects of daily life. When the beginner begins to apply living without judgment and implement acceptance, they learn to live without fear, stress or anxiety caused by living from unconscious thoughts and emotions that make them act incoherent with the essence of life .

This result is obtained, in a few words, by ensuring that the person is serene and connected with their own capacity to witness consciously, which is what allows one to enter the Present moment in a simple and direct way. This means that one can respond to each situation calmly and not be submerged in the thoughts and emotions that they come to experience.

We must assume that in life one will have to live experiences that we cannot escape from. That sooner or later we will have to face them, such as illness, old age and death, which are one of the most common causes of human suffering.

When one decides to discover more of oneself and of Life, new horizons and opportunities present themselves. One of them, the most profound and capable of transformation is when our minds are challenged and our limited belief structure faces new fields of exploration. There one can grow and discover a lot, but rarely do you meet people with such passion and strength.

One of the qualities that the Mind-Conscious, if one discovers it and frees it is that one can always be calm, anchored in oneself and from there the Attention will be able to expand beyond the limits of the individual and dualistic mind.

Then, being in contact with oneself, a force, wisdom and understanding arises that helps us to accept the inevitable.

Regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, thanks to the fact that we are discovering how to live in the Present Moment with curiosity, humility and disposition, it is that we will be able to face and act from a much more successful place instead of one of fear and anxiety.

The brave who have decided to discover themselves will be able to live a life that no one can ever imagine exists.

One explores and discovers that, when we enter each moment with innocence and without prior judgments, being aware of the Silent Witness of emotions, thoughts, conditions, our environment and our relationships are seen from a very strong and high degree of purity, where everything is the same, all are a reflection of the immense power of Consciousness, of the Absolute.

Mindfulness what it is and how it is practiced

All people have something in common, and it is the ability to pay attention or be aware of what is happening. This element is the most important thing in one's life, since you cannot deny your own capacity to be and the fact of existing.

Here is one of the greatest fears and desires, one is not to stop experiencing existing and on the other hand discovering how deep one can feel that it really exists.

But, because of the constant contradictions and ideas that go through our minds, all this is being subdued and filtered by the confusion of what one is. Every person's first thought is "I". Everything happens and starts there. And from there everything else is given.

Most live their lives unaware of who they are. They assume and take for granted that they are their ideas, their beliefs, and their sense of "self." This ignorance arises from the lack of consciousness and from not knowing differences to the Observer and Witness of this patterns and conditionings and that if one pays attention, he will realize that the "I-mind" has never really existed.

If this is true, then this approach leaves us with a mysterious yet to be discovered and explored question: "Who one really is?"

In these times it is very difficult to contemplate the possibility that there is more to life to discover than what one currently lives.

Mindfulness can give you a lot, it will be the beginning of a very beautiful adventure if one dares to explore it.

Being present and attentive is very easy. In fact, when you discover this, you laugh a lot at having spent so much time training your mind to be distracted. So that in an instant everything collapses and you realize how simple it is to always be Here.

Most live immersed in thought, in time. Always your attention living in another place that is not Now. You may notice that many people wander and fantasize and do not leave the realm of desires and without realizing it, life passes in front of us without really living it to the fullest.

One of the main characteristics of learning or practicing meditation Mindfulness Sadhana is that it pushes you to continuous experimentation and that your feeling does not stay in the mind, in the intellect and in the conceptual, but that you can be aware of everything that happens in each Moment.

That you can really notice how it happens, how you feel and what is the learning that happens in the facts and circumstances that are occurring. But above all, that you begin to distance yourself from everything you have believed yourself to be so that at one point it is clear who you really are.

In order to go on to discover the power of mindfulness and for one to achieve liberation from the bonds of the ego, one has to awaken and release Conscious Observation.

Stress and Mindfulness

When one is not mindful and aware, we find that each moment has the potential to be tinged with pain, stress, and even suffering. Every event begins with the interpretation and experimentation of one. In a very subtle and unconscious way, learned patterns and conditioning, analyze and interpret everything that happens. And this is where the quality of experience that we will have when something happens originates.

Today, many people want to improve their lives and find themselves in a world that offers many things that ultimately will not offer what one initially wants.

So a different perspective is needed so that one, on his own, has valuable and visible information so that decisions come from a place of greater knowledge. This is how one can and will know what to choose and what not.

The stress that we are currently experiencing has reached very strong levels and I know that there are things that will reduce it but that will not eradicate it.



Stress we could define it as a set of reactions that are triggered in the body when one has to face, abruptly and unexpectedly, an agent or circumstance that is beyond our control and that can cause some kind of damage.

This happens on different levels, such as the physical, mental, emotional and can reach very deep levels such as the sense of existence or in the spiritual field.

Stress is a habit rooted in the behavior of individuals that generates in a rapid, chaotic and disorderly way a set of thoughts, reactions, illusions, perceptions and false senses of themselves.


«If you are not present, if you are not Here and Now, what is the meaning of Life. If you are not connected with yourself, without knowing who you are, what is the use of knowing everything else.

You will discover that your relationship with the Self can gradually increase your relationship with its reality. Wouldn't you like to awaken to the Truth of Life? ».


When we do not know how to find calm and balance, that is, when the mind is not attentive and present, little conscious or disorderly and chaotic, the experience of presence escapes and one lives in another place, one lives divided and fragmented into thousands of pieces.

This type of appearance is called illusion or ignorance, since it has nothing to do with the truth of the Present. Here the mind acts as the one responsible for such divided perception. Therefore, one seems to be living on automatic pilot and one is unable to respond to conflict situations in a way that is not reactive.

In these circumstances, and when a situation overwhelms or displeases us, what we usually do is mentally flee from it, ignoring it or hiding in our concepts and beliefs only to not face and honestly recognize what is happening to us.

Many people see their mental, emotional, bodily and material problems increase because they are not able to cope with and properly manage their minds and their emotional state.

This attitude generates a very strong victim state, and this makes their actions put at risk or create defense and attack mechanisms, and due to the inability to accept what is happening, these are things that show their lack of knowledge of them and of its environment.

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Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

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Discover your own self. It's time.

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