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The mystical and transcendental solitude

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«In the solitude of the soul, by grace you will discover the one, eternal and indivisible Supreme Soul.»


Spiritual Solitude

In the previous article we talked about what loneliness causes and how strong it can be when it is not approached with understanding and clarity.

I mentioned that many people do not really know what true loneliness is, to such a degree that they do not dare to be internally alone without any sensory, mental and corporal input.

I want to close this article with something that may make your neurons explode, which is not so bad since when a limit is broken, more expansion, adventure and more possibilities present themselves.


Nobody wants to see themselves in Solitude

Each individual lives internally fears, some so deep that one does not know that these fears condition one how he lives and could live.

Most do their best to suppress, deny, and even forget them, because if they confront them and remove the mechanisms Defense against these something terrible and full of judgments can be presented. And this may be very unpleasant to admit. 

But by living like this, we only continue to give strength, energy and life to all those unhealed things that continue to impact our being and the way we see life.

From an early age, by not knowing who we are and the loneliness that discovering oneself as One implies, that means that the possibility of being alone is rejected and misunderstood.

That is why many have created a voice in their head to keep them company. In that creation the notion of the ego-mind arose. That point of reference that constantly creates thoughts, concepts, people, the senses, voices and dialogues to be able to be heard, interact with its own delusion and fantasy and this one does not feel alone lost.

Since if one did not pay any attention to any thought, to that unreal phantom of "I" and you would face that within you there is nothing and no one, the endless abyss that would arise can become terrifying.

This is one reason why most people cannot be truly silent, still and literally quiet, they need voices, constantly talking between their concepts and learnings. Others cannot really be still without doing anything, so they look for sensory adornments so that their inner reality doesn't look hollow, empty, and lifeless.


Loneliness does not represent being alone

The loneliness that most live is one that is based on the fact that one is alone, left behind, unaccompanied, facing life with no one to support or share and connect with.

I can tell you that this is not true on any level. There is no one who is ever alone. The Self is always there at every step and in all circumstances. Although it seems that it is not so, the Love of Being, its Infinite Presence and creation itself are taking you by the hand towards your home and your peace.

Many people do not recognize this because of the strong sense of separation that is embedded like a tattoo in the mind that cannot be erased, but because it seems real does not mean that one is alone.

The true loneliness, and the one I want to talk about now, is what happens and is when you don't need anything inside of you to validate your existence. Don't create voices, feelings, wishes, concepts, and any conditioning in which you ask for their opinion, perspective, and validation about everything.

Not many dare not create voices and thoughts within their minds to consult.

What if everything that exists within you disappeared and you were truly alone? What kind of perspective, understanding, and vision would emerge if there were only one and not two?

Well here is the adventure that many sages and mystics have tried to point out and point out.


Alone and being, the One Being without two

The point is that there is a Unique Reality where there is nothing but the Reality itself. That we are all that reality where there is nothing and no one but Herself.

All this is lost at the beginning of our lives, we come and we are the Source of All Love and when we reach this human reality, we come across the first reflection of that conditional love with our parents; who project us, accompany us and teach us their version of what it is to live, what love is, etc. All of this creates the mechanisms of I-ego Where it works, thanks to belonging, to the sense of individuality, the game of putting on masks of dependence, necessity, and emotional attachments and conflicts begins to be the way of living in the world. 

Only a few realize that all these types of experiences do not end in solving the deep desire to remember, awaken and discover the purest of us. Solve the concerns that the heart has.

The sages pointed to that internal reality where if you are really alone, without thoughts, without anything learned and without the filters of emotions and feelings, the true Being, One without two, Free and Eternal, reveals itself as oneself. And the mirage of the ego disappears that with its illusion and dual fantasy.

I speak of this loneliness, that only Being remains and that nothing else exists. If there is something more than the Self, if there is the ego, the mind, the thought, the body, the others, the life and the creation, then it is not the highest and purest reality.

This is where wisdom has to come in and start cleaning the lens from which we look at life. Thus confusion, doubt and fear will no longer rule our hearts. But for this one has to learn to be really alone, and discover that that in his Eternal Solitude there is nothing else but Himself.

I reiterate the question, who would dare to take the step?

The one that invites you to transcend everything and find yourself alone and absorbed by an Infinite Ocean of Care.


Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover yourself. It's time!

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Greetings, I love you and send you a big hug.


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