Understanding Loneliness

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«Only the one who knows how to be really alone will be able to connect with something much deeper and will love without qualms or conditions.»


Understanding Loneliness for Growth

ASomething that many people experience, whether they realize it or not, is that they completely reject being alone. Unconsciously there is something that does not allow them to face themselves without anyone involved.

I understand that we are beings who love to connect, belong and be able to go through life accompanied and sharing it with someone. The interesting thing is that loneliness from the point of view of Oneness or Awareness Unique, it can bring great gifts that make us grow in very interesting ways if we give ourselves the opportunity. It is seeking not to reject those moments or periods where there comes an opportunity to get to know each other more deeply and rethink the life we ​​are creating from another perspective that we had not contemplated. It is facing what we believe we hold to discover more beautiful and true things beyond any position, habit and concept.

As we go through these transformation processes, our mind and our being are polished and these experiences make us truly more human. And there is something hidden in all this, that when we are given the opportunity to be really alone, we are faced with something extraordinary, that we are not really alone, we have created voices in our head so as not to face the emptiness of true loneliness, so that the relationship with ourselves is superficial, we do not finish accepting the challenge to go so deep of one that everything can really be revealed.

This shows that the most important relationship, and one that we rarely prioritize, is to really know ourselves beyond ideas, and for this, being alone inside with no one outside or inside our head is rare. to explore.


A Hidden Solitude

I remember that when I was younger, there were times when there were many people in my house and no matter how many people there might be around me, there was a part of me that felt alone, not understood, separated, distanced, like it did not understand me. , and then the others didn't either.

Continuously my actions showed that I always tried to fit in, to fit in with others but I didn't fit in; no matter how many friends I had, and incredible friendships, there was always a "I'm alone and I don't know what I'm doing here." He felt no connection to others on levels he wished were deep.

Suddenly I had friends or very dear people who betrayed me, robbed me and that made me have a stronger conflict about how I wanted relate with people or how to interact with them.

This made me create mechanisms that distanced me from others, habits and patterns of defense and attack to take care of myself because pain and suffering were one step away, in a thought.

How many of us have not experienced these things to a greater or lesser degree. If you see, behind every action there are mechanisms that are always on guard. Our guards who guard our apparent well-being.


Loneliness and Emotionality

When you experience that emotional loneliness that is commonly experienced, it is not pleasant at all. It can cause stress and very strong trauma if it is not understood and accompanied in the process.

The desire to connect, love and receive affection with people is strong. To the extent that we completely forget about ourselves and keep quiet, we do not do what our hearts want out of fear of what they will say. We could say that sometimes we live the life that others want and not the one that we desire.

Suddenly you find yourself doing things for others sometimes positive sometimes negativeSometimes we are with people whose way of interacting with life can be violent, abusive and well, sometimes one ends up learning those things or being subjugated to that type of interaction.

Remember, all this happens because we are looking for that connection, that well-being, that love and sense of belonging; the problem arises when we look for it outside and not within ourselves. When we need others to feel loved instead of first recognizing ourselves as beings of love.

If you follow the external game to the internal, and you leave aside or understand the things to which you have given the power to give you what you seek, you will find that no one from the outside can really give you what you want. Or there will come a time where you will feel disappointed because at some point things are not how your mind wants.

There one notes that our beliefs or desires were faced with reality, life. And that it does not follow our guidelines and ways of creating.

And here the real game begins, when life challenges you so much to see yourself again. To see in the mirror of life everything that your mind holds as truth and that your habits and beliefs are limiting and conditioning you in non-optimistic ways in how you can live your life and not the one that society, your parents and your thoughts they are forging for you.

Have you ever wondered what you really want if you don't follow any learned conditioning or any heard wishes? What if you were so naked that you would not follow any habit learned from someone that you once listened to and believed would give you what you are looking for?

We will continue to delve into the 2nd part of the article. While exploring the shared.


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