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Transform the World


By Cooltura FM, La Vida Sona.


Public Speaker, Coach and Teacher.

The problems we see are the result of all the conflict that people have inside. Stress or whatever happens on the outside, first had to be gestated inside, then it is projected into our actions. If you pay attention, this is the solution to many of the problems, now you have to go inside to solve them." 




Live interview made by Cooltura FM, La Vida Sona and by Toni Guerrero. 

Life has its challengesThanks to mine, now I can help other people. The focus is to go inside, which is the place where the recipe for our decisions and actions that result in the creation of our life begins to cook.

Such an approach goes to the root of all problems and no energy is wasted in the result of actions. It is not about fixing or controlling the outside, but about healing and purify the mind and the beliefs that happen within each of us to wake up to a deeper reality

I was given the opportunity to participate in an interview, to share my experience and how it was that I was able to get out of the hole I was inJust so that today you can help others with similar experiences to transform and improve their lives.

We hope you like it.


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