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The Roar of Awakening or Wake up to Roar

by Sarkhan


Public Speaker, Coach and Teacher.

«And there, in the prison of their own thoughts live the unhappy. They don't know anything other than fear, doubt, and confusion.
If they knew how huge they are they would fly through the world with nothing to stop them. Sadly, most do not live like this because they do not know their true nature.
Remember and be reborn to a life without limits!» 



Everything is in motion. Creation continually pushes us toward more.

If you pay attention, evolution and it's powerful qualities apply to everything.

This is in the invisible directing all creation towards other steps or levels of experience. In some cases evolution appears as a gradual transformation of something that gives birth to something totally new.

The typical example is that of the caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly or when the egg transforms and gives birth to a chick.

I briefly share the main reason for this article and why it is important.

Last year was a very important year for me. The Universe, with it's love, compassion and strength, has shown me something that I want to share with you.

Now, after a long time of ups and downs, Life is presenting me with a new direction, a new adventure on the path of personal growth.

It seems that the next chapter is one where I can put my experiences and everything I have learned in the service of others.

Maybe you don't know much about me, or maybe yes, I really don't know.

With the overcoming of my difficult life story (video link) has allowed me to give lectures, seminars, retreats, courses and workshops in various countries in recent years.

This experience has also helped me to provide social service to be able to teach and give lectures in maximum security prisons, rehabilitation centers for people with drug and alcohol problems and much more.

After having been searching for so long and having experienced a hell on the spiritual path with false teachers, doctrines, abusive people, in the world of drugs, immersed in alcohol and having gone through many experiences where I had to face myself to transcend my self-destructive habits and other very strong unconscious tendencies. All this to be able to awaken from the reality of the Ego and discover the corners where it hides, and at some point help others to transcend duality as well.

So, after so many years of introspection in the search for myself and after having traveled many paths, now I want to help, clarify and facilitate the path that has already been traveled by me, and make it much easier for those who are looking for something to really improve their lives.

That is why if you have followed my path, you will see that I have passed several stages of transformation and now it is time to change the focus and put all my energy in those people who have or are going through things similar to mine and especially in those who want everything, and above all to WAKE UP.

To those people who try their best to understand themselves and their reality and still the change hasn't happened really. People who continue to search and face false teachings and practices, seek to help and give social service to people who need it most and other ideas that are underway.

I have dedicatedall my life to try to understand myself and to seek to create a life of service.

Since I was little I always wanted to help improve the world and discover my purpose and destiny. Of course, I did not know that my intentions came from judgment and lack of understanding. I was certainly not in the best place to help, but now I am.

My heart knew that I was coming to do something to disappear or lessen the suffering that is very noticeable to see that it has settled in the hearts of millions of people.


The Transformation of the Human Mind

There are many people who live in confusion, in pain, suffering and in very violent behavior patterns.

Most of the people live immersed in their thoughts, so life is being filtered by the mental-emotional conditioning that was learned by the circumstances of life.

All this means that people do not realize that the decisions they make have more weight on the inside than what happens on the outside.

I don't know if you know what this means, it means that what most people decide, and that lead to unpleasant results, can be avoided if you understand what really causes them in the first place.

The actions or decisions that are taken come from a very complex internal process of our mind where what we believe and want is taken into account and much more.

So addictions, pain, alcoholism, complaints, negatives, guilt, attachments, anger, etc., come first from a subtle interpretation about oneself and what we give our attention to things.

In other words, it is the unconscious dialogue that happens within our mind the one that takes reality and then is projected in the decisions we make to create our life.

Many individuals, in fact many, do not know that in them is the Power of not making the thoughts come true. What would give a golden opportunity to live Life from a place of serenity, clarity and at the same time one where self-violence does not exist.

That is why the Transformation of the Human Mind is within reach. All those qualities that you have that have not been fully explored can substitute the unconsciousness of the inner game for one of clarity and full of opportunities.

I know what is currently known as normal is that pain and suffering appear to be normal. There is a certain degree of truth in this, but it is not the ultimate truth.

There are life experiences that we cannot avoid and that are there within reach and around the corner.

But there is another aspect within us that we have not really explored and that has answers to many unknowns of how we can experience and create the life we ​​deserve.

Personal growth is key to a positive change in anyone's life. But not in the way that is promoted in many places, but one that really moves the foundations of our inner reality and helps us awaken to the potential of a mind without limiting conditioning.


Difficulties in Personal Growth

Every person is destined to grow, learn, and continue to evolve on many levels.

There are several moments in someone's life that brings a degree of transformation very strong and important. 

I recently passed one of them, which I am very grateful for.

Just as in the example of the egg and the chick, where the process for this to happen is one of energy and monumental proportions, so I felt before the Universe itself.

On the one hand, from within me there was a fire burning and growing, cooking the internal part so that the chick was forced to move to get out. And on the other side, outside, the sun burning and heating the shell, forcing a decision to be made to break, from the inside out, towards freedom and growth.

This was one of those moments, where grace of Evolution enters and radically transforms something. From being something to being something that can be something TOTALLY different for the present and for the future.

I comment on this because I know that there are many people who have or are going through experiences that seem to be beyond their capabilities.

But if they flow and listen to the message and stop resisting, everything can be much easier if you give yourself the opportunity.

Sometimes the transformation is a physical one, sometimes it is an emotional one, other times a mental one and in the deepest existential and spiritual. The degree of transformation can be so strong that it can be heartbreaking for the one experiencing it.

This presents difficulties on many levels. People who still feel drowned by circumstances that lead to unpleasant patterns and decisions because they don't know how to deal with the situation.

Leaving the old, the known, the comfortable for something totally unknown, which takes us out of ourselves and challenges us to go for more, even when one is not apparently capable, this is something immense.

Sometimes it is not easy to let things go, for what it can get to imply. Which makes the growth process much more difficult.

Life sometimes does not forgive, it wants you to grow as people yes or yes.

He wants to take you to places that you would never have imagined and much less wished for. But what is necessary to continue transforming ourselves as human beings.

I know changes can be difficult, but it is much harder not to move on and discover the mysterious gifts that lie beyond fear and doubt.

I have been researching and paying close attention to Life to know what I have to do now.

I found some pretty cool stuff and a potential very great service.

I mentioned to you before about the change and Evolution, because that change is to the platform, the message and all the activities and services that will be made from now on.

The need for a different education is vital. Helping people's minds move from pain to peace, from judgment to love, and from guilt to forgiveness, is by awakening to their true potential.

Many do not know the power that their Mind-Consciousness has. The infinite capacity of your Attention is something that is not taught and not promoted.


" You are all Lions, so go your own way.
Do not walk the path of defeat like sheep, one after another.
Don't go his way.

Lions do not follow each other like sheep."

HARI VANSH LAL POONJA - Wake up and Roar.



We can certainly look around us and notice that there are not many people who encourage and push to discover the potential that the mind-conscious has in the people who need it most.

After a long time of introspection and study, I have created a School for Awakening called "Sadhana School".

In it is everything that I have learned over so many years.

She has gone through a very strong transformation process, in order to respond to the call to help and provide an education and support to that group of people who most need our help. The marginalized, the rejected, the misunderstood, those who feel alone ...

So the project of: "The Roar of Awakening" was born to meet this need.

So everything that is done in this project and on this platform will specialize and help these types of people.

I will dedicate my time and energy to creating content, as well as going to those places and finding those people who want more from life and do not have the clarity of how simple it is to live in conscience. I want to create spaces so that they can grow personally, it will be for others to direct them to the School and that they have a space where they can continue to grow and be accompanied in their process.

This will be the new approach. Imagine a person who does not know what to do to understand his interior and does not know his inner desire and how to create or fulfill it. As well as not finding like-minded people who are on the same path.

Also for those families who do not know what to do to improve their family circle because they have gone through or are going through some stressful experience or even interpersonal relationships or in business, etc.

Or social groups with low resources that need a type of education and message that inspires them to know themselves on a much deeper and more powerful level.

These are examples of so many people who need help and different help. Something that transforms them for the better.


Spaces for Personal Growth

I want everyone to have a space that they value a lot, where teaching and support is given that inspires them, spaces where there is motivation and that they learn tools to face the challenges of the world from another place and with new perspectives.

There will be meetings, books, videos and audios, spaces for sharing, remote videoconferencing meetings, group and individual sessions, study groups, mentoring and tutoring and much more.

I'm very happy. I can no longer wait to see what happens and what opportunities are presented to be able to serve on a much larger scale and generate a great impact on Humanity.

And why "The Roar of Awakening". Because we have to raise our voices so high so that people's hearts hear the message, to the degree that it resonates in them and they decide to go for more.

And that they discover that what they long for is within reach, that it only requires look inward and stop dreaming.

Let your interior catch fire and allow the dissolution of all limitations. This is how you can transform your life and you can finally live in peace.


With love,

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