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«Make up your mind to know your true Self, not so much the one you are. One will take you far and the other will keep you in endless slumber.»


What is Self-knowledge

Self-knowledge is the way we name the process or form of exploration that we have of ourselves, that is, life helps us discover all that set of things about ourselves so that we go deeper about who we are and what we are able.

Thanks to the quality of consciousness that is materialized and that is growing and maturing, this marks the first principle towards self-knowledge, which can be seen started when a child begins to discover his own body, movements, actions and reactions.

The word "self-knowledge" is made up of "self", which means 'own' or 'by oneself', and the noun "knowledge", which is the ability to understand through reason or the "quality of awareness ”Derived from knowing.

Self-knowledge It is a concept widely used in the field of personal development in reference to the introspection capacity that a person has to recognize themselves as an individual and to differentiate themselves from others. In this sense, self-knowledge is what helps to build a personal identity and all the emotional and mental aspects around the mental image created by each individual.


Personal Self-knowledge

Many people go through life taking many things about oneself for granted that cannot reflect the depth of who one really is. Some life experiences cause a few to rethink their habits and decisions.

Over time, most individuals know only part of them. They generally only know the result of the sum of many beliefs, but they do not know the beliefs and mental positions that condition them.

Some sensitive people may be aware of some aspects of their way of being but have not delved deep into their inner knowing to see if there is much more to discover than what the superficiality of the mind only shows them.

One of the most beautiful jewelry and gifts we all have is take a path of self-knowledge towards the depths of us. Rarely do you find a person who makes the decision to discover more about himself than what the world can offer.

Generally speaking, most of the population only knows the superficial results of years of life without self-inquiry. What do I mean by this, that over time one generates an identity that defines us and that results in the belief of being the ego-mind. However, not many want or seek to solve the enigma of how that identity was really formed, how did we conclude that we are, what makes it up and what is the consequence of this.

It is for this very reason that many problems that people currently have are not solved. Since the unconscious field of the mind is affecting you in incredible ways that solving your external reality without paying attention to the internal one is a never ending game. Trying some to solve each layer of the onion and others do not even want or consider to see or accept those layers hidden in the unknown.

We can see in the following example that if a person really and deeply knew himself, his life would be totally different.

Imagine a child who has a traumatic experience for his age, in which he is in school with his classmates and many of them tease and reject him because he is not good in class and does not have good grades. This generates a very strong emotional impact and thoughts and emotions can be recorded so strongly in your unconscious that it will generate defense and attack mechanisms to prevent such abuse in future occasions.

From a young age, external circumstances greatly influence the behavior of the individual for their future. This example generates the belief of "not being enough", so that child can generate habits that control him unconsciously, in which he spends all the time trying to be accepted regardless of the consequences. Doing things for others that allow that connection that at some point was affected.

On the other hand, this same example can trigger the opposite, a person with an internal scar so deep that he or she isolates himself from people and one who prefers solitude or spending time only in nature or with animals. Or why a person has no idea or does not want to see the internal emotional conflict that he has, and does not know why he can not stop smoking, drinking or any excess or habit that generates more and more stress and not harmony.

This example shows a lot, maybe you have another one, but you can get an idea. An elderly person may be acting from the unconscious and without realizing where it started and why they feel strange and estranged from some type of people, because their relationships are affected by their habits and emotions that control them, or because there is always one tired and without energy giving everyone and putting himself last.

It is for this very reason that there are so many people living and acting according to their beliefs, interpretations and the conclusions that one deduced from certain experiences that one had and that are still affecting a purer and clearer way of living and creating in life.

If one were to inquire into the Self-knowledge, but if it went to the deepest part of you and knew yourself, you would realize that many unfinished and not understood things would be seen from a wiser place which would resolve from its root and the consequences would end.

Seen in another way, if one really knew who one is without all that baggage of superficial and limiting learning, if one wanted to delve into discovering who it is that does not identify with name, nationality, gender and bodily appearance, you would discover something fascinating .

What would happen or who one really is, if one discovered who one is before learning any belief of being “so and so X” with all that this pseudo-personality defines and composes one?

That which would be presented would be something unique, that would make your internal reality be challenged by something else pure. Everything you think you are would look fragile like a sand castle. But the opportunity to discover something incredible about you would finally have the opportunity to realize. One would realize that one is that infinite, abundant Love and that compassion is the only way to live from.

One would also recognize one with an inexhaustible and untouchable strength and this would not be clouded by an idea that I cannot, I feel alone, they are a limited being with lack, fears and insufficiencies, etc. The gaze of someone who really knows himself would not accept any limitation as truth, since he recognizes himself as something that has no limits and without fear of anything.

As I said before, if people really knew each other, they would know the nature of everyone else. And one would see that he only believed a limiting thought that generated confusion for himself and the way he experiences his own reality.


Self-awareness exercises

Now I will try to give some ways to explore and begin to move towards a game of self-knowledge, but I will not stay only in what some people stay and do not go further. I want you to go deep within yourself with the following and my wish is that this begins to bring light to your life in unquestioned ways.

The exercises that I will now propose to you are not very difficult nor do I want to make a very great explanation of them. I prefer that you yourself take the time and draw your own conclusions.

Answer the following questions very honestly. This can help you a lot if you want to stop going through life without knowing who it really is that is watching you from the depths. Here are some suggestions, anyway no one knows your reality and life better than you. So tailor them to your experience and let them answer themselves. Do not answer the ones that do not resonate, modify them accordingly:

  • Who were you before you believed who you are?
  • How do you define yourself?
  • Who are you, what makes you up, what makes you who you are today?
  • Do you think there is more of you to discover and get out that you do not know or have not dared to do?
  • Would you change something from the past?
  • Is there something inside of you that you don't want to see or face?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What is that internally that governs you?
  • What do you want? (Not what you learned from society or from others)
  • Why do you live how you live?
  • Do you have a harmonious or unbalanced life? What are the reasons for this?
  • What do I do here?
  • What have you not done that, if you dared, your life would change?


Self-knowledge test

Another way to get to know yourself is to look for environments, exercises, tests, books… whatever challenges your perception of yourself. That's when you will be able to see other ways and perspectives of yourself that you were unaware of. This helps a lot. Since the inked lenses (beliefs) from which you see life and act in relation to them, they will be seen without these and you will have another look at yourself and the world. So your capabilities, your actions and habits can be aligned to a greater potential than what you currently know.

I invite you to do the following Test, it can reveal a lot about you. Go to Test >>

As always, Enjoy your discoveries, share the content of this page freely, participate in the comments and let's explore this incredible adventure together.



Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover yourself. It's time!

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