Personal Changes

“I am having incredible inner peace. The other day I was at my son's house, and some of my relatives who were there told me that I had beautiful energy, that they wanted to do what I was doing to be like this.

I was very happy to know that the other people who share with me are noticing the change in me.

Thanks again, you don't know what a blessing it has been to find you. "

Estela Encarnacion

Health assistant

“There is no doubt that your heart knows that there is something more !! All my life I have been searching without really knowing what I was looking for all this time and now it is simply how to find and get home.

I am really so happy, so excited that it does not compare with any other experience I have had before, this thing that is not momentary, it is here and it does not go away. Only when your desire is purified will you be able to make the right decisions to go towards what you want. "

Any Alcala

Invitation Design

“I have been fortunate to have known Sarkhan for a long time and have had the opportunity to see the great evolution of his consciousness, which is amazing.

The clarity that he gives you with each word is like a ray of light that makes you return to this moment, his words are accompanied by universal wisdom and a lot of love.

He is a great human being who always seeks to help. "

Sebastian Arena

Deputy Director, Regional Reis Lifestyle.

“I had a truly unforgettable experience, I was able to reach such an incredible state of peace that I had never experienced.

Suddenly I was completely attentive to everything
loving every aspect of my life, I felt like I was floating and in total stillness.

I felt full and I realized that
feeling is unmatched and it is worth everything to feel like this most of the time and try to live like this always, it was really beautiful.

Thank you! 😊 "

Jimena olvera


Thank you so much for an amazing New Years celebration! I feel very blessed for all the gifts I received.

I have discovered how I still make real judgments, towards myself and towards you. How I judge my judgments and the results are to feel bad and feel guilt, or feel sorry for myself or the other.

Thank you for sharing it with me, thank you for your full and dedicated participation so that I would realize more and how perfect everything is. "

Anne Mortensen

Meditation Teacher

"I remember the first time I heard you
the sign of my heart was very clear!

The sky literally opened to me, I had lost hope, and without it I had nothing to hold onto, something to follow.

For me that was the worst, being in the spiral of emotions in which I was involved.

How can I not be delighted with the School!
If depression and all emotions suddenly disappeared! Now I know that being in school is finally giving me a vacation. "

Loli albarran

Social help

Sarkhan is an angel on earth. It is in my life and I know that in many people's lives.
I'm not saying it because he's my partner. Do not be fooled by his rebellious young facade because he hides a wisdom, sensitivity and capacity for compassion that will leave you with the feeling of having been touched by something out of this world.

His determination and commitment to himself and to the world are unshakable and that makes him an immovable anchor and infallible beacon for anyone who desires self-realization.

My absolute devotion to the Master and to the man who lives his life in complete congruence with his teaching ”.

Eider Zubizarreta

CEO of Oppliva

“Before arriving here, I lived in relationships of attachment, emotional deficiencies and abundance, stress, lack of health and a mental chatter that led me to drugs to calm down.

Before I was in many courses of personal growth and after each and every one of them I had a high, but then I returned to the harsh reality and even fell deeper.

Since I have been in School, today I live life in Love, in Peace and Harmony, observing everything that happens, I observe thoughts and situations and nothing that happens has the ability to remove me from the wonder of observing and experiencing everything in life . "

Amos Saumell

Manager and broker

«Sarkhan is a teacher who has contributed to my Being and my person teachings that have enriched me in all areas of my life.

I have felt the potential of my work as a coach and coach through her valuable guidance and knowledge, helping enormously to achieve my personal and professional achievements. »

Norma Alonso

Master Coach and International ICC Trainer

"Master Sarkhan is a BEING with an expanded vision of life, he possesses a unique and special wisdom that allows him to be as deep or practical as required ... in each of the subjects he masters: workshops, retreats, conferences, processes of Coaching, etc.

Whatever the experience with it, you can have the guarantee of a deep reflection that will always lead to an immediate and positive change both in people and in Organizations. Master Sarkhan is the perfect link between the world of the Human Being with all its dimensions and the world of everyday life. "

Rodrigo fernandez

Marketing Advisor, Executive and Team Coach.

Sarkhan is not just any expert speaker in his field.

 He is a lecturer who can really understand his audience because he has been there.

Whatever life threw at him (and it was not little) he found a way to transcend suffering and discover a life of peace and happiness.

His approach is open and sincere and has the potential to help millions of people. "

Sally lewis

CEO, Mountford Media Ltd.

Sarkhan has the ability to bring you into a stable experience of inner peace and joy.

His teaching is of great impact and capable of inspiring people to make happiness and fulfillment their priority in life. "

Greg hopkinson

Book Author: Boundless

“See in words some internal debates that I have been doing for years. I am struck by the frankness with which it is spoken. Knowing that in the world you can live from what makes you happy and not what you are obliged to do.

I want to tell you that it is possible to get out, that it is possible to stand up, hand in hand with one's own strength, that there is self-love and that self-love is the shield to build oneself.

Here I found and more.

Melody gea


“Sarkhan is someone who can deliver a Truth that opens doors quickly. He is not someone who superficially imitates others but has lived and walked deeply the darkest shadows of life.

In order to break through these apparent shadows and free ourselves from them we need a Light. Sarkhan represents this Light showing us the way to cross what seems to get in our way. He is the essence of Compassion and Grace. I highly recommend your Presence and Teachings ”.

Rick de Champlain

Book Author: The Way of Nothing

“My mind at the time was extremely revolutionized, it reached such a point that so many thoughts struck me in an instant.

My interior, I came to feel completely empty. My actions did not match what I wanted to do and even went from doing everything with love, taste, charm, joy, free, to doing it with anger, anger, resentment, without desire and even offended, stop believing in people, stop believe in me.

When you run out of desire and hope to continue. And here I am, a year and a half later, filling my interior, being grateful, wanting a life in which nothing, or anyone, can ever affect it. And to be able to help others one day in such a way. "

Micaela Nunez

Nursing assistant


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