Spiritual Quotes for Self-discovery

The game of Emptiness and the dance of the Self



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«You are the home of the world, love it and take care of it with your Light. That light that is beyond everything.»


Spiritual Quotes for Self-discovery

The kingdom of Love is for those with a pure heart and mind. The willingness to open up to the unknown, to put aside beliefs, ideologies and experiences, this will result in the cleansing of everything that prevents you from seeing the infinite Light of the Self in everything.

Discover, pay close attention and care to what is been shared here. Don't throw it away or appropriate it, don't associate it with anything. From the innocence pristine see where the message is pointing you.

If you pay attention, you will see that there is something beautiful taking care of you on every level. Just let it in into your heart. Don't put up any more barriers.

This compilation of quotes has been expressed by Sarkhan at some point in a meeting or face-to-face activity.

With all the love,


Spiritual Quotes for Self-discovery

Until you know who you really are, life will not make sense. The opportunity to embody divinity is an invitation rarely accepted.

Discover yourself, this is the challenge to your greatness, do not accept no as an option. It's all worth it. That is the simplest and most important step, to deny everything that is in front of you as you, then the truth of who you really are shows clear as the sun on the water.


  • "The spiritual awakening can happen
    following the heart guide.
    But if there is a resistance on your part,
    to remain in fear and therefore in the old,
    then your soul, your heart, your body, alerts you
    through different signals;
    these can be seen in various ways,
    as an emotion, nervousness, restlessness, etc…
    - Sarkhân


  • “It can also be presented to you through
    of an event or event in your life,
    as a call or an alert that it's time to wake up,
    to move forward, to break relationships of all kinds, the desire to
    a deep change, those that stop your progress to give
    a step on the path of love.
    - Sarkhân


  • "Believe me sometimes, go for the deepest desire
    of the heart, at the beginning it seems that it is not easy, since
    in truth, being requires a real effort to be uprooted
    of everything that does not serve in your evolution.
    But yes, it's worth itAnd of course there are always people
    and guides that help us and accompany us in this process,
    but the effort and progress is largely up to you.
    - Sarkhân


  • “With so many years within the realm of awakening,
    I want facilitate you your own self-discovery,
    And don't go through what I've been through.
    - Sarkhân


    The primary motive and reason for our existence.
    You are the key, the door and the entrance to EVERYTHING.
    - Sarkhân


  • "You don't need anything to BEING.
    Si YOU ARE It's because you're already here, and if you're here,
    Means your nature can't be found
    - Sarkhân


  • “How open can you be, for something to finally
    se take care of your whole life, of you?
    in every corner
    in your speech
    in your listening
    in your understanding
    in your creativity
    in your experience
    in your taste of life
    how you interact with your environment.
    - Sarkhân


  • “When are you going to allow something else,
    take over completely?
    I took you
    I devoured you
    I fill every pore of you
    every vein and every cell of you
    come imbued with Presence.
    - Sarkhân


  • “May your true BEING BE!!!
    with all his Magnificence, Wisdom and Power
    whatever you design, the life you are destined to be lived.
    And that is reflected on the level of Emptiness you wish to explore.
    - Sarkhân


  • "The more Emptiness, the more openness, nudity,
    more vulnerability, you allow the entrance
    to something much more POWERFUL within you,
    let it permeate and fill
    all those corners of limitation and
    may they be filled with LOVE, WISDOM AND TRUTH
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • “This is your SELF taking over everything, take me!!!
    Absolute Surrender…
    use me all that I am, all of me
    all i think i could be
    everything i thought i was
    here begins a very different dance.”

    - Sarkhân


  • "There is something that does not take time, does not take time,
    that you allow yourself in this moment,
    drop it all!!!
    and allow yourself to be totally open, naked
    and vulnerable to your heart.
    A little courage, confidence... I'm going to throw myself into the void...
    only Being requires a moment..."

    - Sarkhân


  • "What if finally you let go...
    the control, the trying and the effort?
    what do you discover if...
    stop looking
    go somewhere
    or get something?”

    - Sarkhân


  • “I was born to live and experience,
    the heart withered and suffered,
    only to realize that my
    ideals and attachments where those who suffered the most.”

    - Sarkhân


  • "How can I not continue doing
    whatever is needed?
    If I know the life that awaits you if you decide to fly!!!"

    - Sarkhân


  • "That everything I've been through, my whole life
    and my example will only make sense when everything
    or for what I've been through it's been to help you
    a remember ya turn on the light of TRUTH.”

    - Sarkhân



Quotes from a Radical Spirituality

The lie cannot be sustained for a long time. The Light of your own Being will reclaim his kingdom and his throne regardless of the consequences. We are heading for an absolute surrender at all levels.

The only way to break the spell of duality is with the direct understanding of who are you already. Break with the false 'me' that filters everything and discover yourself as that free from all limitations.


  • "DO NOT pay attention to the thought of...
    hold, get
    feel and understand.
    All of this requires effort.
    and it's proposition is that you are lost.”

    - Sarkhân


  • “You are always here and now,
    whatever your mind says
    or propose the opposite
    takes you away from the Truth of Who You Are,
    it doesn't get you close."

    - Sarkhân


  • “NOTHING can bring you closer or further away,
    since you have never stopped BEING. "

    - Sarkhân


  • “Relax into your true nature,
    and pay attention completely to everything that hints
    you to do something in time or in the distance.”

    - Sarkhân


  • "You do not need anything
    You are NOTHING!!!”

    - Sarkhân


  • "We don't realize we don't want to be alone
    with ourselves.
    This would imply facing
    to our attachments,
    beliefs and fears.
    That is why we have given the entrance
    to the thoughts and we have
    made friends with them.
    What would happen if you let those guests
    outside of you?"

    - Sarkhân


  • "DO NOT identify with anything
    What goes through your mind
    Let go of all thought and belief,
    and do NOT hold anything as truth,
    then the dance of FREEDOM will begin.”

    - Sarkhân


  • “That's how easy and powerful it is our consciousness.
    In a second you can touch the sky with attention,
    and in a second believe all thought,
    and the prison and the pain become reality.”

    - Sarkhân


  • “I know that, to reach out and expand our horizon,
    it takes the desire for more,
    commitment and accompaniment.
    And this does not remain in an idea or concept more
    and it can become a reality,
    that you have the opportunity
    being a FREE BEING is worth more than GOLD.”

    - Sarkhân


  • “A mind that has been trained
    to be still and observe,
    can see the thoughts
    as something distant from itself.
    For what one does not understand is
    es that there is much more to discover
    of oneself in what is behind
    of mind and consciousness.”

    - Sarkhân


  • “The observed emotions,
    from The Anchored Consciousness in mindfulness,
    It has other nuances.
    It can actually disappear
    positive and negative qualities
    that the unconscious mind
    constantly conditions.”

    - Sarkhân


  • "If one does not take responsibility
    your emotional and mental state,
    and continues blaming others and society,
    then, the Tranquility and Freedom
    can't happen."

    - Sarkhân


  • "Nothing matters,
    NOTHING is more important
    WAKING UP and remember that you are ONE
    with the SOURCE OF LOVE is the only thing that matters.”

    - Sarkhân


  • “The keys are there for you to take,
    grab them tight!!!
    and do not let yourself be distracted by thought.”

    - Sarkhân


  • “I would love for you to try
    a drop of the nectar of your soul,
    a breath of joy
    or a moment without thoughts;
    you would know in an instant
    everything worth knowing.
    The search would end
    the trying would cease,
    and the effort would vanish.”

    - Sarkhân


  • “Simplicity is the way
    no time is the way
    the non-ego is the entrance.
    Without the humility to seek and ask for help
    you won't be able to do it. "

    - Sarkhân



Spiritual Love Quotes

The Love of Being to Being can do everything. Connect with the depths of your heart and do not be afraid to give yourself completely to Life itself. Let love cleanse and fill all those unexplored corners that have unwanted visitors.


  • "Discover that you are a free being,
    and that your Peace and Love are not limited
    to what your mind says,
    nor to the amount of thoughts
    nor to the content of these.”

    - Sarkhân


  • “Do you want to taste true Freedom?
    Discover what qualities your Consciousness has
    and it will be easy.
    Learn the way out
    of the incessant and unconscious current
    of thoughts and it will be obvious.”

    - Sarkhân


  • "Do not wait more. Do not search…
    the confirmation or validation of the world;
    if not, you will never dare to discover
    who you really are!!!”

    - Sarkhân


  • “¡Dare to dream!
    I will NOT live a half life.
    Doubting my deepest desires,
    hesitating to follow my dreams
    or afraid of discovering my Greatness.
    I can have endless questions;
    I am worthy? Will I fail? Do I have what it takes?
    Will I be left alone and with nothing?
    The truth is that this can only happen,
    If I don't follow my dreams."
    - Sarkhân


  • "What is more distressing
    What a dream that could have been?
    what causes more repentance
    What about the pity of never having risked?
    And what could be more solitary
    Than live someone else's life?

    - Sarkhân


  • “I was born to advance bravely
    towards my highest dreams,
    making my fondest wishes come true.”

    - Sarkhân


  • "There's a voice inside of me
    which proclaims: I'm here!
    To remember who I really am!
    I am here to love and be loved!
    I'm here to be fully alive!
    I am here to make a difference in this world!”

    - Sarkhân


  • "Do not wait more! I know that my deepest desires,
    arise from a Source within me
    who knows how to fulfill them.
    Remembering this, I bravely leap into the unknown
    with faith, making my dreams come true
    and inspiring others to do the same
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • “You are deep, you are eternal
    And still you think you can't
    that the misery of loneliness
    It's eating your heart
    But I want to tell you that
    I have NEVER abandoned you
    I have NEVER been separated from you,
    that I am you and that you are ME
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • "You are Infinite
    you're divine
    you are the whole of me.
    All that I am you are
    all that i was you are
    you are all that I will be
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • “My true essence
    await your return.
    Your reign is my heart,
    don't let the thought
    keep ruling over you
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • "The glasses with which you look do not allow you to see
    everything I do and have done for you;
    I wish you wake up and start opening your eyes
    and see the infinity gifts that have been
    created for you
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • "Because I am everything,
    You are all,
    because I love myself,
    it's because I love you.
    And still I keep transforming
    I wish to be a clear mirror
    where you can see yourself.
    - Sarkhân


  • "Your sensitivity, your love will look for a way
    de to turn you in what you wish to be
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • “I understand that confusion and doubt
    are constantly screaming and shaking your soul.
    Pain and suffering reach us to the bone,
    It hurts the impotence of wanting and not knowing.
    I tell you there is so much love in you,
    that the only thing missing,
    is that you remove the barriers to it
    and have the humility to learn from me
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • "You have the same creative power than mine,
    you are not a victim of what you are creating,
    so what is the reason you keep creating
    a reality in which I am not?
    - Sarkhân


  • “You hold beliefs and ideas that separate you from others.
    Why defend your positions as if they were yours?
    Even though you've learned them from others.
    - Sarkhân


  • "You proyect into others and to life
    the confusion and fight of the fire of pain
    that you have not finished to extinguish
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • “Do not continue to perpetuate or manifest
    things that are not going to give you what you are looking for;
    remember, you are looking for ME
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • "The fire of my love,
    it is always alive and present in you.
    That fire will cleanse and heal
    all the barriers that separate you from me
    . "
    - Sarkhân


  • "Turn your eyes inside and let me in,
    trust!, do not be afraid
    I've only come here
    to help you WAKE UP
    . "
    - Sarkhân


I hope you give yourself some quality time to explore what we have shared with you. Explore them, live them in your day to day. Let it not be stored knowledge. Bring them into your reality, walk as if you were yourself being an example of their invitation and reminder.

I love you I wish the maximum Freedom possible for you and all around you.


Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover your own self. It's time.

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Greetings and a strong hug


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