We are a group of people who have the passion and conviction to help others discover more about themselves and create a life full of clarity and expansion.

By being witnesses of a humanity, which despite our technological advances and the development of great theories, has not managed to find a way that we can all live together in harmony.

This is why we are promoting projects and initiatives to tackle a great problem in our society; the individual is not really known. Our projects are dedicated so that those people who want to really know themselves and that with us have an opportunity to transform their Being and their lives.

There are many people who feel lost, misunderstood and left to their own, in the midst of this world full of challenges, chaos, pain and suffering. All of this is caused by the power of thought, the ego and the lack of understanding of oneself.

We believe that there is an infinite potential, not yet fully discovered, in each person. Not as a concept, idea or belief, but as a real and living experience. That if you wake up to it, an extraordinary and great life appears already existing.

We want to bring within the reach of many people, a methodology based on Advaita Vedanta and Coaching Sâdhana, which makes awakening and self-realization very effective.

The project manager is Sarkhan, who has many years of experience in the field of personal growth, spirituality and self-knowledge.


Inspire, impact and accompany people in their awakening to a life of true inner wellness.

To be a reference in offering a space to people to transcend fear, pain and loneliness.

Generate communities where the impact on people's well-being is through supporting and sustaining them in a transformational process.


Sarkhan is a Teacher, Life and Group Coach. He is the leader of the Roar of Awakening project and is the creator of the Sadhana School for awakening.

His life is an example of inspiration. At the age of fifteen he suffers an attempted kidnapping whose event ends with his father dead in his arms.

His urge to find relief from so much pain and answers to so many questions, led him to a life full of extremes, excesses of alcohol and drugs from an early age. Then he roamed searching in teachings, philosophies and other paths to find something that could help others to awaken to their true self. At the age of twenty, his life took a radical turn as he had a very strong spiritual calling, this made him leave everything behind and embarked on the journey of his life, the search for his purpose in the world and seek his spiritual awakening.

Now he dedicates his life to sharing the lessons learned. He has given courses, retreats and talks in different parts of the world. He has also spent time doing social service in detoxification centers for drug addicts, alcoholics anonymous, associations focused on women and family abuse, as well as maximum security prisons and rehabilitation centers for addictions.

After so many years in the game of self-discovery, he helps others discover for themselves all that he has learned.

His teachings are based on his own direct experience. Based on Advaita Vedanta / Non-Duality, Jnana yoga (yoga of knowledge) is also explored: A path of self-realization and self-knowledge. This ancestral philosophies were dedicated, with self-inquiry, to helping the aspirant to awaken to a state of Supreme Enlightenment or Oneness.

Sarkhan means the Void, the Nothing. Where the Union of Opposites, the Transmutation and Transformation of Matter disappears and everything is dissolved.

His message is arguably direct and compassionate:

"Remember who you are: You are the source of all Love and a Being of Unlimited Nature."

Sarkhan's professional work

This project began with a desire to share my path of self-discovery and accompany people to awaken their potential as human beings. Now I wanted to take it a step further and also offer support in putting that awakened potential into action in the different areas of life in which you want to pay attention.

Through the clear guidance that arises from self-knowledge and relying on the Philosophy of Advaita Vedanta along with advanced Jnana yoga techniques; as a path of self-realization and self-knowledge. Advanced Transformational Coaching techniques are also used, this is how we manage to help one to leave behind the limitations and blockages that prevent awakening to the potential that one already has, and once we start, we dedicate ourselves to direct that focus and energy towards it. Development and construction of the improvement of the different areas of our life such as relationships, professional activity, entrepreneurship, hobbies, etc.

Initially, this project took the name of Consciousness-Maghavat or ConsciousnessM that made reference to the sunlight and the constant evolution that exists in our lives. The Roar of Awakening is the front of the Organization but ConcienciaM is in charge of the internal part of the School and its technical operation. Like the project itself, I have also been transforming myself along the way, reborn as a more complete person each time. That is why now the need arises for a change also in the image that I project to the world, always with the purpose of generating the greatest possible impact on people. Sarkhân It is the new image and name with which I present myself and the project is called from now on The Roar of Awakening or Wake up to Roar.

* The Beginnings:

Sarkhan's professional work began many years ago, even before its creator embarked on the journey of self-discovery. A mix between dream, desire and certainty that one day it would be a channel of help for many in their own awakening. This dream began to take shape in 2000 when he sought to bring a message of light and hope to people, at that time he undertook the creation of a spiritual event, which his grandfather called him:


"Nihil Impossibile Est - Nothing is Impossible"


as his last wish and message to all of us. A sense of purpose and meaning guided him with an unstoppable determination to create an awakening in others. This event had an impact on many people, but fate had another adventure prepared for him and everything so that one day he could bring a type of knowledge that he discovered in so many years of introspection and exploration.

From that moment, following the direction set by the universe in the form of proposals, invitations and interest that his teachings aroused, the online platform, courses, books and others that are available today thanks to being the creator were built from this platforms: www.elrugirdeldespertar.com / consciousness-maghavat.com / school-sadhana.com

 And our page in English: https://www.wakeuptoroar.com/ / https://www.theroarofawakening.com

 Now, after so many years in the game of self-discovery, he has created a School for Awakening, which is the result of everything he has learned. It could be said that there goes a wave dragging the ocean with it.

“I am a witness for humanity that despite our technological advances and the development of great theories, we have not yet found the true meaning of our existence. Many people feel separated, alone and without a clear and deep purpose. An infinite potential, not yet fully discovered, lies at the heart of each one of us. Not as a concept, idea or belief, but as a real and living experience. 
You have come here to wake up to the reality of who you really are. We live in a fascinating time in history, where mass awakening is happening. It is time to get out of the subtlest corners that the unconscious mind has and take a firm step to really discover yourself.

My passion is to help all of us live free. The Union is your right.
I want you to remember your Infinity, and I will do everything possible for you to recognize your immensity and that your awakening happens and soon. "

~ Sarkhân


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We know how you feel and we have the tools to help you have a life full of purpose, serenity and meaning.

There is always a way out if you want it. You just have to take the step and help will be there.

Many people are going through very strong experiences of many kinds. Addictions, self-violence, lack of resources, alcoholism ... these are one of many problems that many people are going through.

Here we want to help and show that, although a heart is suffering without knowing what to do in the midst of so much chaos, with our help one can change his life for the better.

We are by your side to accompany you to discover your own potential.


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Meet the people who make all of this possible and who help people grow.
All our members are here to support you, help you in whatever is necessary.
Our mission and joy is service.
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