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“It is for the integration, contribution and contribution of the other students already enrolled in the School and the other projects,
that we can create this type of initiative to help others in need.

In this dance we are all together and together we can go much further. Thanks."

Here we show some points to be able to apply for a scholarship.
You will also find more information about how donations are given, material for participants and the Sponsorship initiative. 🙏🏼❤

* The participation

We need alliances and contacts, material and economic resources to be able to expand the project and create the best options for the members and the activities. In some events we seek to cover the basic needs of stay, food, transportation, facilities, materials; as well as professional support. If you can or want to get involved, contact us for more information.

We honor your decision to help and support someone else to participate in our Social Project together with the support of the School for Awakening.

The requirements to participate with us are explained below. For any questions, contact us to help you.



* Money

People who are within the social project program will benefit in many ways.

All the activities we carry out seek to balance in order to have the ability to help others who need it. So the members or the people who donate, are key pieces to be able to provide the necessary support to others who need it.

In the projects we have, digital media are used as part of the program. Retreats, webinars, advanced, videos, conferences, movies, audio and video content and much more are held.

Scholarship or sponsored people enter our School and we seek to support them to participate in everything we do and receive support along their path of self-exploration.

* A requirement to be accepted into the Scholarship Program is to seek to give service, mainly focused on doing something to expand and publicize our content. If the applicant has other ideas in relation to this, it will be a joy to know what they are and see how we can support and make their wish come true.

Giving something in return is very important for a transformation to happen. What our scholarship recipients will receive is invaluable, learning the relationship of giving and receiving, fostering creativity for projects in pursuit of the School is a beautiful experience. So such an approach can begin to impact and harmonize your life on many levels.

For the sponsorship and scholarship project, we have a list that is continually being analyzed to see who are the suitable people who can benefit from the project's products and services.

We ask scholarship holders for tasks, testimonials and active participation, help us with transcribing meetings so that we can continue generating material to support more people. (If they have other proposals, we are totally open to listening to them and supporting them.)

This is how we can also be aware of how their self-exploration process is going and this ensures that we see in detail what the scholarship holder needs for their own path.

* Important points:

Here you will find some points and data so that someone can be suitable for the scholarship. Any idea, suggestion or something else contact us.

To be eligible and be part of the scholarship project you have to send us an email explaining the following points and apart from that you have to fill out the registration sheet that you will find at the bottom of the page.

  • Why do you want to be part of the project
  • What would you like to find here
  • What type of scholarship you are looking for (percentage: you are looking for 10%, 15%, 20%, 50%, 70% or 100%)
    How much of the entire registration or our products can you pay?
    There are times that one can only contribute a percentage of the total. So, what percentage are you looking for and on what product or service?
    * Honesty is important, since this greatly influences the creation of oneself and go towards more growth.
  • For what membership of the School, activity or material of the School, Retreats, advanced, face-to-face, conferences, etc.
  • Tell us how you will use and take advantage of the scholarship. How long do you want to have it for? (days/months.)
    In what you organize and can contribute the corresponding quota.
    (Everything will depend on your situation, this applies and is analyzed with each request. It will vary according to the circumstances.)
  • In what ways or in what form will you give something in exchange for what you will receive
  • What do you work, study or what is your current situation
  • What are you living or how is your current life (relationships, work, family, money, etc.)
  • Some other reasons why to include you and support you
  • Anything else you want to share with us...

Once we receive a document or the answer to these points by email, and we review the list of requests, we will send you an email with the answer or any other annotation. (Please check your email, inbox or spam or spam. We will respond as soon as possible.)

* Continuation:

– One of the main points to obtain and continue with the scholarship is that the participant shows us that he is actively participating and helping a service initiative in pursuit of the School and its content. As well as providing us with testimony, experiences and continuous feedback on how you are doing on your own path of self-discovery. What is going on, what are you learning, would you recommend it, etc. (Such material will be used, if necessary, as material for others to learn about our school.)

This option is another way in which we want to justify receiving with giving. Our wish is that those who enter the Scholarship program, not being able to contribute money, we want them to contribute something to our community in other ways and that apart from helping what is happening in our project, we invite them to give something to their own community and/or society.

There are many examples of how this can be viewed and it depends on each person.

For example: proposing to create meetings in your area to explore our material, look for interviews, events, interested people or any other idea that can help make alliances so that others can get to know the School and support the expansion of the Roaring project.

In itself, any action that helps and serves a greater purpose. It doesn't matter that one can't give much, but one can always give something. Even if it's small, that can make a difference to someone else. If it is not clear now, surely seeing others give Love and Light will generate creativity at the time so that it can be manifested.

The possibilities are endless, we will do everything possible, as far as we can, to help you do something meaningful and impactful for others.



– We want everything you are doing to be shared in our community, our social networks and other people.
- Help create, invite people to the School, as well as share all our content with other people and groups of interest.
- Share your experience of everything that you are actively discovering inside and outside the School.
– Give your testimony (video or written) so that others can see firsthand your own transformation.
– Find people who can donate and/or sponsor so that others can participate in our activities or enter the School.
– A commitment is required, sharing within the community experiences, discoveries, audios, material, exercises, dynamics or videos that are being explored.
- Go to meetings and any other activity that takes place.
- Come closer so that you commit to your growth with a supervised accompaniment by a collaborator / tutor.


* Printed Material / Books:

The books are: “A speech for the Soul and Manual for the Soul”. Printed versions in color or black and white.  (Spanish)


* Sponsorship and Donations

  • To sponsor someone, the funds you choose to contribute will be used for activities and whatever is necessary to continue supporting this scholarship program.
  • The best option will be sought for the contribution you make.
  • Our Donations they work in the same way, we seek to help all the people who approach us to participate in everything we do for the benefit of them and others. We analyze the circumstances very well and will allocate resources depending on each situation.
  • Other types are accepted donations and contributions. Physical places, computers, materials, organization of events, etc.
  • Contact us to know your comments, ideas, proposals and doubts.
Thanks a lot. Anything we are here to answer your questions, hear ideas for projects and initiatives.

The Roar of Awakening or Wake up to Roar / Wake up to Roar.

Freedom and Consciousness / Sarkhan

Registration Sheet

The button will take you to the registration form, please fill it out and send us an email answering the points mentioned above to participate in the scholarship, donation or sponsorship program. We will analyze in depth what is sent to us and we will provide a response as soon as possible. Thank you.