We know how you feel and we have the tools to help you have a life full of purpose, serenity and meaning.

There is always a way out if you want it. You just have to take the step and help will be there.

Many people search for answers and want to improve their life. The hope of being free from the conditioning of the mind and the search for a deep connection with the source seems to fade, out of reach and even seems impossible.

We are by your side, the Light is there for him, he wants it.



We seek to support individuals or groups that would like to participate in our initiatives but still do not have the resources to do so. With your help we can support and help others.


We have more than 20 years of experience. We have given retreats, training, courses, workshops, interviews, created self-taught material, conferences to entrepreneurs, couples and groups.


Our priority is to open the doors to people who want to wake up. The resources we have allow us to support and help you on your way.


One of our initiatives is to provide self-taught material to the communities that are within our School for Awakening. This immensely helps everyone's growth.


  • We want to make everything we have to offer available to everyone who wants to stop living from the ego and wants to break the veil of duality once and for all. If you want, we will be there to facilitate the path. Come to us, do not hesitate to expose your wishes, doubts or ideas. The doors have always been open for someone of pure, honest desire and a strong desire to awaken.
  • We know that there are people who have a great desire to deepen in knowing themselves, but still do not have all or part of the resources to participate in our activities. With the support of all the members, we can sustain this as well as other initiatives, since technology allows us to bring our content closer to places that are not possible in person due to the current situation.

    Our project is always looking for ways to help other people, providing access to our self-exploration project. Therefore, any contribution, whether material or financial, allows us to help and be able to give the best to our members or people who come to us. It can be done through Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit Card or through Paypal.  



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There are face-to-face events and we provide support with the School's platform. There are courses, conferences, retreats and workshops, meditation, exercises for self-discovery, recreational activities and other types of dynamics for the person and the community.


Safe, face-to-face and online spaces for people to connect and share with others. This is vital for continued growth among people. Lectures and talks will be given for teaching. Thus one applies and integrates what has been learned to his own reality.


There is an opportunity to donate something to our project. From an economic contribution such as a place to do our activities, necessary material for our work and what is born to the person. Anything contact us.



Anything here we are, contact us.
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