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 "There are two ways to diffuse light: be the candle or the mirror that reflects it"


Danya Vazquez


- Tutor
- Games and Exercise 

- Seed Collaborator

[email protected]
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Bertha Gonzalez


- Accompaniment
- Content Tutor

- Seed Collaborator

[email protected]m
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Eider Zubizarreta


- Projects
- Collaboration
- Organization

[email protected]om
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Anahí Rojo

United States

- Tutor
- Affiliate
- Seed Partner

[email protected]m
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Amos Saumell


- Technical help
- Guardian

- Seed Partner

[email protected]m
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Manuel Giorgana


- Graphic designer
- Marketing
- Social Networks

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Diana Montoya


- Accompaniment
- Meditations Tutor

- Seed Collaborator

[email protected]m
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mica - leylus

Micaela Nunez


- Group Manager
- Tutor

- Seed Partner

[email protected]m
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Private Group for Members

Exclusive Space for Our Community

- Important notices and chat
- Accompanying Tutors and Mentors
- Space for discoveries and learning.

Group for Professionals

Space for Service and Help

- Project implementation approach 
- Learning, initiatives, support and growth 
- Meetings, material and activities.

Official Facebook Page

Educational Content and Professional Presence

- Articles, videos and quotes to support and inspire
- Live Conferences with relevant topics
- Community and active participation.


We have people who collaborate in this project and are here to help you with whatever you need.
Do not hesitate to find us and we will try to resolve any questions as soon as possible.

If you want to participate, grow and help us, sign up for one of these options.
There is much room for personal growth and opportunities for service.
We are looking for people who want to grow by creating spaces dedicated to self-discovery.


Lean on them to explain how to use the platform and the material. And much more…


Promoters, organizers and a life dedicated to service, which makes one grow very fast. And much more…


Professionals who teach our courses, coaching sessions and the creation of communities and more.


The School for Awakening, Satsangs and Sâdhana Methodology

Services and projects to help awakening
of human potential


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