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«A single word can illuminate the sky, and a word spoken from the heart to the entire Universe.»


Positive Motivational Phrases

Having positive, motivating or inspiring quotes or phrases at hand that can give us direction in important moments or to detonate something in us to be able to see more than we can see, and draw internal strength to face life and its challenges, they are seeds that are sown in the heart so that it can realize its infinite capacities.

There is no one that is not looking for something to help elevate their mood or find things that motivate them or give them a deeper meaning of life and their experiences. That is why everywhere you see images with phrases from famous people, which can reach the depths of our being and illuminate incredible feelings. That if the right one is turned on, it can enable someone to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Here you will find phrases of different types and for different situations. All of them have been expressed by Sarkhan at some point, be it in a meeting with his students, some gathering or retreat or simply in one of his many participations with the public.

We hope they help you and allow them to enter your heart and mind. You will see that they have the ability to give birth to previously unexplored corners, and that if you give them the opportunity, let the seed be planted and water it with your attention and care, your life can be transformed in incredible ways.


Inspirational Phrases

Inspiration is something that is vital for the enjoyment of life and for venturing into the discovery and the fascination for the unknown. That is where you can discover yourself more, the new will give you fresh water to your interior and you will be able to marvel therefore that your interior has to offer you.

  • “If you realize that you have never been lost,
    the search ends.
    If you realize that you have always been,

    the path and the effort disappear. "
    - Sarkhân
  • "Stand on the edge of the cliff,
    and get ready to jump.
    If you don't know how, don't worry.
    Learn how to fly while flying
    you will know that I am in each fluttering
    in each intention, in the
    space itself that makes the wind possible
    I will be your gliding escort.
    - Sarkhân
  • "If I could say one word
    which would set your heart aflame,
    and that fire would burn all illusions,
    it would simply be ...YOU ARE ALREADY THAT!!!
    - Sarkhân


  • "Follow your heart, your desire will manifest
    everything for you.
    - Sarkhân
  • "It is foolish to believe that you have limits,
    is a foolish to believe that you need something,
    is a foolish to believe that you depend on something.
    - Sarkhân

  • "Trust your heart,
    trust your Be and your Existing, and do not listen
    or depend on anything
    Let it all go!!!
    - Sarkhân

  • "You're so important thing
    that nothing exists
    si if you don't exist.
    - Sarkhân

  • "Your true Self doesn't need anything,
    It is already Everything!
    - Sarkhân
  • "Wake up in this life,
    Notice that you do not need to heal, or purify.
    you don't need to expand yourself, grow or to become.
    You already are! And that which is, is the Self itself.
    - Sarkhân


  • "Know yourself and the Universe will be yours."
    - Sarkhân

  • “From now on your are in the hands of the Self,
    How open are you?
    Enjoy, walk, jump, trust ... "

    - Sarkhân


Positive quotations of love

Love is one of the most powerful and healing emotions. The unconditional love from the Self to the Self is the most powerful form of love. When the unique reality is revealed, a new love appears, a love that doesn't ask for anything, it doesn't demand, it doesn't control, and it receives everybody with open arms. The external love is not the purest, the internal as the basis of everything is what we need to aim for. The source of all love is YOU, stop searching for it outside.

  • "It is your Loving Light that is much stronger than fear,
    doubt and discomfort,
    Don't forget it!!!"

    - Sarkhân
  • "Your heart is the king of your kingdom, trust. "
    - Sarkhân
  • “Who is willing to take the plunge?
    That one which is inviting you to transcend everything
    and to find yourself alone and absorbed
    by the Infinite ocean of Love. "

    - Sarkhân
  • “Nobody is ever alone.
    The Self it is always there.
    in each step, and in each circumstance.
    El The Love of the Self, its Infinite presence and The Creation itself,
    are leading you by the hand towards your Home and your Peace. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "If only the Be,
    here is where the Wisdom has to come
    and it starts cleaning the lens
    from which we perceive Life.
    Thus the confusion, doubts and fears,
    will not rule our heart. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "For gratitude,
    for honor
    for the sacred
    for the divine.
    Stay grounded in yourself.
    This is staying at the feet of the Lord. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "To discover the Deepest Love,
    is when the you and me disappear. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "You are always accompanied
    You are never alone."

    - Sarkhân
  • "Follow your heart, each step is a lesson. "
    - Sarkhân


  • "What do you do for your thoughts to lose power?
    Make decisions that help you to experience
    what your heart desires, despite what the mind says. "

    - Sarkhân


Positive Sentences for Life

aLife is a wonderful theatre piece when we take a distance from it and we observe it for what it is; a cosmic funny game with an infinite power When we get involved in it, all the enjoyment ends up being conditioned by our feelings, our beliefs and how life presents itself. If you don't go inside the sea ​​of ​​illusion, you cannot be wallowed.

  • "Every interpret what's happening,
    you realize that nothing is really happening. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "If you don't interfere, you see the perfection that everything is created for you. "
    - Sarkhân
  • "You just need
    a desire for MORE
    and never listen to a NO!!!"

    - Sarkhân
  • "If you stay completely solo
    with no thoughts, with none of your learnings,
    with no filters through emotions and feelings.
    The true self , free and eternal,
    will be revealed to you.
    The mirage of the ego vanishes
    with it's illusion and dual fantasy. "
    - Sarkhân
  • "When you sleep, everything goes to the origin,
    the mind goes to the origin. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "How about a day with no desire?
    of any kind! Not even positive
    Just be empty!!!
    Explore, start.
    Before the desire, you've got it. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "The Creation, Life is playing
    and it is showing in front of you.
    Let it Be!"

    - Sarkhân

  • "Allow everything to be.
    Allow everything to express its own nature,
    in that, you are revealed.
    Allow everything to express itself,
    you only observe.
    In that, all is replicated. "
    - Sarkhân
  • "Recognize with distance, in essence,
    do not move
    everything comes and goes.
    La Life wouldn't exist without a witness. "
    - Sarkhân


Positive sentences for kids

If we would learn how to perpetuate the life qualities we had as kids, adult life would be more expanded, full of illusions, but with the maturity to clearly discern the path to be taken. When we decide to be the example, there is no better gift for our fellow human beings. Support, trust and awakening the potential of youth is important. The future is designed in the Present, your love and wisdom will accompany the innocence and wonder of your Self. The following sentences are for the child inside of you, we are all playful kids. Playing with the cosmos and awakening our imagination and its power.

  • "Trust yourself, have fun.
    Stop identifying with the outside. "
    - Sarkhân
  • "The Witness never moves,
    it is forever present.
    Attentive to everything,
    with a neutral sight
    unconditional, with no preferences.
    Innocent and attentive.
    Open and with no positions.
    No It does not get involved.
    No It doesn't reject.
    No It doesn't desire.
    No It doesn't try.
    No It doesn't doubt.
    No It doesn't need to know what it is.
    And in that,
    in this act it contains everything!
    - Sarkhân
  • "Why attempting for love, peace or happiness?
    If you you are all of this
    . "
    - Sarkhân
  • “Only the Self exists, only You exist.
    Here at the innocence of the Present you already find yourself. "
    - Sarkhân
  • "If you break the definition, the identification ...
    you are open and.
    - Sarkhân
  • "You always Are, stay here,
    no effort
    and everything is revealed,
    you were already at peace,
    before the mind
    said you weren't. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "If there are desires, it is because there are lacks. "
    - Sarkhân

  • "Everything you are looking for is actually inside of you already."
    - Sarkhân

  • "Yo I will be with you hand-in-hand, all the time.
    It is impossible to be less than what you are, 
    you are infinite, always. "
    - Sarkhân
  • "Your potential is immense AWAKEN IT!"
    - Sarkhân

  • "You don't have any limitations.
    Refuse everything from the outside.
    The only thing you are here for….
    is to remember your true nature."
    - Sarkhân
  • “The more trust, openness and willingness,
    the work is already done.
    Everything is happening by itself, by The Self itself. "

    - Sarkhân


Spiritual Sentences

When a new direction is revealed in the deepest part of our selfan incredible process of awakening starts. We go from living in the darkness of the ego with its conflictive reality, into a reverence, love, sacred and mystical reality of our true nature. The uniqueness of the SELF is the completion of an awake soul. The birthright of everybody is to wake up into this reality, where the person disappear and only the Self exists.

  • “Everything you do has an impact on everything.
    Don't be a prisoner of concepts. Get out of the labyrinth.
    Do whatever is required to get the direct experience.
    Give yourself fully until the goal is reached.
    Your fire, passion and your power will achieve unimaginable things. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "To be in the Now without preferences or resistance,
    will dissolve all conflicts and the Peace will reign in your heart. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "In the loneliness of the soul,
    by grace you will discover the only,
    eternal and indivisible
    Supreme Soul with nothing else. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "Awakening happens in an instant,
    it happens in the instant I am willing
    to let go of my last defence,
    until the very last idea of ​​myself.
    The only thing that is preventing me from recognizing who I am,
    are the ideas, concepts and barrier
    around me.
    Nothing is separating me from my own SELF. "

    - Sarkhân
  • “My passion is to help everyone,
    to live free and connected.
    Union is our birthright.
    I desire and I will do everything for that to happen, and to happen soon. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "The ego needs something to sustain itself.
    If you remove that, it will disappear. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "Recognize yourself as That which is,
    as That.
    That which already is Uno with God,
    with Life.
    You have always been the Totality. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "When you don't pay attention to anything,
    something happens, everything that was outside goes inside.
    The illusion breaks.
    - Sarkhân
  • "Emptiness, open, here ... Everything else ...
    nothing exists
    everything is just happening in front of you. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "A small step backward
    here you are. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "Even if I am not physically
    I am inside and present in all.
    Listen and rest in silence,
    in oneself,
    here we meet
    and here is where the teaching happens,
    for what it is always happening. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "A fast way to reach the emptiness,
    break free from desire. "

    - Sarkhân
  • "When you go to Emptiness,
    you don't go anywhere,
    stay silent, attentive ...
    empty from everything ...
    just Being, keep it simple,
    Only allow my words do the job,
    you don't have to do anything. "

    - Sarkhân


  • "Everything you have done so far is valid,
    all your past brought you here,
    honour it and be grateful for it.
    Now let it all go and live in Freedom!"

    - Sarkhân
  • “Put your attention beyond, behind you,
    recognize a presence always present.
    That which is always and has always been,
    you will see that you are already that and you have always been That.
    You have always been free, always, always ...
    This is Enlightenment, that which has always been awake.
    That which is beyond the beyond.
    In fact, you are the Beyond looking at everything
    through the lenses of consciousness. "
    - Sarkhân


I hope you liked the sentences. Explore them and see what is there for you. Always follow your heart. The heart will not accept a NO as an answer when it's freedom is at stake. We love you and wake up from the illusion of duality. Namaste.


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