In time everything will be ordered

Time heals everything; give time to time.


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«Time allows the healing waters of creation to deliver their nutrients to those places that have left their mark. Timeless Love will heal everything.»


Nankurunaisa meaning

I would like to introduce you to a very beautiful Japanese word, this word is Nankurunaisa. The word Nankurunaisa comes from Okinawa. Its translation is complex and difficult to do due to the many translations there are. But in its simplicity it shows a lot.

In a simple way, the word Nankurunaisa means: "Time heals everything" or "Over time everything is ordered"

This is a common thought that has been seen and said in different ways in many cultures, as it triggers hope, gives strength to the one who reads it and more at times when is most needed.

These kinds of thoughts, as well as stories or phrases with similar intentions are important, since the flame of the heart can be almost extinguished for many people. A little fuel can bring warmth and light in places that can be very dark.

Many times life throws us very strong experiences, which seem to bring us to our knees. However, when we walk through it and then see them with different eyes, it may be that we notice the why and the gift behind all of them.

Even if a storm is drawn on a blank page, the page only allows that to be manifested, the sheet is not affected by the draw of the storm. In other words, the sheet does not get wet because the written chapter details lightning and a torrential.

This is important, since we do not live life from the identification with the blank space, the canvas of life, as if we were That itself, rather, we believe that we are the elements that happen and that all of them apply or have to see with yourself.

Many of the experiences that happen are trying to tell us something, to invite us to discover something, if we pay attention, the invitation is very clear. It is, how much you are willing to go so deep inside yourself to look for answers that you had not considered. How deep will you go so may your internal reality be challenged, with its beliefs and notions that only generate conflict and duality.

In these times we have not paid attention to something vital which is discovering the depth of our being. This leads us to do everything but nurture the deepest and most sacred aspects of ourselves.

The reality is that there are many people who do not invest any time in discovering themselves as that blank canvas, as that space of consciousness and being that allows everything. Like that internal silence, of total emptiness, of no ego, no mind, no personality where you become the witness of everything that happens.

That is why i'm giving you this word, so that something different within you is revealed. That when the mind and thoughts affect you, you decide to take distance, learn to be patient, to discover the flow, and with a firm but slow and unhurried step, the lens from which you look at life are cleaned by life itself.

This is how you will ensure that greater and healing clarity can be applied for your well-being. You just have to stop, stop looking from the eyes of time and let time do its work. Take you to that which cannot be touched by it.

This is how Reality suddenly lets itself come with force and shows those places where you were blind to a greater truth, to a perspective more in tune with Love and with the simplicity of living.

You notice that the inner lake tells you something different, the question of what it means to live is challenged.

You discover that living is not to be fantasizing about something that has already died as the past, to live is not to be wandering in the future that does not exist, to live is not to lose everything that is now, of everything that is happening, to live is not to be stressed, living is not being unconscious, living is not believing that being successful means you have to have a mental resume full of things.

No matter what the current circumstances look like, there is always a greater truth within them if you expand the panorama from which you see everything.


Nankurunaisa symbol

The word Nankurunaisa is written as follows: 難 来 る 無 い さ

The union of all these symbols in the Spanish language refers to the fact that “nothing is difficult”.

This word can be translated or interpreted in different ways and in different places it is presented in many ways.

Another way to show where it comes from and what it means is by showing its roots:

  • "Nankuru" (な ん く る) translates to "somehow" or "one way or another."
  • Then it comes, "Nai" comes from the verb "Naru" which means "To become" or "Result" (為 る).
  • And finally: "Sa" is a particle that is added to the end of a word in order to emphasize (さ).

Now, if we put all the parts together and interpret it according to the intention and the context in which the Japanese use it, we would get something like this:

"Time heals everything" or "In some way or another, everything will be fixed"

If you pay attention to these simple phrases, or seen in another way "Everything will pass, including this", which is another way of seeing the same saying but from another type of thought.

Everything is subject to change or disappear, nothing is permanent. This gives hope, this makes you strong, this makes you wise. Since we do not try to go against what happens, we discover or are curious to explore and find that which does not change, that which is not subject to the law of change, That which is more real than time cannot touch.

And here are some things that are important for you to clarify and finally ask yourself:

How many times have you not allowed yourself to be? How many times you haven't allowed yourself to live in love? How many times have you let go your judgment and let yourself go into the flow of life? How much do you trust that each moment is perfect and full of love, it is complete and it lacks nothing?

Have you ever allowed yourself to see that you have always been accompanied, loved and that life knows better than what your mind says and wishes? How many people do you know who live like this? Would you like to live like this?

How many of us get up in the morning knowing that everything that exists, everything that is, everything that is going to happen is for my greater good?

If you answer the questions, reflect on them and deepen them, they will indicate the keys to Good Living.



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