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Inspiration and Motivation

LMotivation is something that many people try to give to others so that one can envision the possibility of manifesting desires, goals or something that one wants to achieve. In this motivational interview, if you can say so, you will find a message of love, inspiration and compassion that invites you to discover once and for all who you really are.

Here we seek to give you many tools to help you, and in this case as in other ways we have, we use motivation and inspiration here to give you the foundations to transform your life. We know how powerful this can be from being one in the dark one can go very quickly to see the Light in very deep aspects. If you pay attention you will see that your heart is touched by the most sensitive and intimate fibers, this is so that something much deeper can be revealed and can finally emerge.

In the field of motivational We can find many things that trigger feelings and even a decisive passion to achieve something that at first seemed impossible, just to give you the opportunity, take the steps and recognize that everything can be possible if you put your mind to it.

We can find many people who are experiencing anxiety, depression and other negative emotions that if their sense of purpose is awakened or inspired, all that energy wasted in the negative redirect it to something more constructive, this would manage to manifest an unprecedented transformation towards something that could improve the person's life.

It is because of these things and more that the aspects of inspiration and and motivation come into play so that people feel eager to live and squeeze out all that life has to offer.

Currently it seems that we have reached a point where we have been so anesthetized that we have become accustomed to living superficially, we do not know so much about ourselves that the common thing is that we learned to filter everything through thoughts, unconscious and not understood emotions, and by living from this way we have programmed ourselves to be in a seesaw, internal fights, conflict, defense and attack, anger, rage, arrogance, arrogance and much more.

In the interview you will see that there are so many things that prevail inside each one of us and that is not living life, for some of them the point reaches where stress is so strong that we can almost drown. This does not encourage, does not inspire, does not motivate, does not expand you, you feel a drop, without a sense of purpose, we wake up and immediately the thought of "I" makes everything seen from the tint of the limitation lens.

At an unconscious level, we believe that life works against us. And instead of our heart lighting up on awakening, with all the clarity and power, and with enough openness to fully open up to the immense game of Love's expansion, everything is filtered by egoic aspects of fear and separation.


Interview; Talk or Motivational Message

Often, in the different paths that one seeks, internally there is something that wants to make changes to live a better and more conscious life. If you can see what I am saying, you will be able to recognize that many are living life automatically, without realizing anything, without knowing the consequence of their decisions, without knowing why they act as they do.

That is why we find ourselves in circumstances that manifest or make us see so many destructive habits that never seem to stop, because of everything that the unconscious holds as true. For this reason, the importance of the Light of love entering the hearts of people, awareness, understanding and clarity can generate the necessary steps to straighten and strengthen the power that each individual already has.

There are so many examples to see how one falls over and over again in habits that generate stress. Imagine someone with bad eating habits, where their body is already showing imbalance and it no longer works the same way. And said person seeks to start making decisions such as changes in diet, meditation, exercise, quitting tobacco and alcohol or anything else that helps and improves your health.

There are times when the work is not so much physical, but more psychological and sometimes spiritual. Since in the depth of inner clarity, at different levels, one will be able to improve other aspects that will be able to harmonize and improve all of life as one knows it.

Usually, the way to motivate changes is through the example of other people. Find real examples of real experiences. They have a much deeper impact than if someone preaches without example. There is something that is triggered when someone sees a living example of something that someone at some point thinks cannot be achieved.

In the interview you can see the importance of motivational talks or stories of overcoming, they are speeches with a lot of power and with a clear purpose: stimulate, promote action, unblock, get in touch with people's deepest dreams and desires. , make understood, provide a platform where one sees himself in the mirror of the other.

In the interview with Sarkhan many subjects are touched on and from different angles. The video you find on this blog / vlog delves into the essence of who we are and what we continue to hold that we believe we are.

A learned dynamic is clearly shown that starts from a young age and that makes us fall into a labyrinth with no way out inside our mind; the identity of believing to be Ego. And from here on one begins to believe faithfully that we are everything that our head says we are and we act according to those thoughts and self-talk.

This is because our mind from an early age. By profoundly not knowing who or what we are, in that immature aspect of consciousness, one got used to believing everything that our attention was placed on. And this, when beginning in the sense of existing, then jumping in the thought and from there to other thoughts, the concept, notions, interpretations, the qualities of time and space with the past and the future began to be drawn, greatly marked the joint definition of what one is according to.

One of the most difficult aspects to see, and that is presented in the beginning, the most subtle and complex to see is above all the aspect of consciousness; All of this gives rise to a very strong appearance that one is the content of the mind and the conclusion is a mental image of what according to one is (the accumulation of many unconscious and unobserved things).

By living in this way we have lost life, we have lost every moment and especially ourselves. How can we say that we are living life to the fullest if most of our day to day time we are lost in thoughts, emotions. Our mind is constantly jumping in the memory, in the guilt, in the loneliness, in the 'they did not love me', in the 'they did not accept me' or it is jumping in the future where we do not know what is going to happen, the anxiety to fulfill desires, to how to satisfy the senses.

We do not realize that internally there is something that is thinking negatively about circumstances that have not yet happened, and we do not realize that all this causes a very strong level of stress that does not allow us to know what it means to really live life. in the Here and Now; really experiencing life with all of you.

One could say that, "Life is what happens in front of you when you do not realize it"

And even more interesting, that in the midst of everything discussed in the interview and the most important motivation, the most palpable inspiration is the invitation to discover ourselves once and for all.

Put aside all that mental-sensory confusion of what we thought we were and embark on a path of self-discovery that completely challenges those notions so that something more pure and immense is revealed than you really are.

The subject of motivation is interesting. Usually it really focuses on enhancing the reality of the ego, empowering to the ego, make the ego grow. Here another thing is shown, here it is to unseat, dissolve and destroy the ego. Give you the clarity and strength necessary for you to undertake one of the adventures that very few dare to start, continue and finish.

In this page and everything we do you will find a different motivation. You will find that you are being shown a call from your heart that for a long time you have not heard and you have not had the clarity to put what you have longed for for so long.

I hope you realize that you have everything to break the illusion and that your nature is Almighty, Radiant and full of Love.


Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover your own self. It's time.

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Greetings and a strong hug


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