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The Labyrinth of the Mind

 Discover what's beyond the box


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There is so much to explore, experience and feel, that anything can stop this from happening. The sensory world can be the trap to the expansion and liberation of your Mind. One cannot experience One with the All if one doesn't seek to discover the beyond of the beyond



When one comes into the world, one arrives in total innocence, love, amazement and much emptiness.

The mind is so clean and empty that it could be said to be pure potential.

Most people, as they grow up, learn about the world and themselves through the eyes and actions of their parents, becoming the immediate environment, which will provide the first pieces of the conditions that will determine the type of life that one will have, thus inheriting a limited vision that will help us start an adventure full of new discoveries.

Our nervous system and our minds are so flexible and are capable of absorbing everything like a sponge in such a way that we immediately begin to adopt ideas, beliefs and energetic-emotional impressions to gradually shape and structure our internal system with the experience of how to act in this new reality.

There is a pure experience of being fascinated by everything new that is presented to us. Our mind, being easily moldable and programmable, easily begins to be influenced by the environment, not only by our parents and family, but also by friends, society, culture, interactions and the other elements and experiences that happen around us.

We begin to believe everything that is presented to us and is stored inside us as beliefs and truth. This process is something that draws lenses for each experience and circumstance. Each of these lenses are created by a specific color and from here we begin to filter life.

Without realizing it, the experiences that we were integrating, concluding and accepting, make life translate through that vision that we have been forming for years, and it is from this conditioning that our actions and decisions have a great weight in the way of creating our own path and life.

Our mind, which at first was pure and limitless attention, is transformed into everything that we have been learning and storing through thought, senses, beliefs, concepts, the body and emotions, an identity is built, a " I am ”, an ego, an accumulation of everything experienced and learned. And this is the face, the mask that makes us connect with the world.

This is true for everyone, so why is this important to comment on?

The Mind and its power:

Because much of what you are living and creating right now is the result of all your past.

There are people who grow up in environments where they learn to work, make money and a united family with the necessary comforts. But there are other people who grow up in environments or have life experiences, even from a very young age, that are very shocking, counterproductive and in a certain way negative. So these can influence in a very strong way the decisions that the individual is going to make.

In these times, very important and revealing things are happening. There are rates of anxiety, fear, suicide and depression like never before. Many young people and adults have had to turn to drugs, alcohol or another type of addiction for not knowing what is going on inside them. Why they feel the way they feel, why they think the way they think.

The ignorance of oneself, of his interior, of his beliefs and everything that we have talked about before makes one go through life without direction, aimless, without stability and only surviving or not trying to reach the collapse.

The stress that many people are experiencing is or has reached very strong levels. The individual, the group, society and humanity in general have lost their way.

That experience that we lived as children has been replaced by resentment, fear and loneliness.

The Mind and Ways of Escape:

Many young people and adults have taken refuge in substances to experience more of life, in an act of rebellion against the unconscious current of the social system.

Such environments and some drugs awaken feelings and such a free way of living and experiencing life that feeling alive for the first time is difficult to let go.

These decisions, repeated over and over again, create other types of mental-emotional registers in the nervous system. Done this several times, the body and the mental conditioning and interpretation becomes more and more attached and apprehensive to these experiences, ending in addictions or actions much more complex than in the beginning.

Also these decisions are because they have not known what to do with so much mental and emotional stress that are normally hidden in their unconscious.

Stress can be so great that one cannot cope with it, so one looks for ways that can help not to face it, forget and also to find a deeper meaning in life.

There are substances so powerful that they make the mind of the person who uses them open for the first time to other types of experiences and perceptions. These kinds of experiences can be so expansive, vivid and real, that the mind and heart open to a much deeper and more true kind of feeling. Compared to the superficiality that many parts of society encourage, one experiences for the first time as in true Freedom.

That is why someone who consumes, it is very difficult for him to stop his self-destructive habits, without realizing it, he does not care about the damage to himself, others or the consequences that this type of actions can cause.

It is a very complicated game, I say this in the simplest and most truthful way possible. There are many levels of truth, understanding, and interpretation in every mind and heart.

But we can say and realize that, on the one hand, that someone is receiving a certain degree of freedom, tranquility; an anesthesia to all that that cannot be resolved, to all that mental chaos that cannot be silenced. And it makes it more difficult if said person looks around and realizes that he cannot find what he found in substances or in any other addiction.

Experience is everything. Nothing compares to tasting and feeling things and all that life has to offer. Concepts and ideas do not reach the depths of oneself. So, something other than the sensory, what else can life offer?

Despite all this, the sensations of freedom, tranquility, love, creativity and apparent connection, many do not manage to see beyond what their mind and senses tell them.

Without realizing it, your mind has been lost in a sensory maze that is almost impossible to get out of. Although one has left the substances, in the unconscious, one has put on and continues to put on and create other types of lenses and with other colors, so that reality will continue to be filtered and ultimately one will never be able to truly see it clearly.

Observe the Mind and its patterns with honesty:

But let's take a step to the true reality and we must pay all our attention, so that we can see in great detail the life we ​​have now. Where are you, what is happening, there are divided desires, there is conflict, there is joy, there is happiness, you feel in a prison, what do you say to yourself, what do you conclude, what have you believed to be true, why did you decide to believe your name, your ideas, your dreams and your inadequacies as the conditioned definition of what you are. In your life there are anxiety, fears, doubts, loneliness, connection, joy, peace, terror, brotherhood, separation, abundance, lack, attachments, needs, etc.

Returning to the experience of when one was small, when the field of infinite possibilities was there, before believing anything, before having made the first thought, the first emotion or the sensation real, there was an infinite space, empty of everything. There was no identity, there was nothing, pure unlimited perception of all that creation really was. Everything was One, everything was pure and untouchable Presence.

This way of living was overshadowed and clouded by dual thoughts and separation, of what will you say, of the source, of your true home, of your true nature, of that space of Infinite Love from which you came.

It is normal for one, from a young age, to look for that which deep within it knows exists, one has always known that it comes from Love, but why no one lives it, why no one experiences it, where is the union, where is the unconditional. One encounters the opposite, abuse, attachments, fears, violence, etc. As we do not want there to be internal conflict if the most essential has not been discovered and realized.

One wants to be free, one wants to live in connection with life, with the Whole. A part of us knows that this is so and that is why we undertake a tireless search at all costs to find that which the heart yearns for.

But in that search, much was lost even more. The play of the ego and separation and its subtleties has limited the potential of a mind that has no limits or conditions.

The purest part of the mind is being one with creation. Completely detached from everything, she takes distance and does not lose herself in feelings or sensations. If not, inadvertently one has created a small box where the Infinite can no longer be explored.

The invitation is to remember the true potential and nature of Mind. Remember who you really are and put aside all those subtleties that keep you a prisoner of your greatness.

You are One with the Whole, but an awakening is required, a radical transformation in who you are and what you think you are.

Nothing that you learned, lived or claimed to be can limit or define the way in which your Being can experience.

In truth, there are no limits for the one who looks within himself and awakens to Reality. When this happens, conflict, doubt, fear, and any ideas similar to these can never exist.

I invite you, I challenge you to remember and do everything to discover your true voice, to free yourself from everything and always discover yourself exploring the Beyond.

Hear the roar of your awakening.



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