Reflections that Transform # 14

Interior peace

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«Peace is not something to achieve, in fact you have always been and will be. Put aside the confusion of a process.»


Reflections that Transform # 14

He created this space to share with you some vitally important issues, today it will be "Inner Peace", and how it has generated a lot of stress in the minds and hearts of many people who want it so much.

I'm going to dig into this as I don't want more people to get into a dead end maze that many schools and places promise and that only create more stress and conflict than necessary.

I want to bring warm words that bring clarity to your heart, and that with this you can have the necessary discernment not to fall into the trap of ignorance that we currently have on this topic.

Nor do I want you to see that I am against any way, teaching, technique or method to be in tranquility, and that this inner peace is the way from which you live your life, but I want to break the confusion of many things that you will find out there that are not true and that may not result in what they propose.

Everything that I will comment on will make a difference and you will know how to listen to yourself better. If you understand yourself, you will know what you really want and want, and once this is clarified, it is much easier to search and you can make a clearer and more accurate decision.

For example, there are places that promise to be at peace and suggest that physical ways to get there, that peace of which they speak is sensory, where the body, emotions and sensations are important for this to happen. But if you want Inner Peace, delve into it and discover its core, the way is very different from exercising and breathing to experience it.

Here is the key, to really understand and discern what you want to go in search of that and not be somewhere where what you really want will not be given.

Obviously, these are examples and I cannot delve into all the possibilities, schools, techniques and of all the types that there are, it is a non-ending game and the blog post would not allow it. But I hope that all the material that I have made on my social networks and my blog can help you clarify your wishes and your decisions.

To go deeper into this and other things I have custom sessions of Coaching or School for Awakening, which help people on many levels and things.

I want your own path to be easy, simple and complete, so it is better to go straight to the point and not give much thought to the recognition of what true Peace is and what is transitory and full of limitations.


What is and what is not Inner Peace

Currently this topic is full of many concepts, many ideas of what peace means, there are preconceptions and beliefs of what it means to live a life in peace. There are ideas that inner peace can be boring, that this is only sought if there is a lot of stress in one's life or that it is the absence of living life with all the nuances.

Inner Peace does not go against everything that life is and its many incredible flavors such as emotion, travel, growth in various areas, connection with other people, at work, hobbies, sport, and that obviously the proposal Peace is sometimes not so exciting or attractive.

The peace that I want to promote or inspire; That one that I would like you to discover is not a passing person, or one that you will find yourself experiencing in yourself as an object to be reached, but as the underlying essence of the truth of what you are.

it is a very different peace than what the mind conceives of as peace. And in these times it is very important to discover what a path of introspection, of inner peace, because that is where we are going to discover many things within ourselves that before we did not know we had.

The peace that we all seek, in general, is that after a week of work comes a weekend of rest, and we seek that weekend to free ourselves from so much stress, to relax; It is to give us a break because we had a very busy week whether at work, in relationships, in projects.

So that peace is always in the weekend, and I am only going to experience peace either in the mountains, on the beach, with my family; or some tranquility if the weekend I am calm, alone in a cabin, in a hammock, that is, there are certain ideas that this peace will happen when I practice a lot, sustain my attention and my intentions over time, that certain feelings do not flourish as a result of my thoughts, that my emotions prevent me from finding it, and that certain external circumstances arise, be their own or change so that one can feel calm.

That is the peace that one generally knows and therefore finds. But that peace that we all know, if we are honest, is a peace that does not seem to last, that lasts only in the moment where one feels in a certain way or if certain circumstances occur in a certain way and that peace is very sensorial, it is sentimental.

And what about the sensory-sentimental-emotional aspect?

It happens that feelings come and go, sometimes you are at peace, sometimes not, sometimes there is love, sometimes not; In other words, there are many things that happen or happen when one is constantly looking for that sensory peace. But what happens when we live in this way, it happens that there is a constant level of stress, we are not happy, we are not present, we are not happy, we are not in harmony, we are not flowing, why? Because it seems that the peace that we only seek it occurs when I do something, when there is a trying, a doing, an achieving, etc. and only then will it happen.

And the peace that I share, invite and challenge; The peace that I try to bring to people is a very great peace that does not depend, it is not a feeling that comes and goes; I am not talking about that game of feelings, I am talking about a game of introspection, of conscience, of realizing the internal peace that exists.

The peace that exists internally in each one of us is a very intense, super expansive, harmonious, deep and infinity. In fact, it's Peace is you, you've always been that. But confusion is very strong in people's minds. Some desire sensory peace, which comes with effort and tranquility will not happen.

Why should there be effort and in something as simple as existing and recognizing the truth of who you are, if you always are and always have been?

If you stop looking for it you will remember that you are Peace, you always have been, so why look for it and try to reach it. If you discovered that you really are what you are looking for, all search and effort would end completely.

It is important to make the distinction so that you know what you are really looking for and do not get carried away by what promises to lead you to it when the truth is simpler and does not require effort, distance or time.

The first time that I experienced that peace without barriers, without limits, the very, very deep truth, aware of the immensity of that internal and external peace but very wise, very present, as if it were full of presence, was the day that I had to see myself father die.

Here the curtain of illusion and the opportunity to discover the truth opened for the first time.

Hopefully this helps you to be clearer about this beautiful dance.


Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover yourself. It's time!

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Greetings, I love you and send you a big hug.


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