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«In you there is a whole Universe of Riches. What are you looking for outside? I've left you a map with directions to it. Go on to an adventure.»


Inspirational Phrases and Motivation

We bring quotes and inspirational phrases to help you remember the beauty of your own self.

It is sought that the flame of your heart ignites and sheds light to dark rooms of your interior. Allowing the exit to the labyrinth of duality and unconsciousness to be shown.

The variety of Light rays They will come in and clean the home you live in if you let them.

This compilation of quotes has been expressed by Sarkhan sometime.

I hope you explore them with all your attention, care and utmost importance. For they show a clear map back to the reality of the Self.

Hugs and enjoy the signs pointing back to your heart.


Spiritual and Inspirational Phrases

The essence of life resides in the deepest, most sacred and sensitive of each one of us. Reaching the depths of one, and touching the fibers closest to our sense of existence, is an invitation to the most divine and pure expression that one wishes to express.


  • “The ego will be rolled over by the sea,
    it tries to flee from the possibility of dying.
    You have never been and will never be an ego,

    you are the sea itself. What are you afraid of then?"
    - Sarkhân

  • "If you remove the me nothing exists. That's how easy it is."
    - Sarkhân

  • “Watch and do not identify with the one that desires.
    You are already complete!
    - Sarkhân

  • "Everything comes and goes except You."
    - Sarkhân

  • "Do not postpone your awakening.
    How do you do it?
    Deny what you think you are, don't define yourself,
    do not believe that you are what is in front of you. "
    - Sarkhân

  • “Your nature is to Contemplate everything.
    Let everything be as it has to be.
    Then the game of games is shown.
    - Sarkhân

  • “Who are you?
    Where are you really?
    Locate the observer and you will discover its reality.
    - Sarkhân

  • "If you watch without judgment,
    without taking sides with anything,
    without adding opinion, desire and intention,
    a horizon without limits would present itself
    and you would be in awe of love and joy
    that have always existed assimilating your nature.
    - Sarkhân

  • “To be empty, quiet, still, without actions,
    without steps, without goals, without intention, in silence,
    still, without mind, without past, without present, without future ...
    If you live like this, everything I talk about will make sense.
    Just Be without doing anything at all.
    Your only game is to contemplate it all
    and then dissolve the one that contemplates.
    You already Are, now discover the one that Is..
    - Sarkhân

  • “If you are already Everything and you are already complete.
    Why do you seek, why do you meditate,
    why are you doing?
    If you listen to what I say, then everything is a joke. "
    - Sarkhân

  • "If the mind says it must be done,
    do not listen.
    Rest here, empty of everything ...
    Let what has to happen happen.
    In all levels that you are conscious of apply what i'm saying.
    Make it all a game, not out of necessity,
    to get something, to experience something,
    to discover something ...
    Without intentions, methods, techniques, concepts, feelings ...

    - Sarkhân


Deep Truth Phrases

Truth is the only thing that will set us free. Continuing to live in duality, illusion and lies only perpetuates suffering and freezes the soul.

If you want to remember the Divinity in you, a very strong desire has to come to life. And at the same time, humility, devotion, gratitude and the willingness to get out of the mental bars in which we have believed to be. You belong to Existence, be one with All. Do not belong to ideologies, dogmas, doctrines, ideas, concepts or anything that separates you from everything. You are more than you think you are. Believe me, believe in yourself.


  • “True intelligence about emotions
    and thoughts will happen when you stop the
    control, label, name and take all of them as yours.
    So you can see that you are not a victim of them.
    Let everything be what it has to be. Do not run away or hide
    in sensations pseudo-spiritual that they only do to you
    to lose yourself even more. Face the possibility of emptiness.
    No parachute, no techniques, no help from anything.
    Do you dare?"

    - Sarkhân

  • “Become the Observer of All.
    There it is the entrance to Infinity of infinities. "

    - Sarkhân

  • “Many say that there is no 'me' on the spiritual path.
    They find each other anesthetized by the sensations of the mind.
    They call this silence, stillness and awakening.
    To such a degree the ego has reached.
    He got into even the purest of the game of Being and Consciousness.
    Many are in the dual webs of this illusion, and this one,
    it is the hardest to see and break.
    But let me tell you,can you deny your own existence?,
    Perhaps there is something that observes even the most subtle phenomena of emptiness,
    silence and conscious-awareness?
    So, who is that one, who is the Witness-I-ness of all phenomena?
    Get out of the spiritual illusion of the subject-object.
    Discover the Self behind all affirmation.
    Break the false enlightenment perception trap.
    Incredible, creation is playing and it will eat the ones that ignore this.
    There is still time. Break from the spell!"

    - Sarkhân

  • "Abide in your own self firmly,
    to the degree that you forget about yourself.
    Let there be a firm and final decision,
    that you stop looking for yourself and define yourself.
    Then you will remember your immensity.
    There, where the Self and you are One.
    Truly One. "

    - Sarkhân

  • “I am talking about a reality that,
    when it touches you it does not go away.
    It is radical and there is no going back.
    Finally the wave realised itself that
    it had always been the whole Sea. "

    - Sarkhân

  • “It was all due to a small identity error.
    A little misunderstanding of who we really are.
    Yes, the awakening is easy, not partial, not about levels ...
    but the Totality without parts.
    Where the Supreme Void is the only reality
    and there is nothing more than that. And this is literal. "

    - Sarkhân

  • “Your heart has been searching for itself.
    And it will be found when you recognize that you are that I
    which is the Self asserting itself without any need.
    We have never discovered that authority ... fears and more fears ...
    You are everything, I don't understand why to be afraid. "

    - Sarkhân

  • “Without a Total surrender you will never know. "
    - Sarkhân

  • “Seek to be exposed to the highest truth.
    Do not seek to be spoken to at the level you think you are at.
    Your belief of being somewhere has to collapse,
    and only the highest teaching can do it.
    Do not accept the small in you, the limited ... it does not matter if it confuses you,
    if it doesn't make sense ... listen with your heart, not with the mind and intellect.
    Only with the wisdom and knowledge of the dance of Emptiness you will
    get out of the illusion of duality and its dire governance. "

    - Sarkhân

  • “It is better to explore that the Self does not need anything and it is the only thing that there is.
    There are no paths, there is no teaching, there is no student
    and the teacher. There is no up, levels, lineages, to become, to be more or less,
    levels to go up, remember, forget, return, leave, rest, noise, consciousness,
    silence, here, now, present, past, future, there, me, you, them, the world, the Universe ...
    Pure gymnastics and puppets of the mental olympic games is all this is...
    The Self Transcends everything. Contemplate the possibility that you already are That without qualities.
    This is much more valuable than all the sensory proposals described above.
    This will give you clarity, simplicity, and a sense of Freedom
    that is not compared to anything. The Observer is Empty of everything.
    When you know that you are That, everything will disappear. All creation will dissolve before your gaze. "

    - Sarkhân


Shocking Love Phrases

When one shines with the Light of Consciousness to the real hiding place of the Ego, many things are detonated as its defenses, mechanisms that justify its unreality. It is not easy to find the abode of the ego. Many believe that it is in everything except oneself, which is the last place people look. That is why without help and with the right direction, getting out of the illusion is almost impossible. Only people with a real desire to remember their divinity will seek yes or yes to be close to that which awakens and nurtures the most sensitive and loving and sacred thing in one.


  • “That in you that is pure Presence, that which Is-Being,
    it is Self itself. Have you ever considered this?
    Believing that you are thought clouds the simplicity of what I say.
    If there is a me, everything exists. If there is no me there is nothing."

    - Sarkhân

  • “If you start with the fact that you are already FREE,
    you will see the lie immediately."

    - Sarkhân

  • “Everything that you can watch has limitations and conditions.
    If you use attention, focus, awareness you are still in the ego.
    Only the reality of Being can clarify and rescue you from
    the networks of false spirituality. Just being That is the answer to everything.
    Be strong, be great, be magnanimous ...
    Stop denying your greatness, your beauty, your Infinite nature. "

    - Sarkhân

  • "As long as you explore things that have to do
    with time and space you are still in duality.
    It doesn't matter what it is. You are beyond time.
    You are the Unspeakable. "
    - Sarkhân

  • "When you sleep, everything goes to the origin,
    the mind goes to the origin. "

    - Sarkhân

  • "If there is a goal, objective or something to achieve,
    there will be a try, an effort, a process ...
    Mental strategies to sustain, perpetuate,
    defend, take care of, improve, do not let go ...
    There is no goal, drop everything!"

    - Sarkhân

  • “Explore the unknown, the unmanifest.
    There is more truth there than what you know, experience and know.
    Ultimately, everything will have to die if you want to remember."

    - Sarkhân

  • "In the last period, the last step to break
    the bubble of illusion, the game is very different from all of the above.
    The dance is different, the dynamics are different.
    It's more of a dying on all levels. You will not be able to take anything
    when you are reborn from the ashes towards Immortality. "

    - Sarkhân

  • "Until you let go of everything. Absolutely everything you will not know
    the Self, its reality and its indivisible vision. The Absolute is before, beyond
    of everything, in the middle of everything, at the beginning, at the end, between, in, from, towards ...
    It transcends everything and at the same it does not transcend anything because there is nothing to transcend.
    It is in nothing, nothing exists. The ocean is the only thing there is. "
    - Sarkhân


  • "Explore, have fun, laugh, rest, do nothing, do not use anything,
    unintentionally ... Meditate on this. Close your eyes and let That Something take care of everything.
    Without mind, without thought, without purpose, without focus, without objects of perception ...
    Nothing at all. Quiet, in silence.
    Marvel at the Self revealing itself in its infinite forms.
    Just witness it's dance. "
    - Sarkhân

  • “When the Witness of all the Universes and realities is realized
    you will see that everything will disappear. Since everything had been created by the ego and its fantasy
    of multiplicity. Then you will have discovered the only thing worth discovering.
    You will see that you only fell asleep in your bed. You never traveled anywhere.
    So the way back home was also a fantasy.
    So immediately is the awakening
    . "
    - Sarkhân

  • “You are the screen, the substratum of all that is.
    Only through understanding can you see that you have never been lost.
    Instead of spending and wasting time obtaining, recovering, acquiring,
    discover, learn, do, experience what is lacking ...
    Better explore that which you have never lost,
    that has always been in you but that you had not seen.
    If you do not realize that in your neck has always been the necklace that you lost,
    all the fantasy of methods, teachings and learnings apply.
    But if I point you to look at your neck, in an instant everything becomes clear.
    The riddle is solved. And the labyrinth of the senses collapses.
    Direct knowledge is the only way, the key of keys
    . "
    - Sarkhân


I hope you liked them. I invite you to explore them and see what they show. Trust your Consciousness. Treat her as if she were your guide, your friend, your companion. Let it teach you. I love you and wish you the best always.


Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

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