Reflections that Transform # 24

Manage Emotional Problems

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«Emotionality is something invented by the mind, only the mind could name it. Do not fall for the deception, then you will be free from that trap. Live in freedom!»


Reflections that Transform # 24 - Emotional Problems

CEvery day there are people who increasingly seek to deepen and understand emotions. This is because many do not know how to manage them, they do not understand them and in several cases they seem to control and cause one to react and reach an overflow that is very stressful and difficult to handle.

Emotions are very powerful and can lead someone to feel on top of the mountain, where everything is light and well-being, or they can cause the darkest and darkest experiences, where we can feel locked in a cárcel, cornered and with no way out and this can cause hope and the will to live to be completely extinguished.

Today we can find the subject of emotions in many places such as on the internet, in libraries and in our city where courses are given that promise to help the individual learn how to manage them. The problem with this approach is that it is based on their control, effort and repression. Which will end in that at some point or in some aspect of our life the conflict is reflected and we get to explode due to the lack of understanding of all this.


Emotions without understanding

Why am I talking about all this? Because I have gone through many experiences that allow me to understand the lives of many people. I discovered many things when I had to discover myself in ways that I did not know in the middle of these experiences, that I had no option but to find a solution to be able to get out of the hoyo where I was.

I understand that there are times when you don't understand anything, that you need something that gives you light and tranquility in the midst of chaos, and that is why I also do it.

I hope that when you need help and clarity in something you can find it here and that my life experiences can serve you for something.

There are people who speak and teach without having yet solved their own problems. They are not an example of what they preach, and people listen to them and follow them without really questioning themselves.

That is why I always try to return to my experience, and that is why many of the topics that I touch and their points of view sometimes should be common sense but that, after all, they help in some way.

There will be times where such views seem to be invalidated as I begin to share other discoveries and much clearer and deeper experiences that I have experienced along my path.

I try to summarize and make everything simple, so that you can understand and apply what I share.

So over and over again I return to you to pay attention to the beginning of any problem, that the problem would not exist if the thought of a self was not found, without it, without it ego, duality and the illusion of one's emotional confusion with life would not exist. So the emotions of doubt, rage, anger, etc. they would not even emerge if we delved into its significance.

That is why many articles and videos that I have recorded emphasize the ego, since if we break it down a much broader, wise and clear perspective is presented and your reality will be transformed.

If you read between the lines you will see that I leave seeds that little by little will clean the lens from which you see life and I hope that this gives you more meaning to life from a much more transcendental place.

Now I will try to explain the subject in question with an example, as it will simplify many things if you delve into it.


A Revealing Situation

Many years ago there was a moment that revealed a lot of what I lived, felt and thought. It was one day in the morning, I was with a group of friends who had met for coffee. We did this regularly, but this day was not like the previous ones, it was not one of those many meetings, this was special.

And because it was special, would you say, it was because it clearly showed me something that was a shock to me. Realize where I really was, recognize on a level my belief system and what I held as true.

We were all seated at a circular table. Talking about things, that the truth was very superficial and meaningless. I remember that at some point my attention was amplified and it is as if I could pay attention to everything that was happening at the table. He could follow the thread of the conversation in great detail. The mind and thoughts did not distract me from anything. Nothing was being filtered by understanding and the filter of comparison and relationship. It was surprising. My consciousness had touched a deeper aspect of the mind and at the same time it was clearing and expanding itself in clarity and wisdom..

Suddenly I could recognize where my friends were speaking from. Suddenly I saw that the whole conversation had emotional-energetic overtones full of judgments, complaints, violence, criticism, arrogance, arrogance, etc. It was shocking to see that we had always had these kinds of conversations. In fact, it seemed like that's the only thing we were talking about. We criticized people, their dress, their physical shape, their way of being, what people do wrong and what they should do, etc.

The surprising thing was not this, but that, I could see myself in them. They at that time represented all my voices, my beliefs and my conflicting feelings in relation to myself. I could see that what they said I said to myself or believed about myself at a much deeper level than I had not seen before. This was revealing and shocking. 

I could see that the people that I appreciated so much and that were in front of me, who judge and criticize, are only representations of my voices that criticize myself. I was also able to see that, by having this type of mental beliefs and habits, I am together with like-minded people and together we project our insufficiencies and deficiencies on others.

I don't know if you realize the magnitude of this example, most of the people live like this and don't even realize it. There are even programs on television that are dedicated to this in a professional way. Without realizing that the damage they are doing to themselves.

From that moment on, I really couldn't continue there, that I didn't want to be in that kind of environment and admit that what I just saw is the tip of the iceberg. I asked myself “what else is there that I don't see that I think is true that it continues to affect me and continues to condition my way of living?

So I made a firm decision, I have to discover what else is inside me that I do not know.


Live Emotionally Well

I have met people who honestly don't care about others and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals no matter what. Many look for a positive emotion in their experiences or, otherwise, do whatever it takes to avoid negative emotions. Both are stressful on different levels and in different ways. And people get to do very strong things for having chosen one of these two paths.

Depending on the circumstances of life one focuses towards one way or the other. People are so confused who does not know that there are other ways of living and experiencing life.

It is important to see that all emotion is the result of many ingredients that happen in the blink of an eye that we may not even perceive.

First of all, the easiest to see and recognize is that, we seek to experience life to feel alive and get the most out of life, in some way or another. Another point to observe is that any emotion is activated by what has happened in our immediate universe. In other words, something on the outside activates something inside us that activates some emotion.

Another step further inside that many fail to see is that, without an internal dialogue, without a filter of desire, judgment, subject-object relationship, the emotion would not happen.

Many do not arrive here, much less what follows, an emotion only exists as such if you give it a name and recognize its shape and quality. If something triggers a memory or a mental habit, the same situation is pleasant for you, but the same situation is not pleasant for someone who has a very different way of seeing life. So how can one experience a positive or a negative emotion depending on what one believes and likes? And here is one of the riddle more beautiful to solve.

If one pays attention and recognizes that one is the one who labels the emotion, gives value or meaning to things through thought, then one can see that what one feels is the result of what one believes. WOW!

This means that in one is the key to how to live emotionally well regardless of the circumstances and what one believes. In fact, it is the absence of belief that results in the most incredible emotions one can ever experience.


Emotions in oneself

This proposal is very different from what you find out there, which only seeks to control, repress or supply one emotion for another. Here I am inviting you to go as deep as you can and can glimpse another valley of unexplored experiences. This point of view challenges you, it will not allow you to blame others for your emotional state. It will make you responsible for yourself, to discover that you hold as truth that you are being challenged by life and that you accept within yourself as the only reality.

If you are blessed, you will realize that the only thing we can explore is ourselves, how we react to certain situations, how we decide to love, forgive, not judge or not take things personal, that is in our power, that is where we can access and make a conscious choice of what kind of attitude, approach, acceptance or non-judgment I am going to apply in a certain circumstance or to a certain person.

And generally this something that we do not explore and that nobody tells us. Many people believe they do not have the spiritual strength of their consciousness where emotions do not rule them, where negative emotions do not exist or do not predominate.

There are very few people who have this awareness of distancing themselves from the emotional aspect that is commonly experienced, as I commented previously, what is commonly experienced are very strong ups and downs in life, constant and sudden emotional changes where I can feel happy. and suddenly sad, I feel accompanied and suddenly alone, I feel free and suddenly I feel controlled; This is the way most of society lives.

In the long term, this way of life is not very pleasant, harmonious or stable because we are constantly on a roller coaster of emotions where we do not know where to go, and we do not know what decisions to make.

All this would be clarified if you became aware and realized what are you, who are you In relation to what happens, you will discover that what is outside does not have as much power over your feeling as you think. In fact, most people have not discovered that their insides are so powerful that they can decide to live harmoniously no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.

Here I propose another path, one that is in the midst of everyone, that leads directly to your heart and to the discovery of yourself. A simple but radical one. One that challenges your greatness and that pushes you to wake up and get out of the lie of the intellect, which can also be the key to the gates of heaven in you. 


Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover yourself. It's time!

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Greetings, I love you and send you a big hug.


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