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From Death to Freedom

Towards Immortality



Public Speaker, Coach and Teacher.

«Who is afraid of death is because he is afraid of Life. And he who does not live in fear is because he has discovered that his nature is not conditioned by life and death. Then it is Free.»


From Death to Life

It was XNUMX:XNUMX in the morning when I was getting ready to go to school, some friends, my dad and I were in the car. I remember that some people entered the garage and put a gun to my grandfather's head. Then I began to feel a wave of nerves, fear, helplessness, the terror of something totally unknown and new ... the adrenaline rushing to the top... all at once.

Everything was collapsing, everything that was beautiful or the beautiful bubble that I lived in for a long time was just fading away. There were other things in life that I did not know. It was a wave of energy and feelings so strong where everything just fell apart, everything was destroyed.

I just felt the instinct to run with my whole being. And ran away knowing that something strong and powerful was happening. I ran to my room and the only thing I felt was my body shaking and nervous. Just imagine and live this moment with me because as great as it was for me, it will be the same for you too.

So from the window I see my dad and the gardener fighting and struggling with some people, I hear gunshots ... I see one of these guys point at my dad and shoot him. The moment passes and all I hear is a truck skidding as if it were escaping. The only thing that occured to me at that moment is to go back and see what happened.

When I arrive I see the gardener dead to one side of the place, soulless, empty ... then my grandfather leaning against the wall, petrified, stunned, speechless. And finally the only thing that was left was my dad who was on the side of a wall lying on the stairs that lead to the laundry room.

He was still alive… I go up to him and hug him, holding his head while I watched him trying to speak, but he couldn't speak, because the bullets had gone through his lungs and little by little he was losing his breath.

I remember his look very well. I will never forget that moment, because it marked my life forever. In his eyes I could see immense power, indescribable love, a look of protection and wisdom that transcended everything I had seen in my short life.

An "I love you with all my soul", a "good that you are safe", and a "everything was worth it so that you are well and alive". "Don't worry, all this has a reason for being and for existing."

At that moment there was a knowing that something big was happening and for some reason. That there is something greater than my little understanding could understand.

As there was a very great and present divine will in all that, in every action and event. A great and powerful divine presence. While all of this was going on, I will try to explain the best I can, but the experience and perspective given to me cannot be honored in words.

It could be said that a great curtain was opened and fell, an immense veil that separated all life as we know it, with its elements, its colors, the senses, nature, etc., practically everything was being and observed by something immense, transcendental. Eternity appeared, Immortality witnessed the event, something Infinite opened the curtain of lies and separation and was absorbing and creating everything at the same time.

There was no death, there was no life, there was nothing. Pure emptiness, immeasurable, all-inclusive, limitless, impersonal, enveloping and full of presence and power. This astonished me, as there was no distinction between anything and anyone. It seemed that That was all, it was all That. Nothing was not That itself. Unity, Freedom, Love, Wisdom and something without qualities or conditions.

Suddenly the curtain of the Void and Vast Nothingness disappeared and the vision of suffering, death and seeing my father transcend and join That was very shocking.

Suddenly, I see my father and the Whole as a single event.

Then my father, took his last breath and died in my arms, his soul apparently had left.

And this was the strongest, in my mind this experience and perception was tattooed, in the following sense: how can it be that the experience of the Immortal Presence and an Eternal Void is stronger, a connection with That much stronger than anything else, even stronger than seeing my father die in my own arms?

This ate my heart and neurons, I could not understand that this was stronger than death itself. And that would call me and tell me that I had to find IT. So the search for that experience everywhere started and it was very intense.

The consequence

I was 15 when this event happened. Later I found out that these people wanted to kidnap me. My world ended, fear, uncertainty, questioning, rebellion, anger and more began to flourish in me.

Before that my life was magic and discovery, I lived without worry. Full of love from my father and my grandfather, also from my entire family. I never had a mother, I was told that she abandoned me when I was a child and my family had told me that she had died.

As a result of my father's death, my family separated from us and I stayed with my grandfather. One day I was about to commit suicide with a gun.

The guilt of knowing that they wanted to kidnap me and that my greatest gift, to the person I loved the most, my friend, my mother, my brother, my everything, had been taken from me and everything for a few pennies, and I had been the reason of that.

In the following years I lived alone with my grandfather. Of course my life turned into chaos. I got into drugs, alcohol, parties, dependence on friends and girlfriends, out of the need for love. Fear was always on the top.

The separation, the judgments, power and arrogance, were there and burning. So my life went on for a while like this. Just remembering that moment, the look of my father that told me that everything was fine and not to worry and to keep walking, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I wanted to find the why of this situation and the what for.

I felt abandoned and alone. I took refuge in friends, girlfriends, acquaintances, travel, materialism, everything. I began to be dependent and attached to everything because I could not find a support or a guide for life. So I dedicated myself to experiencing everything in life to know what it was about, what life was, why those situations had happened to me, why was it like this, why people were like that, who I am, what humanity is.

In me there was a feeling of exploration, of knowing about what is the unknown. For a long time I was looking for answers to these mysterious unknowns. But one of the main ones was: What is life really about, what is all this, why and where do I come in? Who am I really, what was that experience that was given to me when my father died? Who or what was it that I felt presented itself while everything was empty and eternal in the transcendence of my father?

We all have this search in one way or another. Each one in their own way and in their own experiences.



My search lasted several years, in pain; without finding answers and totally alone inside. Until one day I found that life cornered me and made me look inside, something that the truth had never done. This was one of the most incredible days of my life. I had been looking for answers and God or that Mighty Presence everywhere except within me.

In itself, the search ended. The feeling of amazement, of protection, of being, of existing, of happiness, of silence, of well-being was so clear that it was a total knowledge that everything I had lived and all the adventure of life was to discover my role and destiny and ultimately awakening or discovering enlightenment or self-realization.

Without really knowing the depth of what was being presented to me, I kept walking and discovering thousands of things that were going to be super important to me.

I have found that life is guiding me to my highest potential. Thanks to those experiences I know that we are here to discover the true meaning of life, what life really is.

For some of us it comes in different ways to touch different hearts. I know that my life is to serve others to find magic in each moment of their existence. My life from that moment until now has not stopped being a constant exploration of inner peace and unconditional love.

From the exploration of consciousness and the eternal now. Live each moment in pure magic, exploration and abundance, where there is only the discovery of each eternal moment. Where there is only the divine and the divine playing.

That is why right now I am sharing these words with you, whether they are inspirational, love and most importantly, invitation. Because I know that you want to know more about life: the why and to where.

In my experience I know that everything that has happened to me and what continues to happen to me is for me to know more, explore more, discover who I really am: without masks and totally open and pure in my essence.

A life without limits, without a “I can't”, “what is going to happen?”, “I am afraid”. None of this exists in the Eternal Now. Live a life where there is only play, without stress, without attachments. And to start living in innocence, as a child, as well as tenderness, openness, gentleness and love. It is worth giving everything to live like this. Everything is worth it to live the game of a life in Consciousness.

Each moment is an eternal exploration of the Being. My life is pure joy and love for everyone equally, regardless of the situation and what they have done, pure unconditional love.

I have discovered that everything begins with one, loving oneself to love others, helping oneself to help others to open their eyes to the beauty of the world, of BEING, and of their divine gifts.

I invite you to join us in living a life full of magic, simplicity, satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, freedom, love, peace, harmony and expansion. It worked for me and I know it can work for you too. The greatest adventure of all; Infinity.



Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover your own self. It's time.

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Greetings and a strong hug


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