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Here you will find important information that can facilitate the use of the platform.
Anything else, do not hesitate to contact us. Start a chat with the icon on the right side or by email.



If you don't know where to start, here you will find information to help you decide.


Information about the payment methods and the way we charge your account.


User Manual, how to use your private account and the options within your personal desktop.


Other questions that will help you clarify other things about the platform and its use.

General Information

You will find some general but important points to clarify the
operation and some points of the platform. If you cannot find what you are looking for on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us to help you and clarify any point, doubt you have or any other issue in particular. Regards.



Our page has a Certificate HTTPS, which makes it very safe for all types of transactions. Your data is well protected and safe. We use well-known and highly secure platforms to sell our products and services. 

Individual or group SESSIONS

For meetings with Sarkhan on a personal level, any audio-visual medium may be used for them. Being Zoom y Skype the most used. You can access them from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. The Zoom application is used for monthly community meetings.


You can access the webinars or meetings from any device: cell phone, tablet and computer. It is important to download the Zoom app for this.
For more information, please go to the following pages to find out how it works: >> o Instructions >>
- To see the time difference in your country or city, please go to the following page and fill in the information: Time Difference >>


Close spaces of love, trust, care and inspiration have been created. We have a group and private chat for the internal community of the School. By being exposed to like-minded people and sharing together, one gains another tool for growth.

contact by email OR BY CHAT

We always respond promptly. If you have not received a response, check your spam folder. We recommend adding our email to your contact list to guarantee communication. There is also the option to start a ChatFor this, just click on the icon that is at the bottom right of any page, in the photograph of the Master in nature.


All the material that you will find on the page is designed so that you can access it through the internet from any device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone. This makes it very comfortable, since you will have access to the material from any place and time. We recommend the Google Chrome browser and that it is updated for a better experience.

AMAZON - Shipping all over the world

It is an American e-commerce company, highly recognized and with a worldwide presence. That is why we use it to sell some of our books on your platform and why our readers will be able to purchase and receive them in their own home. They are always in stock and ready to be shipped instantly. Points of sale at,,,,, and


All the material that we have here we know can help those people who want more from life. What you will find here is of great value and has the potential to benefit the individual, the couple, or a particular group on many levels. So do not hesitate to give as a gift something of what is on the page.


The School is designed for anyone who wants a positive change in their life, regardless of age, knowledge, background, beliefs, desires or tastes. We know that what is here can help everyone. There is material that is not based on technology. Here you will find unconditional love and support in any area you require to learn the game of Consciousness.


All the courses, meditations and material that you will find here have a clear structure. To get the most out of it, we recommend you participate actively and apply all the suggestions shown within the School.



Use of Paypal and Stripe

We use Paypal and Stripe as the platforms for payment of our services. These are very recognized worldwide, and in fact, they are the most used due to their level of simplicity and because of how secure they are in data protection. There are some products in which you can make a bank transfer. 



Our products are very easy to buy; they are already included in most e-commerce solutions globally. In a matter of minutes you will have access to the content.


It allows us to have no borders between people, so our clients can be from any country and region in the world. Being an electronic-digital service, everyone has access to our content from anywhere.


Our platform is based on Euros €, but being an electronic service, it accepts payments in any type of currency. You will pay in your local currency the equivalent in Euros at the exchange rate. Use the currency converter.



Your safety is our priority; our system is highly secure. By using Paypal and Stripe, two of the strongest in the digital market, fraud is prevented, since all transactions are saved and analyzed. So you can rest easy.


You can pay with your PayPal account, and if you don't have an account, you can also pay with the main debit and credit cards from around the world. We also use Stripe for payments, as it also allows you to use any type of card.


Click on the "+" symbol or on the module to display the information. In the next section you will see that it is all divided into categories for easy reading. Anything, do not hesitate to contact us.

Where to start

What do I need to have in order to get the most out of the platform?

Internet: much of the content that you will find here is accessed from being connected to the global Internet network.

- Material: there is material that you can order and have it delivered to your home, such as books. You will also find digital reading material such as PDF's, as well as audio and video material.

Computer or other device: the platform or website that we have is responsive, which means that you will be able to see all the content from any computer, tablet or mobile phone with access to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

Browser: We recommend an up-to-date computer with the updated Google Chrome browser installed.

Coaching: for personalized sessions we try to make it through any audio-visual medium. Being Zoom and Skype the most common for remote sessions.

Differences between Membership, Courses and Coaching?

Each of them have different benefits, independent of one and the other. We seek to give the best service to as many people as possible. We know that there are tastes and different socioeconomic levels, that is why you find a variety of options and opportunities.

Memberships: These have two purposes, for a small monthly fee you can benefit from all the content of the School and you can combine them with your course or personalized coaching sessions. Everything you'll find inside is designed to explore the material on the same platform.

Courses: There are several and of different levels. Some can be achieved in one or more payments. Once one of the courses has been paid in full, it is yours for life. There are several things that you can download, for the fact that you have paid full price. Access to the private community will only have access for 1 year.

Coaching: without a doubt what we recommend the most to start, accompany and give continuity to whatever you decide to do. Personalized sessions with Master Sarkhan or any face-to-face activity, without a doubt, is the most valuable thing we can offer.


It is recommended to do a combination of the courses together with some of the memberships that we have to cover all the material and the benefits that the School offers. When acquiring any of the courses, they give you access for 1 year to the exclusive and private group and chat of the School and to continue you will need, at least, to have the basic membership. Memberships only give you access to the group and private chat while the Membership is active.

What type of Memberships are there?

There are 3 types of memberships currently, the Basic Premium and the Master.

- Basic: includes access to the private community of the School, access to the Members' monthly meeting, as well as the Sâdhana Explained - Gold Level course and much more. The videos of the meetings are uploaded monthly in the video library.

- Premium: this includes the same as the Basic but it is added access to all the School Material and the opportunity to meet in person 2 times a month with the community and with the Maghavat guide through the Zoom application. Also included is the Course “Sadhana for the Soul Gold Level - Special Edition”.

- Master: It is the most complete, it includes all the benefits of the previous Memberships + the Sadhana Course for the Soul - Diamond Level with 1 Personalized Coaching Session per month or any other course to choose, but with personalized sessions per Month.
(It does not include the 10 sessions of the Diamond course, since they will meet with the Master on a monthly basis, otherwise, it would be a total of almost 22 sessions per year. The 10 sessions are for the person who only buys the course in the Store.)

* To access the meetings with Maghavat, you will find the instructions, the password and the steps to follow in an email with the information and also on the following page:
Access >>

How do I get and access any of the Memberships?

To obtain the benefits of this it is necessary to enter a payment method to create your account and have access.

Many people, at times, do not take the necessary steps to invest in their own growth. We hope that you realize the importance of educating the Mind and the body to live in a state of harmony and well-being as a priority.

* To enter, choose the Membership, then the system will take you to a page where you have to fill in certain information. You have to fill in all the information that is requested there, if not, you will not be able to enter. The platform asks you for information in order to create your personal account, such as: password, email, payment method, etc. All these data are necessary, the payment method data as well, only then can the system create your account and open the doors for you.

If the subscription is not canceled, the system will continue to charge the corresponding monthly payment starting the day of the month after you have registered. We do not make refunds, unless it is our error or our responsibility.

Give yourself the opportunity, you can cancel at any time without obligation. We are sure that you will stay with us.

The difference between the Courses in the Store?

The School has different courses. Each of them has its own structure and a specific focus. Still, they are all based on Sadhana Coaching, which has been created for the student to obtain the best results in their life.

The courses we have are invaluable as they transform lives. It will depend on what you are looking for right now in your life. We recommend that you read in detail what they have to offer. Maybe one is more in line with your situation and wishes that you now have.

The most advanced courses, such as the Diamond Level, is the one we most recommend to acquire, this will also be found in the Master Membership, the difference is that the membership gives you 1 Monthly Coaching session and this is not accompanied by the 10 sessions that it includes the course if you buy it in the Store. Otherwise it would be 22 sessions a year, and it is not the case.

Everything that is the personalized guidance of the Master is the most important thing we have. It is very difficult to find places where access to accompaniment is easy and true.

Some courses, as well as memberships have material in Video, Audio and Reading. Just as there is material in a school, right here it is the same, but with a very different intention, which is the integral growth of the student and the awakening of their true potential.

-Course: Initiation to the Sadhana Method: This course is designed as if it were a meditation retreat, but in your own home. The structure has been created so that you can do it in a weekend or several hours daily. Designed to give you the foundations of the Sadhana methodology. Learn to meditate and transform your life with transformational coaching techniques. Additional complement for any type of course or for the use of the Internal School.
Course: Sadhana for the Soul - Gold Level: This course is one of the most complete that we have, it is based on the structure set by the Videos or the Audio course, then what the "Manual for the Soul" says and finally the Manual tells us how to read the book "A Discourse for the Soul". The Diamond version is the most powerful we have, it has a personalized guide and accompanied throughout the course.
- Audio Course: You can find the audios of the video course of the course "A Discourse for the Soul - Gold Level". This is in case you like to work at your own pace with the audios, the book, and the manual.
- Course: The Power of the Mind: This course is very powerful and of great help to have a meditative practice, as well as to deepen the transformation of the Student with the Sâdhana Method.
- Course: Sâdhana Explained - Silver Level: This course is very simple and straightforward. It accompanies you by the hand in concepts and ideas that you want to transmit in the Awakening game. A course narrated by its author, with stories, stories and quotes throughout it.
- Conscious Relations Course: This is a very beautiful course, since it is focused on the couple, love and relationships in general. How can it not be a very important course, if human relationships are one of the most powerful ingredients that we have as experience. His intention is that we awaken to the Divinity that we have forgotten.

All the material of the School is based on the Sadhana Method, which has been created from the experience of the Master and the Sadhana Coaching.

All courses purchased in the Store give you access to the exclusive and private group and chat of the School for a year, once this time has elapsed, you will have to acquire at least the basic membership.

To see the courses, audios, audio-courses, book and manual that we have, go to our Shop.

The difference between the different versions of the Book and the Manual?

The School has 2 main books for the Study and Sâdhana Methodology, which is the book "A Discourse for the Soul" and "Manual for the Soul", they both do a course called Sadhana for the Soul ".

- Basic Version and Special Edition:
There are 2 versions of these volumes. One is the Basic version and the other is the Special edition. The difference is that the Special edition It is more up-to-date, it has more information and teaching, it is much more complete, illustrated and you can purchase it in different formats, such as in digital or online version and for download. You can also send it to ask Any part of the world on any of the pages of Amazon in printed format, either in color or in black and white.

The version of the book and manual Basic version it is made up of teaching, quotes and stories. It is the old version of the full course. Still, this one has everything you need to start a path of self-discovery.

Depending on what membership you have or what course you purchased, that version of the Book and Manual is what you will have access to. You can purchase separately any version you want of the aforementioned material in our Store or on the Study Material page in the School submenu.

To see the courses we have, go to our Shop and to know more about the memberships visit our School.

Are personalized sessions necessary?

It is what we recommend the most without a doubt, since it is the most valuable we can offer. Guidance and close accompaniment on the path of self-discovery make the entire process much easier and transformative.

This is the biggest difference from everything else you will find out there. Since wherever you look, there is a lot of information that can create confusion among so many things. Here you are shown a way,
a path, a clear and simple structure and a clear guide so that you can discover how to live in true Love.

With the clear Guide and personalized accompaniment, a tailor-made suit can be made for student empowerment and growth. Each person has their dance, so the 1 to 1 meetings are catalysts for the student to take control of their Being and discover an immeasurable potential within themselves.

You can decide when you want them. The Diamond level course already has structured sessions, as they accompany the course, but at any time you can purchase and schedule them when you need them most.

I see that there is a community with GROUP AND PRIVATE CHAT, how can this benefit me?

All our products give you access to our community, group and private chat with their respective conditions. This is one of the most important pillars of this project. Meeting people who are exploring and studying themselves is the foundation of much greater growth.

You will see that the school invites you to continuously connect and share your discoveries with us. You will see that this makes your experience grow much faster. Also, being a space for you, do not hesitate to ask and support all of us who are here for whatever arises in your exploration. You can ask the community what you want. They can share with you their experiences, where they are, what material and courses they are exploring and the results they have noticed with certain courses, exercises, coaching and accompaniment or other activities.

You will see that within the community there are people who have been taking more time than others and many new people becoming interested every day. This is great, I see that surrounding oneself with similar hearts I have discovered that it is necessary to grow in other ways on a personal level.


There are 2 ways to get access to the private and exclusive area of ​​the community, 1st is to purchase one of our courses in the store, in this way you will get access during the first year. The 2nd way is through the membership of the School, the access to the group and the chat will only last as long as you are a member of the School.

People who have purchased a product from us, it includes lifetime access to the private community. For school membership, if you stop paying, you will not be denied entry to the group and chat, in fact you will be given 1 more month of access to the group and private chat. This is for you to see the importance and gift of having a like-minded and supportive group. We suggest you not stop being a member and in any case we invite you to resume your subscription.

Where can I find and buy the complementary material for the School?

We have seen the need to create physical material and make the experience better for the Student. In the Store, as well as within the School, there are accesses to get the material.

Mainly the School has a book and a work manual. These can be ordered anywhere in the world. They are physical books that make the School's work of introspection much easier. The prices do not include shipping.

Supplemental material is not included in products or memberships. These are purchased separately. We recommend having them, it is much easier for you to have them with you at all times.


What forms of payment do you have?

We have several forms of payment. We use the most important and most used internationally. Most of our products are paid through an account of Paypal and any type of Credit or Debit Card.

Only in some products it can be done Bank Transfer, such as Diamond Level and for the Professional use of the School.

We also use these electronic platforms because they are very secure for transactions. So the customer does not have to worry about anything. Any questions please contact us.

*IMPORTANT: Our page has a Certificate HTTPS, which makes it very safe for all types of transactions. Your data is well protected and safe. We use well-known and highly secure platforms to sell our products and services.

What is the HTTPS certificate

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) are protocols or languages ​​to pass information between web servers and clients. With a standard HTTP connection, it is possible that unauthorized third parties can access this information.

HTTPS connections are marked with a lock symbol (closed padlock) next to the word 'It is safe / Secure' in green.


  • There are products that give the option of making a wire transferThey can be done in Spain and Mexico. If you are in another country, send us an email to see what can be done and managed your order.
  • There is the option to pay with credit card through service stripe, a well-known platform specialized in this.
  • Paypal offers to pay with credit card, without requiring a paypal account.
  • It can be paid with a common account of Paypal.
  • If we don't have any option you need, contact us and we can see what we can do.

Below you can find the explanation of how to create an account Paypal and it also explains how to pay with credit card with Paypal service, without requiring a paypal account. We simply use your platform to make the payments.

Paypal is a very secure platform to make payments, receive payments, and buy online.

Choose the option that suits you best.

NOTE: When you choose one of our products, there you will be shown the options to choose to pay.


Stripe is an internet business building software platform used by Twitter, Facebook, Deliveroo, Drivy, Kickstarter, and thousands of other businesses to sell to anyone, anywhere, in a new way.

This platform simplifies all aspects of making subscriptions and with it there is no need to integrate with other providers or to manage subscriptions.

Is Stripe safe?

Yes. It has the highest level of PCI compliance. When a customer enters their payment information, it is sent directly to Stripe and stored securely on its infrastructure, so a business does not have to maintain its own security system that meets payment industry security standards. (PCI DSS). The platform is certified as a PCI level 1 service provider, the strictest level of certification. It also creates one-time codes for companies to charge their customers, codes that cannot be stolen and reused.


What is the PayPal Service?

PayPal enables businesses and users to send and receive electronic money over the Internet. In addition, it offers other financial services and other related services. The set of these services is called "Service".

You can use the Service to make one-time payments or create an account with us, which will make it easier for you to make payments, allow you to receive and send payments, have more features, and provide you with better records of your payments.

- If you don't have a Paypal account, don't worry.

Many people do not know that Paypal allows you to make payments through your credit card without having to be registered in its system.
Next we will explain how to pay in paypal without account.

The way to make the payment through Paypal without having an account with Paypal is very simple. Here are some options:

  • Place the order

Once you have chosen the product you want to buy, you will come to a window through which you will be allowed to place your order by clicking on the button "Place order", "Add to shopping basket" or "Cart".

  • Payment button

Click on the corresponding payment button. Once you have done that, you will be directed to the Paypal platform where the payment process will begin. Once in there in your high security portal.

  • Select the payment method

Here you will be presented with two options, one is that you pay by Paypal and the other by credit card. You can buy your products with your bank card directly on our website through Paypal, whether you have a Paypal account or do not have one. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can create an account, it is very easy. And if not, click on "Pay with card" located below the Login button.


  • Payment confirmation

Then you will enter the special area to enter your credit card information. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive instructions to access our School of Consciousness.

- Get the most out of it and create your Paypal account now

- For more information visit:



1.- Create an account with your email and password.


2.- Securely link your bank account and / or your card.

3.- To buy, you only need your email and password.
You won't have to enter your card details every time you pay.



What currency / currency is it charged in?

Our platform is based on Euros €, but being an international electronic service, our payment methods accept any type of currency.

When you buy a product, you will see that our page shows the price in Euros, but you will pay in your local currency the equivalent in Euros and at the exchange rate of that day.

We recommend using our currency converter. Choose the corresponding currencies and the exchange rate will appear in relation to what the market indicates that day. This will give you an idea of ​​how much your account will be charged. Prices can vary, what is shown is an approximate, since the market is constantly changing and depends on many things. But still, the information you will see will make it easier for you to understand what you would pay in your own country.

What is the PROCESS of buying any product or membership of the School?

It is important to follow the following steps, this will make access easy. It is important to choose an email that works and write the address well. The system requires a password that is NOT easy, since for your security and ours it is requested that it be so. If a strong password is not chosen, you will not be able to access or create the account.

If you have a discount coupon, when you are making the payment and registration, click on "Have a Coupon?" and there enter the coupon and the discount will be made immediately.


1º.- Click on the button of the desired product. A page will open that will ask you to fill in your name, email and other information.
-There is a space that says “Coupon code“, This is where the code of the discount coupon that you have been given is added.

2º.- Fill in the corresponding data, make sure that the check mark is selected and active in the part: Terms and conditions.

3º.- Then choose the payment method. Either pay with Paypal or with Credit Card (Debit also).

–If you do not have a Paypal account, the next module explains how to create your Paypal account or use the "Paypal / Credit Card" option to use the Paypal Platform without having to have a Paypal account.

–You can choose the “Credit Card” option to use a debit or credit card.

4º.- When you fill in all the data, click the "Register" button.

5º.- If you have chosen "Credit Card" or "Paypal".

- Credit or Debit Card: If you have chosen this option, on the next page you have to enter the card details. It is important to fill out all, expiration date and CV code (3 numbers behind the card-next to the normal card numbers).




- Paypal: You will probably be taken to the Paypal page to be able to enter your Paypal account information or enter your credit card information on its platform. It is important to fill in all the data to move on to the next steps.

6º.- It is important to enter a valid email address (Email) and a strong password. The password must be something strong so that there are no problems.

NOTE: The password that is NOT easy, it must include uppercase, lowercase and numbers as well.

7º.- And once all the data is filled. You can now enter the School without problems. You will receive an email with the instructions and an explanatory video.

8º.- Remember: there are memberships that have a free trial period. It will begin to be charged automatically from the 1st day which starts the second and this will continue to happen from month to month until the user decides to cancel the Membership.

9º.- COMMUNITY: Once inside the platform, I recommend you look for the space where it gives you the option to ask to enter our Private Chat and Private Facebook Group. This way you will be able to connect and meet the entire community that is already exploring and playing in Consciousness.

I have done the process but I do NOT have access to the product or membership. What I do?

When you register successfully, you should have received an email with the instructions for the purchased product.

* If after purchasing one of the products or membership you did not receive an email with the instructions and receipt of payment, please check your junk mail box (spam). I invite you to add our email to your contacts so that you can receive our emails without any problem ([email protected]).

If not, there is most likely something wrong with the registration or purchase process.
The same happens to get the 1st Month Free on any Membership.

* I recommend that you first do the following steps:

1º- Enter the School with the credentials you chose in the registration process. Add your email and password in the following link:

> MENU > Members > Log In / Log Out

2º- Once inside the platform, navigate and find the page of the product or membership you want.

3º- Once the membership or product is found, choose the desired option. Either monthly payment, annuity or some unique product.

4º- Review the process again, step by step, make sure you follow the instructions well and that no details are missing, the details of the debit or credit card or the Paypal account.

5º- At the end, click on the button that says: register, get or pay.

To know the PROCESS, go to the previous module that says:
"What is the PROCESS of buying a product or membership of the School?"
and follow the instructions.

This should fix it.


Differences in the price of Monthly and Annual Memberships.

The payment of the monthly memberships are very affordable but we grant a discount for people who decide to pay the annuity. We value people's commitment, that is why we have given a discount for this. You can see the differences on the main page of the Registrations.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

I hope you don't. We know that what we have to offer has a lot of value and there is teaching of Consciousness in everything that happens. It would be nice if you gave yourself a chance to learn what is behind this situation before making a decision.

Still, for memberships you can cancel at any time. Within your personal account, on your desktop, you go to your products or subscriptions and there you can cancel without any problem.

For courses or products, these cannot be canceled. These are fully acquired when making the payment in question.

What happens if I want to upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Our system allows you to do it without any problem.

You are not required to stay in a membership for a specified time.

If by chance you have been with a membership for a while and decide to upgrade to another, the system will take into account the time you have been with it and you will only pay the difference. Feel free to upgrade and downgrade at any time. All this you can manage within your Desktop of your Personal Account.

What happens if I want to change or update my details and payment methods?

You can do all this without any problem and in a very simple way.

You can do it from your Personal Desktop. I recommend that you go to the Personal Desktop or Personal Account section on this page. There it is explained very well how to use it and where you can manage your memberships, payment methods and more.


How do I access the platform and how do I find my Personal Desktop?

First, you will have to access the platform with the credentials you have chosen. You will have to log in with your email and password that you chose when creating your personal account.

To enter your data at the front door. Go to the Main Menu of the page, almost at the end of the right side, hover over where it says Members, there a menu will be displayed, click on Log In / Log Out. There a window will open where you can fill the boxes with the corresponding data:

> MENU > Members > Log In / Log Out

To exit the Platform, just click again, once, where it says: Log In / Log Out. This will get you off the platform safely. Our platform is very reliable, so you can access it from any computer. Nothing else that is very important that if you are using a computer that is not yours, make sure you log out when leaving the School.

Then you can find the Desktop, where you can manage your subscriptions and products, following the following steps or on the following page:

>MENU > MembersLog in / Log out > DesksPersonal account

How to use the Personal Desktop? - PART 1 - Description of the Desktop content

To be able to access your personal / Desktop account:

>MENU > MembersLog in / Log out > Desks > Personal account (click on Personal Account)

Once inside your account, you will find 3 Tabs:
Home / Subscriptions / Transactions / Logout

This is how each of them works:

- HOME: HOME: In this tab, users will be able to view AND edit all the information they entered during the registration process. To edit any of the fields, the user will simply have to click on the input box, make modifications and then click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.


Here you can see all the subscription information of the associated account: All active or inactive subscriptions that are auto-recurring or one-time payment type subscriptions will be displayed.

Subscription information will include the following column headings:

* membership- This column will display the subscription name along with the unique identification of the subscriptions given by the gateway processor.

* Subscription- This column shows if the subscription renewal status (either enabled for automatic charge, pause or stop if the subscription has been canceled). The subscription billing terms will be displayed along with the next billing date, if applicable.

* Assets- This column will show one of two things, a green "Yes" or a red "No". 'Yes' means that the user's subscription is active and that they will have access to your protected content. 'No' means that the user's subscription is inactive and they will not have access to your protected content.

* Created- Shows the day the subscription was created.

* Expired- Shows when the subscription will expire if no new transactions are submitted. So essentially, this is the expiration date of the current transaction that is activating the subscription. If it is a recurring subscription, the date here will be updated after each new billing.

* Exp card. - Here you will see the expiration date of the user's credit card. This column will be blank if the user signed up through a PayPal account or if the subscription price was free.

How to use the Personal Desktop? - PART 2 - Payment method update, pause, plan change, membership upgrade and downgrade, cancellation, resume, etc.


Manage your subscriptions: At the far right of each subscription, the last column will present the options available to the user. The options that the user sees will be conditioned to the administrative configuration or the current status of their subscription, which are explained below:

* Actualización: this option is conditional on the user having an active and recurring subscription. By clicking on this link, users will be able to update their credit card information. If the user registered with a PayPal account, they will be shown a link to update their account information directly on

* Change of plan- This option is conditional on the membership currently being part of a Membership Group. Clicking on this button will activate the plan change pop-up where users can easily upgrade or downgrade, or take the user to your group pricing page. (UP AND DOWN MEMBERSHIP: Our system allows you to do it without any problem. You are not required to stay in a membership for a specified time. If by chance you have been with a membership for a while and decide to upgrade to another, the system will take into account the time you have been with it and you will only pay the difference. Feel free to upgrade and downgrade at any time. All this you can manage within your personal Desktop.

* Pause: this option is conditional on the user having an active and recurring subscription. Clicking on this will pause the user's subscription.

* DESCRIPTION / Resume: this option is conditional on the user having a paused subscription, automatically recurring. Clicking on this will resume the user's subscription. The new invoice can take up to 24 hours to fully process and update the user's subscription to active in case the last transaction has already expired.

* Cancel: this option is conditional on the user having an active and recurring recurring subscription. One-time payment type subscriptions will NOT have a cancellation option because there is no need to avoid future invoices, and having this option enabled in the MemberPress Options. Clicking this will cancel any future billing for the subscription. Important note: canceling is NOT an inactive subscription. The subscription will only become inactive when all future invoices have been finalized or canceled, AND the last transaction associated with the subscription has expired.

* Subscribe / Renovate- These links can be used if your user wants to buy back a past membership. If the user's subscription has expired and they have no other active memberships in the same update path group, it will say Subscribe / Subscribe. If the user can renew manually and it is not expired, it will say Renew.


Scenario of 3 different users. If you want to do the following.

1.-one has paypal registered in one of the memberships and wants to change the payment method to a credit card. How can you do it? (membership is active)

2.-another user is registered with a paypal account and wants to change to a different paypal account. (it will expire soon and upload will happen soon. So please try earlier)

3.- The third party is registered with a credit card (not expired) but wants to change to another debit card.


For the first two cases, they must cancel their membership, then, once the term already paid has expired, they will have to go to the registration page and choose the desired membership with the same user. Then register with the PayPal you want.

For the third, you just have to navigate to your personal account page, in the subscriptions tab, and select "update" to change the card.

This option applies if in a paypal account, within it, change for a new card and replace the old one. The system uses your paypal account to charge not your card.

How to use the Personal Desktop? - PART 3 - Invoices, transactions and payment history.


The Payments tab on the account page is used to display all the payments that the user made during the term of their user profile on the site. And the following columns will be displayed:

* Date- This column will show the date the payment was made.

* Total- This column will show the total price of the payment (including taxes paid).

* membership- This column will show the name of the Membership for which the payment was made.

* Method- This column will display the name of the selected payment method that invoiced the payment.

* State- This column will show the status of the transaction. Options are Complete, Pending, or Failed.

* bill- This column will display the unique ID of the payment transaction. This should exactly match what can be found on the payment gateway. Click on PDF to download the Invoice.


This is simply a logout link. When users click this option, they will log out and safely exit your site.

Personal Desktop with images - PART 4 ​​- Illustrations of Desktop options.

- 1st Step:

Go to your personal desktop:
Menu> Members> Log In / Log Out> Desks> Personal account



- 2nd Step:

Go to Home to see the instructions and options of your membership:


- 3st Step:

See your subscriptions and the options you have in them.
On the right side you will find the management of your payment methods, from updating card, pause, cancel and more:


- 4nd Step:

Here you can see it better. Choose the option you would like to manage:

- 5nd Step:

In payments you will be able to see the history of all the transactions that you have so far:

- 6nd Step:

Click on log out to exit the platform:

Where do I find access and how do I change my Membership level?

In order to access the Desktop of your membership, be it Students, Affiliates, Instructors or Collaborators, navigate in the Main Menu and choose:

>MENU > Members > Log in / Log out > Desks > Click on the type of membership

There you can choose to access the main page of your subscription desktop.

If you want to purchase another or lower your membership, in the Student Desk, in the corresponding section you can do so.

There are currently 3 types of memberships, the Basic, the Premium and the Master.

Basic: includes access to the private community of the School. Monthly videos of different topics are uploaded to the Video Library of the meetings that are held month by month with Maghavat and the students. The course "Explained Sadhana - Silver Level" and its Audio course are included, as well as the basic digital books of the course: "Sadhana for the Soul - Gold Level".

Premium: this includes all the content of the School and the access to meet in person is added every time Maghavat meets with the members of the community through the Zoom application.

Master: it is the most complete, it includes all the benefits of the previous ones + the Course "Sadhana for the soul - Diamond Level" and 1 session of personalized Coaching per month with the Master.

* To access the meetings with Maghavat, you will find the instructions, the password and the steps to follow on the following page:
Access >>

Our system allows you to do it without any problem.

You are not required to stay in a membership for a specified time.

If by chance you have been with a membership for a while and decide to upgrade to another, the system will take into account the time you have been with it and you will only pay the difference. Feel free to upgrade and downgrade at any time. All this you can manage within your Desktop of your Personal Account.

How to use the platform and where do I find instructions for the purchased product?

* I recommend that you watch the following video so that you can clearly see how you can use the School's virtual platform:
See Video >>

When you purchase any type of our products, you must have received an email with specific instructions for that product. There you are given all the detailed information so that you can take advantage of everything the platform has. If by chance you have not received the email with the instructions, please contact us to resend the instructions.

Please check your junk mail (spam). The system sends a confirmation email with the instructions immediately that the payment will be made successfully.

Where can I find the content of the course I purchased?

In order to access the courses and navigate between their modules and parts, browse freely at:

>MENU > MembersLog in / Log out > Courses> Premium / eCourse ... 

What can I do, I can't access the platform?

If you do not remember your credentials, email and password. Simply before entering the School, there is an option to request and change the password. This is very simple, just click there and you're done. You will immediately receive an email to choose a new password.

I recommend that you keep the new password you have chosen in a safe place. This is one of the most common but easily fixable mistakes.

I see that there are some things that do not look good on the platform?

We recommend that you have the Google Chrome browser for the best performance and that it is up to date. There are times that, if you clear the history and cookies or data, browsing returns to normal.

We also recommend that you refresh the page, hit the reload button, this is sometimes enough to make any content on the page look good.

The platform has a lot of material, we recommend that you find or have a good internet connection. Zoom meetings and the videos and material you'll find inside require a minimum of speed to make the experience easy.

How to empty the cache of my browser?

* If you have a problem viewing the content or entering the School, I recommend clearing your browser's cache. To do so, follow the corresponding steps:

The browser cache is a temporary record of Internet activity, which includes images, sounds, and downloads; it is stored in a file on the PC for a short period of time.

* To empty the cache in Internet Explorer 9 and 10:

-Close all open navigation windows.
-Click on the tools icon at the top right of the browser and select Internet Options.
-In the General tab, click Delete in the Browsing history section.
-Check at least the "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies" options.
-Select Delete and then OK.

* To empty the cache in Internet Explorer 11:

-Close all open navigation windows.
-Click on the gear icon at the top right of the browser window.
-Select Security and then Delete browsing history.
-Check at least the options "Temporary Internet files" and "website files".
-Click Delete.

* To empty the cache in Mozilla Firefox:

-Close all open navigation windows.
-Click on the 'Tools' menu at the top of the browser and select 'Preferences'.
-Click on 'Advanced'.
-Click on 'Network'.
-Click on 'Clear Now' next to 'Cache'.
-Click 'OK'.

* To empty the cache in Safari:

-Close all open navigation windows.
-Open the 'Safari' menu in the toolbar of your browser.
-Select 'Preferences'.
-Cookies and other website data.
-Eliminate all website data.
-Delete now.

* To empty the cache in Google Chrome:

-Close all open navigation windows.
-Click on the Chrome Menu Chrome (three horizontal stripes icon) in the browser toolbar.
-Select More tools.
-Select Clear browsing data.
-In the dialog box that appears, select the check boxes corresponding to the types of information you want to remove.
-Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data you want to delete. Select the top option to delete everything.
-Click Delete browsing data.

* To empty the cache in Opera:

-Close all open navigation windows.
-Open the Settings menu.
-Select Delete personal information.
-Select the Clear all Cache check box (you can also choose other data that you want to delete).
-Click Delete.


Where can I find your Privacy Notice?

Our Privacy Notice and Conditions of Use can be found on the following page:

In this you can find in greater detail the responsibilities of us and our clients. There are sections that talk about data protection with the new European laws, as well as the management of the Affiliate platform and the protection of copyright for all the material created here.

Is the page up-to-date with European data protection laws?

Our page is updated and up-to-date with European and international laws. We try to be as transparent about how the information that our members entrust to us is used.

To know in more detail the use of data and navigation, you can find them on the Privacy Notice page.

Can you ask for a refund?

We have a 3-day GUARANTEE from payment to request a refund of the School's products. This is so that our clients know that we believe a lot in our services and we want them to feel confident when entering our School.

After this we do not give refunds, unless it is a system problem and it is our responsibility. Or if there is a misuse of information and access by the customer.

If for some reason one is done, probably in some cases a minimum will have to be charged for the use of payment platforms, since they charge for their use and management of transactions. The refund can take 5-7 business days to appear in the account.

Similarly, the amount to be reimbursed the same is not the same, as you are using international currencies, the exchange rate when buying and reimbursing will probably differ. We cannot be held responsible for this, but we are in the best disposition, if the situation warrants it, to talk about it and see if it can be done or not.

* According to the Memberships: if the user does not cancel or take advantage of the content of the platform, we are not responsible or make refunds for these types of situations.

Can what I find here replace professional or medical help?

The teaching and guidance offered here, both by Sarkhan and by anyone he might recommend, are fully qualified for this performance by virtue of their own mastery of the art of self-discovery and consequent practice in leading others.

The reader or practitioner of the teachings offered here agrees that neither Sarkhan nor anyone else will be responsible for the interpretations made or the decisions or actions taken from them.

The teachings presented here are available as spiritual practices that can be applied for the consideration of those who practice them. What Sarkhan offers and anyone who participates in this forum simply encourages the participant to take personal responsibility and nothing offered on this website, or in any other related activity, is a substitute for any medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. If in doubt about your medical or psychological situation, please contact an accredited professional for support, diagnosis, and treatment.

What can I and cannot share about the material on the platform?

You can share everything that is happening in your personal experience, your discoveries, invite more people and everything you are discovering with the material you have acquired at the School. In itself, you can share everything on the platform except the courses in the store and the private content of the School. The articles and everything you will find in the Blog you can share. As well as any informative page of the services we provide.

The private material of the School and the Store has all rights reserved. Any material from our School, from books, audios, videos, lessons, articles, work material, PDF's, images, etcetera; They cannot be reproduced, neither in whole nor in parts, nor recorded or transmitted by an information retrieval system, in any form or by any means, be it mechanical, photochemical, electronic, magnetic or by photocopy, nor download them for sale or diffusion or any other without the written authorization of the author and director of the School. Having entered the School, they have access to exclusive and confidential material. Agreeing to maintain this privacy agreement and all the aforementioned.

Therefore, by agreeing to the aforementioned, total privacy will be maintained from all that the Roar of Awakening, Consciousness-Maghavat and the Sadhana School show on all their platforms.

Professional Area - Platinum Level. Do you want to help others? Become PROFESSIONAL.

In the Main Menu, in the SERVICES section, go to where it says PROFESSIONAL AREA, there you can find a lot of information regarding the opportunities there are for this. You can start directly as a Collaborator-Seed. This is a requirement to go up to the following Levels of Earth, Moon and Sun. Personalized monitoring by the Master is required to access the next levels. For higher levels, registration will be required at the beginning of the process. Not to be a collaborator. We invite you to also explore the AFFILIATE option where you can earn commissions for the sale of our products.

You are a Student, Retired or Unemployed, why don't you apply for a SCHOLARSHIP?

Contact us and we will find the best way for you to enter the School and participate with us.

If there is something else I want to ask or propose, where can I contact you?

Below you will find the contact section, fill in the corresponding information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You also have, on any page there is a button to access the Chat. You will find it below the right side next to a chat icon with an orange stripe and a black background. Click on the circle and the window will open to start the chat.

* IMPORTANT: We always reply as soon as possible. Please check your inbox (Inbox) or your spam folder. For a better experience, add our email ([email protected]) to your contact list. THANKS.

  • 1. What is the School for Awakening about?

    It is based on a methodology that addresses the most important areas of life so that the result is comprehensive. Our content is designed from the professional point of view of Sâdhana or Transformational Coaching.

  • 2. What is Coaching Sadhana?

    It is aimed at the person discovering all the strength, talents and tools that they already have by nature. It wants to help each individual to live in a more optimal state of presence, which will allow you to create and harmonize different aspects of your life.

  • 3. How do I enroll in the School?

    It is very easy to participate in the Online School for Awakening. You just have to go to the School page, go to Registration and choose the option that suits you best. We have different types and each one with specific material for the best student experience.

  • 4. How can I participate in the Community?

    We have a private community only for people who sign up and are members. The possibility of being within the group is a great advantage. Having a space for learning and accompaniment is immense.

  • 5. Where are we located?

    At the moment we have our activities on the Internet. We have a very complete Internet School. In it there is a lot of material, face-to-face meetings, study groups and an active and close community.


* Note:  The Roar of Awakening uses Paypal and Stripe platforms to manage payment methods. To get the 10 days at € 1 (one euro) It is important to fill in all the data and put a payment method. Once the 10 days have elapsed, the corresponding amount will begin to be charged. On some occasions it is important to contact the bank that manages the credit or debit card so that it can authorize the payment. At any time you can upload, change, pause or cancel memberships. For more information go to FAQs. Our website is protected with a system and a team of professionals so that all transactions and data are safe and our clients feel safe with the platform. You will see that the prices are in Euros but you will be charged in the currency of your choice or that of your country, always equivalent to the prices in Euros. You can pay by Paypal, debit and credit card. Upload and remove your membership at any time, the system will take it into account and you will only be charged for the difference. In some cases you can make a bank transfer. We have a satisfaction guarantee for our products and services. More information in the Privacy Policy.


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