Today, people with stories and messages of hope are needed.
Today's times are full of challenges and very strong stress levels.
The story and message on Maghavat's part is one that challenges the
person to discover that one can live in Peace and Love regardless of life circumstances.



"Wake up to the Reality of who you really are"


Someone who knows how to connect with the public on a very deep level. His personal experience and his trajectory in his personal development give him power and presence.


Sarkhan's life story is itself a message of hope and transformation. Your life experience invites others to remember their true Self.


The message is prepared for what the public and the client require. The fluidity and efficiency in communication make the conference impressive.


Sarkhan can be physically moved anywhere. Online conferences can also be held, so there are no barriers in time and space.

A Message of Hope

His incredible presence and powerful message will transform the listener.

A story of Inspiration

At the age of fifteen, the event that would mark a path of incessant search for answers: the murder of his father in front of his own eyes.

Discover your potential

His teaching invites us to decipher the keys to a full life free from the bonds of our mind-ego and thus be able to create a life in fullness.


For individuals, groups and companies who wish to embark on a conversation of self-discovery.
We know that the individual is the most important ingredient for the development and growth of any idea..

All of them who know that inspiration is the door to clarity and the trigger for transformation. Whoever recognizes the language of the heart and its potential will seek to be exposed to a message to help you remember the infinite potential you have.

It is perfectly suited to business forums, academic (for young university students), addiction rehabilitation centers, etc.


 “There is still no word in the dictionary that defines what Sarkhan is and does. His dedication for years to deciphering the keys to a full life free from the bonds of our mind-ego, makes him a Master of Life and guide, capable of leading others to reach high states of true peace with themselves and harmony with the world". -Rajani

Of Sarkhan it can be said that
"It is like a wave carrying the ocean with it."

Like every soul that seeks to fulfill itself, it came to this world with all the power to create whatever was necessary to ensure its awakening in this life. Thus, after a relatively quiet childhood, the event that would mark a path of incessant search for answers occurred at the age of fifteen: the murder of his father in front of his own eyes and the consequent family division that would leave him alone, under the tutelage of his grandfather.

Submerged in a stir of repressed feelings, he dedicated his next years to a life of extremes and excesses in an effort to find meaning in his existence. At the age of 22, leaving everything behind, and hand in hand with monks and shamans, he undertook what he had understood was the most important journey: his self-realization, his own spiritual awakening.

Years of exploration, falls and resurfaces have given him the full ability to guide others in their own reunion with themselves. Now he dedicates his life to sharing the lessons learned. He has given courses and conferences in several countries in America and Europe and has taught Meditation in companies and prisons in Mexico, among other areas.

His message is direct and compassionate:
"Remember who you are: you are the source of all Love and a Being of Unlimited Nature."

From coaches to homemakers to entrepreneurs have been touched by his clear and compassionate presence. Despite his age, the extreme impressions experienced from a young age have given him the authority to guide many people on various topics. On one occasion, as a guest lecturer at a maximum security prison, he silenced the cynicism and contempt of a group of prisoners with these words:

“You wonder why you should listen to me? It may help you to know that the one who tried to kidnap me years ago and murdered my father in the attempt is probably sitting among you today. I do not come with resentment or thirst for revenge, but with deep calm in my soul, in peace with life and with you who are listening to me. You also deserve this peace. "

Sarkhan recognizes that the prison of the mind is the same for everyone, as is the possibility of living in peace, and that it is the right of every human being to achieve that peace. Their presence in rehabilitation centers has freed the listener from the burden of guilt and past stories.

His message has also found its way into conferences aimed at the business and human resources sector, promoting relationships to arise from a space of unity.

His teaching has inspired many to step out of their comfort zones and has spurred them to take action towards freedom. His stage presence continues to transform people's minds and hearts.


“These teachings that I share are based on my own life experiences and learnings. For a long time I knew the dark, I know what it is to live in an internal hell and more importantly, I also know what it is to get out of it. Over the course of almost two decades I came across various teachers who helped me become who I am today.


* The ego, thoughts and emotions
* Overcome death
* The Power of Attention
* Be happy no matter what
* Motivation and inspiration stories
* Connecting with our true Self
* Stop living stressed, alone and confused
* And much more...


* Clarity for a calmer, clearer and more serene mind
* How to discover the power of your Decision
* Free yourself from stress, anxiety and resentment
* Increase your security, trust and authenticity
* Experience more joy, love and tranquility
* Understand yourself on a much higher level
* How to have harmonious relationships
* And much more


You have the following options available, anything contact us
to schedule a call and talk. They can be done in person or online.



  • Potential of a Mind-conscious
  • Tools to Unleash the Potential of the Human Mind
  • Do you know the true Freedom?
  • Awakening your Infinite potential
  • Don't be self-violent
  • Give up addictions, etc.
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  • The possibility of traveling to other places
  • Can be hired to lecture live or online
  • Remote conferences (online-internet) for a group of people
  • Schedules are coordinated
  • Request more information to manage the event
  • Contact us to discuss your needs and type of service
  • As well as logistics, means and resources.


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