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Understanding Spirituality

PIn order to understand the processes and steps that occur for the spiritual evolution that each of us has to go through, it is important to have reliable information so that the journey is pleasant and does not end in stagnation.

It could be said that each step in our evolution has different appearances from where we live and look. It is said a lot that said spiritual work will end and consists of recovering the connection with the Self which will end in union with the Presence of God within.

There are many things that are true in one's growth and many that are not. That is why I will try to simply give exploration points so that you recognize some things and you can realize what is really happening, and that what happens as a projection of a fantasy of the thought and that it has nothing to do with the truth.

The spiritual evolution in its purity is a personal and very intimate process, which will exclusively depend on our behavior to be able to be on one level and to be able to transcend it and go up to the other. Here it is important to emphasize that the game is always with oneself.

There is a very common rung in the path of people that one begins to do it about others. Trying to improve their lives, trying to fix the world, and without realizing it, they come from a place of misunderstanding, control and judgment, even though their intention seems noble.

That is why I say that the true path and spiritual encounter, and where true evolution occurs is when you take all your energy and direct it towards you and this is very healthy and loving. Since in truth, ultimately, only you have to transcend, you transcend and everything transcends. It has never been about others. It has always been about you and your relationship with creation.

Now I want to expose you some points and experiences that many go through when they decide to know themselves. Remember that people may or may not go through these levels or stages but you will see that the following gives some clarity to the issue at hand.


Levels of Spiritual Understanding

1.- Fear or Fear

At this level fear is present in almost all of our actions, we are afraid of being alone, of losing a loved one, of not being happy, of being rejected, fear of losing the sense of connection and security, and the fear of death. We have anxiety, anguish, nervousness, a knot in the stomach ... this is because internally we are prisoners of something. And it is the deep desire to be free that these things begin to be intolerable and that is when one begins to to find more.

The sense of separation is very strong where the beliefs that have been instilled in us from a young age that we are separated from God and that God punishes when we do things wrongly done and that he rewards us when we do or behave well, produces a relationship of fear. with life and consequently with everything we do.
This fear is strong but it will only disappear the moment the separation, the sense of "I-it" ends completely.

As was said at some point, seek the Truth and it will set you free.

But where do I find it, where is it or what does this mean?


2.- Ambition

At this level the person becomes or is more rational, thinks more about satisfying all his desires, whatever kind they may be. They want to have all they can and are completely dominated by greed and a sense of lack.

Such people, when this is very close to the surface, the only thing they want and think about is to have more and more. Nothing seems to satisfy your wants and needs.
But material ambition and not wanting obstacles can lead to conflicts in work relationships, family relationships, and friendships; He wants to have everything and will do everything possible to jump the obstacles that are in the way, in order to achieve his goals full of ambition without caring about the consequences.

Obviously, we are looking at different sides of the same coin. He ego he will always see for himself, even if he hides or tries to do things from love or altruism, one lives deceived. And this ends in living in conflict and in stress that does not end. Since for the reality of the ego to end, it is the ego that must end.


3.- Reflection

At this level we ask ourselves: What do I think continues to impact the way I live? What really is Happiness and Love? Who am I really? What have I believed is not mine and continues to affect the way I live? What is this called life? If God exists, where is he or what is this all about? What do I do here?

Not many get to this point. Lucky those who have this type of question in their mind. Since they can set a new course and a new way of seeing themselves.

It is at this stage of life that the ego and its entire mental construction feel most dangerous. Since it seems that the foundations of identity are being challenged and questioned. For many, all this activates the desire to really feel closer to God and a search begins.

This makes one go deeper and begin to reflect more, feel the need to change, feel the desire to silence the mind, seek and find calm and at some point find the reason for living and your destiny.

But the great unknown will always be: Who am i really


4.- Consciousness

Here one already begins a much more decisive and profound exploration of dance than self-discovery or what a spiritual path can present.

One begins to realize that one is not the thoughts and that by ignoring them, consciousness begins to reveal itself. It seems that the spiritual is above the material, it discovers its inner being, it becomes more conscious, with which it feeds this spiritual part and has a great desire to share everything with others.

So you can see at first, even if one does not realize it, one begins to believe other kinds of things. The separation continues, the rejection continues, the ego continues. Instead of entering and being escorted into the void, one begins a process to discard what does not work, but one begins to learn new concepts and habits that will continue to limit the way of seeing life, even if it seems that this is not the case.

Your mind becomes more understanding and tolerant, and you enter a new stage of light and energy. Detachment is more emotional than material, and here some pretty interesting patterns of spiritual arrogance begin to emerge. Since new perspectives, deep and much more accurate to the truth of life, arise naturally. But these are filtered by the sense of superiority and inferiority.

This is normal. There's nothing wrong. The problem is when one begins to create a spiritual identity with their concepts and beliefs and does not continue to walk towards Total Freedom. And here a lot of people get stuck. Since by increasing and cultivating these spiritual thoughts, he is finding more meaning in life and along the way he is forming his spiritual family, sharing knowledge, experiences, experiences, asking himself questions, searching and finding the answers.

To few life will present a gift, where there will be an opportunity to be shown that something new is coming now. That there has to be a change in behavior.

And if he does, he will take steps to seek something deeper and more true than the spiritual prison in which he now finds himself.


5.- Understanding

At this level the person, having begun to know himself, begins to see himself in others. So he recognizes that the game of awakening is not anything. He has seen his challenges and obstacles, so he begins to be a more generous, sincere, loving person, that is, he tries to guide his life and his actions based on love and respect.

Here it is easier to have the humility to recognize your faults and mistakes and try to correct them, your goals in life are no longer so material and try to seek the common good.

This way of looking at life opens the door to the possibility of living much more aligned and whole with your own heart. Your inner world has come to life and light that there wasn't before. His life raises it from the inside and no longer so much of obtaining things from the outside and he is aware of it. Understand and see the difference from how it was before and what it is now.

Here you can begin to intensify much more the desire to arrive and discover the possibility of finding something that helps you how to reach Unity with God.

It is understood that there is something within one that yearns for this desire. And if you are blessed, this desire for union will begin to bother your life so that you will seek the to said desire.

You realize that this is the most important thing in life and that you will need everything of yourself to meet Him.


6.- Dissolution of the Ego

This stage is the most difficult and complex of spiritual evolution. Here it is much more difficult to see clearly the habits and tendencies that the ego has. Since it hides in any corner of our psychological-physical-sensory perception.

This is a stage that requires much more of yourself than all the previous ones. The game has been made much more subtle and difficult to decipher. One has to be willing to sacrifice oneself and be willing to give up the ego's desires.

When seeing oneself before the possibility of transcendence, everything known that has been held in the mind of the person can arise with a fuerza that makes your emotions and beliefs suffer, they feel challenged and a radical change occurs, you can feel a “die”, but this is very beautiful since now is the time that one can be reborn and rise beyond the mundane.

One could be so blessed that one is given the opportunity to feel "death" in life and one will not know that one has died until it is obvious that the result is remembering one's nature.

This person has taken the necessary steps to go beyond their ego identity. It is very contrasting to live at the mercy of it, so one already notices in which places it hides so that it no longer allows itself to be manipulated by the mind or emotions.

At this stage, which is one of the most difficult of all, the labyrinth of illusion is very strong and it is almost impossible to get out of it.

So if the desire is very strong, that person will manifest something or someone who really helps him in that stretch. Be it a book, a path, a Teacher, a movie, etc. The Self will respond to the call of the devotee's heart.

To cross the river of illusion from one side to the other it can only be if one is guided or accompanied by someone who has already crossed it.

And when you find the person who wants everything and that who can help you, here begins one of the most beautiful and sacred relationships and adventures.


7.- The Mastery

Once the Transcendence game begins and the guide begins to be imparted by the Teacher to the Student. The Student recognizes the pitfalls of the mind and illusion. This is how he himself masters his own way and breaks the chains of the mind.

He has been given the keys and sacred tools for him to expand himself and recognize his nature in union with the Whole.

The student, having awakened, thanks to the Grace of the Eternal Master, to mass life, said event, awakened oneself, is the greatest gift that someone can give to life.

Everything becomes pure and sacred. All actions are aligned to the will of the Universe. Love and compassion are the pillars by which everything around you is sustained.

It is difficult to define this person, because he is everything desired, and when you see him, he is nothing more than love, he is the Master, the Dancing Life.

The Father in him is a projection of the Self, it is the unity and relationship between the Self and the Self. The Divine Presence is your Divine Present, your Identity.

I hope it has helped you and given some light. Hugs.


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