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Cognitive dissociation (cognitive dissonance)

Hand we will touch on an interesting topic, Cognitive Dissociation or also known as Cognitive Dissonance. This is an important topic for many people. Today we can find a lot of information about this, but that many times it does not finish showing light to things that are still hidden on a more internal level and unconscious that allows such disharmonious experiences to continue happening without an end.

First I would like to introduce what the term means and then I will go deeper into other paths not contemplated, so that this phenomenon that is present in many people provides some light and understanding in something that can be very sensitive but needs attention.

This experience can happen when individuals who are on paths of self-knowledge or self-exploration, since when one goes so deep within oneself, one can find things that challenge the very existence of oneself, where the belief on which we have created castles of sand in our minds is fragile before the blowing of the wind of the Consciousness in evolution.

That is why this topic is important, as I will try to give a perspective of what is or may be happening at deeper levels, which if taken by the hand and with love, can bring an experience of Love, clarity and freedom. that no one could ever say they had experienced. Or on the contrary, if there is no clarity, accompaniment and purity in touching one's deepest fibers, what ends up happening is pain, damage and even traumatic experiences that will require a different guide that allows to heal and provide light to what happened..

In psychology, the term cognitive dissonance or cognitive dissociation refers to the tension, contradiction or disharmony that arises inside the person, where several things are confronted within the system of ideas, whether they are beliefs, concepts or emotions (the cognitive) that the individual perceives, and how I said earlier that at the same time two thoughts, experiences or perceptions are in conflict. This is triggered by a behavior external to one that causes the conflict of their deepest beliefs.

That is, the term refers to the perception of incompatibility of two simultaneous cognitions, all of which can impact their attitudes, way of processing experiences and confusing reality.

These internal mechanisms arise when an incongruity or dissonance occurs in a very notorious way, the person, due to their internal mechanisms of survival, protection and looking for something that gives their mind meaning and a solid place to step on, said person is automatically seen entering a loop of efforts and stress to generate ideas and beliefs that are new, in order to reduce the tension that confusion and doubt are generating in the way your mind, until that moment, saw clearly.

In other words, internal aspects of beliefs and interpretations of life are being challenged by circumstances external to them that trigger their belief system to look fragile and with the possibility of collapse. This activated psychological-emotional stress, one is trying by all known means to appease it by giving it meaning or accumulating concepts, ideas, interpretations and attitudes that can fit together, that these give a reasonable and coherent explanation to what one is living without. that more internal threads are damaged or affected.

The way in which dissonance reduction occurs can take different paths or forms. A very notable one is a change in attitude or ideas in the face of reality. Another way of looking at it would be those internal mechanisms that maintain a deception for the benefit of something else.


Cognitive Dissociation Theory

The psychologist Leon Festinger was the one who proposed the theory of cognitive dissonance, which, briefly explaining again, proposes how people try to maintain their foundations and ensure that every individual, with their strong inner need that their beliefs, attitudes and behavior are coherent each. When there is inconsistency between these, the conflict leads to disharmony, something that people strive to avoid at all costs.

This means that in many moments and in different experiences, the minds of those who are self-deceived, unconsciously go to cognitive dissonance, where one sees himself creating certain internal mechanisms that in the long term greatly damage the way one lives internally and in ultimately in your environment. The internal conflict, lack of clarity and confusion that thoughts and emotions can cause is so high that they pass into a form of: "Accepting the lie as a truth".

Although cognitive dissonance can be resolved in various ways, on many occasions we choose to "Cheat or justify certain experiences" not to see, to move on, to deny, to hide or as a means to make disappear what has not been internally faced, healed and resolved.

This happens by manipulating our own ideas and beliefs to make them fit together in an apparent way, creating the fiction that the emergence of cognitive dissonance discomfort had no reason to be in the first place. However, that leaves us vulnerable to running into the consequences of that disguised contradiction over and over again that we have not really ordered.

This displeasure can lead to an attempt to change behavior or to defend beliefs or attitudes (even reaching self-deception) to reduce the discomfort that these internal patterns produce.


The True Root of Cognitive Dissonance

I would like to make a point in relation to today's topic, the angle from which this page and all the material that I have created is trying to point. Which is the deepest and most complex dissonance to recognize. To the degree that it has been given as if it were something natural and had no consequences of living blind to the most subtle and difficult to see confusion.

I will try to explain it with the history that anyone has and goes through the process of Life.

When one is born, the way life is perceived is very innocent, with openness and a sense of wonder at everything. Our mind was clean, like a blank sheet of paper. There was no identity, judgments, fears, rejections, inadequacies, etc. This is key, since many of the things that we currently live are reflected in what we have learned and the way in which our environment influenced what we believe and want in life.

Why is this important?It is important because depending on where you grew up and who you were with, they were the ways in which you were learning about what the world is. The forms of behavior, beliefs, ideas, concepts about the values ​​of life, valuing certain things and which not, etc. All this time, the complex experiences you had were vital to the person you are today. But this does not mean that they define you or can show the totality of who you are or who you can be.

But what would have happened if you had grown up in another country, in another culture, with other parents. You would be different, what is it that makes the difference of who you are today?

If you realize, everything was and can be learned, at some point ideas and experiences began to be added and accumulated. Since they can be modified depending on where you grow up and who you hang out with. As I mentioned earlier, this is very important. Since if it was learned, it can be unlearned, modified, one can change their beliefs and ideals. Also one can deprogram from something deep and discover other new things when something internal is erased or transformed by more experiences.

But on the other hand, if all that is learned, the name, surname, nationality, attitudes, values, beliefs ... then, who really is one. If one took away everything that one learned over time, absolutely everything, what would be left? Who would be left?

If when we arrived in the world we already were, then who were we before learning who we are and all that accumulation of ideas that defines us?

This is where a rather interesting and deep game starts. Here the real dissonance begins. Start believing we are that "I-ego-mind-individualInstead of acknowledging our true nature.

You will see that everything that passes through our mind, with its accumulation of ideas, concepts and beliefs that as they define us only apply to the mental and imaginative self. It is from this that everything else happens. We spend our whole lives trying to make sense of things so deep that we do not know how to describe or explain, but that we ignore for a long time until something happens that our internal reality is challenged by something that shakes our belief system and forces us to turn inside ourselves or rethink ourselves or look for answers to unknowns that we had not asked ourselves.

That first idea that "I am the ego-mind-individual" is surrounded by more ideas that as they define the "I-ego-mind". And this continues to be promoted everywhere and by all people. We have believed that we are that pseudo personality that is the protagonist and is the face that we present to the world. Here is the conflict that everyone is experiencing at internal levels, at the internal polarity, who according to I am, am I my mind or something else, who do I listen to, my heart or thought, my intuition tells me something but my reason it tells me something else, my heart yearns for something but my senses don't want to let go of what I want, etc.

At present you can see that the levels of Stress, of violence and the level of damage that we are causing ourselves at all levels is very high. And very few want to know which root is still being nourished and allowing the stress tree to continue to exist. Many think that the solution is in external things instead of delving into the depths of the human psyche.

The Consciousness of the individual has been identified with the chatter, with the feelings, with the beliefs, with the body, with everything that it observes; as if everything that happens is cause for suffering and pain. All this is a projection of a confused mind, without strong and solid foundations, that does not know itself, that does not know, that it ignores, that feels separated and confused in its own labyrinth from which it cannot get out.

Identity with the ego-mind-me is a fascinating thing. This is not true, we are nothing of what has been learned. Rather, it is rethinking ourselves and seeing who we really are if all the beliefs and internal mechanisms learned disappeared. Would you disappear? Of course not. You would continue to exist, but then, who is that that continues to exist and that no mental label can define?

I understand what can cause internal things to move and your beliefs to look fragile, but the identity that you have cultivated, nurtured and sustained for so long is going to continue to suffer from all this. Since the ego cannot sustain itself forever. Any lie before a greater truth will be seen trembling before the possibility of its dissolution.

And this is where I want to aim, the ego is fragile and full of fear. Its instability is obvious, you can see it projected in the life of oneself and others. A weak reality, with shortcomings and fears. Instead of remembering that you are Consciousness, that you are Love, that you are a Divine Being and without conditions. That is the result of the dissolution of the belief that one is a limited being.

Stop trying to make sense of the "I-ego", better discover your true Self, that which cannot be ruled by anything or anyone.

If the spell of illusion is broken and you wake up who you really are everything else will become clear and resolved. Everything will return to harmony. If the rung of all suffering falls apart, everything else has nowhere to stand. So always my invitation, from different angles to discover yourself as something that is beyond any aspect from which you live and experience life. My wish is that you remember and remain in that recognition that you are immense, without limits or deficiencies of any kind. All those things are learned.

“To always live well you don't need anything, to start the labyrinth of confusion, pain and conflict you need something.

Let go of everything and live free. You will see that there is nothing that provides a better basis for living life, your Consciousness resting in itself observing everything. "



Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

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