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«If you don't discover the Self behind all experience, if you don't really know who you are, how can you say that you are really alive?»


Discovering the Advaita Vedanta

EWe are in times where many people are looking for answers that are deeper than what is available to them around them. There are people who are very sensitive and want to figure out the reason for their existence and a few want to remember who they really are. A mature soul asks these questions. Since the world only gives the face, a perspective, a very small version of what one is. Some go so far on their path of spiritual or consciousness seeking that they come across teachings, doctrines, and practices that offer a path of self-knowledge. One of them is the advaita vedanta, one of the most powerful, direct and simple ways, whose purpose is to dismantle the egoic structure of the person so that he awakens and recognizes the only reality in Oneness.

In this world of so many polarities and mixed flavors, there are very few true seekers. Many only want something of a pazo or they like the adventure of searching but not that of finding. It is really very rare to find that person that all they want, no matter what, is to remember who they are, what they came to, and ultimately to be completely free from the dream of separation.

The depth level of Advaita can be very confusing and misinterpreted due to lack of understanding of niveles very high consciousness. That is why in this period of maturation it is recommended to find content from Masters, Sages, Saints, Mystics or people who are exploring this form of self-exploration.

It is essential to carefully search, investigate and approach Masters, teachings, people or groups who are in tune with the purity of what is the reality of Consciousness. The heart will know how to recognize itself in the other.

There are even people or teachers who share and practice Advaita Vedanta or its branches, in which they come to misinterpret what it really is. And they encourage or expose that their form will help them reach the peak of the deepest desire of the heart. This causes the immature seeker to be shielded by something that is not real but appears to be.

Still, within everything that one can find, within the same philosophy there is a lot of information and interpretations that do not result in the understanding of what said philosophical thought really wants to show. Generating many interpretations, hypotheses and ideas that do not really reflect the experience that happens when the individual soul recognizes its union with the Universal Soul, resulting in the Supreme Unity described by great Masters, Mystics and self-realized beings.

When one comes across such a philosophy, some of us are fortunate to find great Masters or Gurus worth mentioning such as Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Papaji.

Today many devotees or students follow in his footsteps to to discover what her presence, energy, and words infused with love and truth were trying to indicate. Today many still do not understand its teachings or misinterpret its concepts and guidelines.

I will try in a simple way to address some aspects of Advaita and give a little light to things so simple but that many people have not been able to understand or assimilate its teaching. I hope to show you a direct, simple and effective way in the recognition of the true nature of oneself and therefore of everything else.


What is Advaita / Non-duality

The Advaita Vedanta is the most influential Hindu philosophy of all time in relation to Enlightenment or Spiritual awakening. Thanks to so many Masters and their different experiences, new ways of expressing and showing the root of Advaita have emerged. There is currently Neo Vedanta and Neo Advaita in their most current forms.

All forms of Vedanta try to synthesize the teachings of one of the most important sacred texts of our time, which is the Upanishads. Unlike other forms of Vedanta, which teach that there is only one Reality in the universe and that everything else is illusory.

Advaita Vedanta is closely related to the yoga of knowledge.

People sometimes refer to Advaita by other names, such as non-dualism, non-duality, supreme oneness, etc. People sometimes also abbreviate the name to indicate "Advaita" or "Vedanta."

The teaching of Non-duality framework preceded what is now known as the Vedic religion and the foundations of what is now Hinduism.

Advaita (literally means 'non-duality') is a non-dualistic branch of Hinduism that affirms the unity between souls (atman) and divinity (Brahman).


The Individuality; the door to everything

According to Advaita, only the most intimate part of each of us is conscious. No other part of us can feel or see or know anything. This individual-conscious part is given the Sanskrit name "atman." This is the part of all of us that is the most real of all, since without it the rest cannot be recognized as existing. In the West it is known as our "soul".

According to Advaita, your "atman" (everyone's) is the same as the underlying Absolute Reality in the entire universe, which is called Brahman. Brahman is the western idea of ​​God, except that it is not a person, image, concept or idea. In fact it is impersonal; it is the source of everything; it is what is before the manifestation of the universe and that is truly the Reality of all that is.

In short, your inner self - your true "me" - is Self itself.

So one is not different from the Whole. So You and That are the same. Atman = Brahman.

What distinguishes Advaita from other interpretations of the Upanishads is this: Advaita states that since there is only one Brahman, there is only one Atman. There is only one "me" and we all share it. We are all one “thing” ―Brahman.

Furthermore, only Brahman is real. The other things in the universe perceivable and are created by the ego-mindEven the most difficult to discern are maya, everything is illusion until one breaks and crosses the veil. Here comes a very deep game where not only creation is maya but everything that allows it to be also, such as the senses, the mind, the intellect, the imagination, the consciousness, the time, the space, the silence, the observer and observable, etc.

"Maya" is that which is not, the illusory in relation to reality. The illusion appears to be different from Brahman, but it is not. Because maya deceives us in this way, and since it is impermanent, Advaita at first proposes that maya is unreal because it is not self-existent and life-like as is Brahman or Parabrahman.

This is a very strange and radical idea. It means that you are not you; you've never been that think to be. And that in fact you are One with the supreme reality that underlies the entire universe. The person you thought you were is just a psychological illusion that has ideas, notions, and concepts about yourself.


Inquiring into the Learned "I"

We go through life always paying attention to everything except ourselves. We have literally taken for granted that our existence is defined by what is filtered by the senses, the mind, the emotions, the body, and the notion of awareness.

Fascinating that all these things that I have mentioned are the filters that are rarely really questioned, and it is rare to find that person who has the conviction to challenge herself to really discover herself, to go so deep that the way one lives, the internal structure of identity that has been created by the confusion of not knowing who one really is, has the opportunity to be dissolved or destroyed, so that something more pure is revealed.

Today I will propose some angles of how you can see yourself, and start generating a change within you. That something detonate in your heart and that finally something much more authentic begins to awaken in you that you had not contemplated doing at some point.

I will present you with some questions, their perspectives and angles of exploration. You yourself decide to change or adapt them to your life, you will see that they can bring a lot of light and the truth of the experience of your Existence will be transformed.


Starting the Transformation

One of the simplest, but most profound and transformative things is to inquire into the sensation of Existing. This is the door to something that there is no way to describe, name and find. The game is so simple that we complicate it with so many theories and nonsense that they lead us nowhere.

If you follow me and you have come this far it is because there is something in you that wants to find deep answers. Something within you is guiding you, your inner urges are trying to tell you something. All that internal game is trying to get you to fulfill yourself and wake up.

There are many people that this internal restlessness makes them make sometimes drastic decisions in order to find and satisfy what the heart desires. So if you are willing to find yourself and discover true freedom, you will see that if you follow the map that I have drawn for you, everything will become clear and you will discover the most beautiful gift to find; your true Self.

Questions so simple but so powerful that if the answer is revealed to you, everything in your life will turn into love, expansion and union.

Question yourself, your existence, everything! Look for ways to expand your consciousness, challenge beliefs, as this will dramatically accelerate your growth when you do. If you are looking for a new perspective and a positive change in your life, you just have to look inside. Remember when the curiosity for life was so great that, within us, we knew that we were here for something greater than what we now believe we deserve to live. Therefore, take the time to answer the following questions:


  • Because I am here?

Why are we all here? Do you think it is an accident, or does it mean that you have chosen to incarnate at this time, and why?

Try to dig deep, challenge your beliefs, and go to the core of what your heart believes that fundamental truth to be.

Now, let's keep expanding a bit. Why are you here? Pretend there is some reason behind this, what is the intention behind this?

What are the lessons you are learning in your life? The people around you, your environment and lifestyle? Do they reflect the kind of life and experience that you really want to be living right now?


  • What is my purpose?

What are you creating from your life while you are here? Finding the main reasons why you are here and what your purpose is go hand in hand. Will you find your purpose by following your passion? What is it that ignites the spark of the fire of illusion in you?

For some it is awakening yes or yes, for others the beginning of a much more beautiful game and with the possibility of more is when one begins to want to discover more. This can be an intuitive process for some that can be found through meditation. For others, it can take years to find answers to these questions, while others are simply born with a sense of already knowing. All of this can be seen in anything one wants to do or is doing, from art, books, writing, cooking; literally anything that makes you want to get up and time seems to disappear.

Put your attention on what you like, put energy and actions towards your passions, then your purpose will probably become clearer.


  • Am I giving or taking?

This is very important. Do you give without expecting anything or are you always looking to get something? A large number of people go from relationship to relationship simply trying to obtain something that they lack, others spend them asking the universe for miracles so that their lives change materially, others throw tantrums because someone or society does not give them what according to them they want and deserve.

There are many examples of how we live in a society that is designed to ask for, control, take, and get whatever the ego wants.

How much time do we spend each day looking for ways to give? Instead of having a mind that is only seeking to get and take, why don't we change our focus and see ways to serve others. When, instead of constantly asking the universe, will we take intimate moments with life and say: «Universe, life, what do you want from me, what can I do for you, what can I do that helps others in all their forms? ? »

When you give yourself the opportunity to investigate this, the vision of yourself and the world around you changes. The ego it dissolves more and more in this dance and the opportunity to get out of oneself opens. The only thing left is the joy of sharing with others and looking for ways to give. This is love, this will transform and change you and the whole world.



This question is the most important of all, here we touch and get to the core of the matter with one of the Advaita proposals. At the beginning and at the end of everything. Since the day it is answered, everything else will become totally clear.

Here it is important to go as deep as possible, since by doing this, you will challenge the beginning of the illusion, where the ignorance of what one believes to be begins. If you do it with all your being and all your intention, you will see that there is a point where everything disappears and you will remain in a pure experience of observing and simply of Being.

This question can trigger many things, since you are not being asked: what is your name, what are you, where are you from, what is your last name, where were you born, who are your parents, what do you believe in, what is true for you? , what are your desires and talents, who is your family, tell me your experiences, your discoveries, where do you come from or where are you going?

This is the proposal, who really is that who sees everything happen? Who observes thoughts, who has emotions, who has a past, who is it that observes the phenomenal qualities of creation?

You will notice that this question could also be asked in the following way:

Who is that or what is that that already Is and Is and that is not defined by anything?

This question takes you to the root of the matter, to the beginning before the idea of ​​what one believes to be. Since it puts you in that place that invites you and challenges you to discover that which is before any learning, notion, recognition and an experience of something.

Enjoy your discoveries, share the content of this page freely, do not hesitate to contact me or seek to meet with me to explore this incredible adventure together.



Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover yourself. It's time!

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Greetings, I love you and send you a big hug.


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