Vocational  Commissions for groups and promoters by
the sale of our products and / or services. Creates equipment working
and everyone will earn commissions for their participation. We have created a model of integration, promotion, training and expansion for you and others.
Earn from your own home and have control over your time and work. 

Business from home

Generate resources from the comfort of your home. You can sell our products on your own website, through email or digital media.

High quality

For an optimal student experience. Very complete material and of great value for the well-being of people and a complete life.

Excellent Commissions

You will be able to generate money even while you sleep, this is a very attractive model, for the simple fact that the money is working for you.


Accompaniment to generate new ideas and more job opportunities and earnings. Creativity, discipline and passion are the keys.

Just one click:

Total control:



Program with remuneration for commission for groups and promoters 
of our products. 

Our affiliate program allows interested persons, 
share our material with your beautiful message. 

On the other hand, it covers the need that some people have, 
not having your own platform or product. 
Thanks to what we have created, if you wish, you can start making money
and you have the reins of your time, energy and work.

In addition, you are given the opportunity to grow in many aspects, 
as well as help others to improve aspects of their lives positively.

This opportunity is designed for people who want to help others
and at the same time become leaders of change. Empower yourself and inspire others.

You will have your own personalized Desktop where you can see the transactions
Therefore you will have control and details about everything that happens 
Thanks to the users you invite or those of your work team.



You agree to Our terms and conditions, in the same way with what has been decided in the form of percentages and membership in the Affiliate program. If a cancellation is made or someone requests a refund, the commission will not be carried out. The link has an expiration date of 60 days for the user who has accessed one of our products through the banners or affiliate links.

Up to 3 levels are handled per Affiliate:

Level 1: 30%
Level 2: 20%
Level 3: 10%

Structured as follows: if affiliate "A" (parent) makes a sale, he will take a 30% commission on the total sale. If Affiliate “A” (father) wishes to create teams and get promoters, they will be considered Affiliates “B” (children) who, in turn, may have other sub-children who will be called Affiliates “C”. When Affiliate “A” makes a sale, Affiliate “B” and “C” children will not take any commission. But if Affiliate “B” made sales, Affiliate “A” will get a 20% commission and Affiliate “B” a 30% commission. Now, if Affiliate "B" brings a new Affiliate, called "C", then for each sale that affiliate "C" makes, Affiliate "C" will take 30% commission, Affiliate "B" a 20% and Affiliate "A" 10%.


There are 3 Levels of Affiliates: A, B and C, the 1st Level being the Affiliate "A" and the 3rd Level the Affiliate "C". Any Affiliate, both A, B and C, who makes a direct sale, will take a 30% commission. The Affiliate who precedes him will take 20% and the previous one 10% (1st Level Affiliate).

The payment of commissions to Affiliates will begin when the accumulation of commissions is from € 100. A Paypal account is required to pay the commissions.

* Note: You can review the most detailed and updated information on our page PRIVACY POLICY Alere Fleet Management.


  • You are not allowed to use any type of spam to promote our products. (This is a very important point that Facebook and Google Ads handle to protect their customers. And if this is not done well, it affects the CM platform, social networks and any of its activities)
  • You are not allowed to use pay-per-click advertising to bid on brand keywords. This includes "Consciousness-Maghavat, the Roar of Awakening or Sadhana School" or any other word related to the platform or any of our products like "Sadhana for the Soul - Gold Level", etc ..
  • If you use pay-per-click advertising, you must first send traffic to a landing page. You are NOT allowed to link directly to the Conscience-Maghavat site.
  • You are not authorized to claim that any of our products or promotional materials were created by you. He can do nothing to impersonate the Consciousness-Maghavat brand, The Roar of Awakening or Sadhana School or the Consciousness-Maghavat staff.
  • Buying things through your own affiliate link is not allowed (and it doesn't work either).
  • You are not allowed to submit any kind of money back plan, bonus initiative, coupon discount or claim that customers can get any kind of discount by purchasing through your affiliate link.
  • We have a system to verify that these rules are followed. If any of the above points are found to be being done, we reserve the right to deactivate your account at any time, without prior notice and you will not receive any commission payments.


You have 3 options to start:


Sign up to participate in the Affiliate Program. Once inside, in your work area, you will have access to all the information and the 
material. You will also see the breakdown of your commissions and that of the other affiliates in your circle.


Contact us to discuss the different 
opportunities what's up. The call is free of charge, in it we will address your questions and ideas about the project. There is the possibility of creating teams and that everyone wins.


Know our products that we have in the Shop so that you become familiar with them. Some of them enter the program and some do not. Once you register you will be able to see this point in more detail.


The School for Awakening, Satsangs and Sâdhana Methodology

Services and projects to help awakening
of human potential


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