The Roar of Awakening or Wake up to Roar

Awakening to the Reality of Being

“It is time to remember and wake up to the truth of who you really are. That Silent Witness looking at everything through you;
the Infinite Being.”

– Sarkhân / 'The Roar of Awakening'

Nothing is a Coincidence

If you came to this page it was not by chance, something inside you has brought you here
and you are not the only one who has received the call, we are an active and awake community that has created a space of self-knowledge
to explore, discover and share the true nature of who you are, who we are.
The Awakening of Consciousness and your Spiritual Transformation is your birthright!

There are no limits - Sarkhan

Awakening to your True Self will show that you have no limits

Ignorance of yourself and your thoughts is the main root of the conflict, stress and anxiety do not have to limit your life. Discover a way to live in harmony with yourself, know a direct way towards self-knowledge of oneself. We believe that we are what is held as true, and the result is endless conflicts due to the ghost that has beliefs and conditioning, however, there is something deeper within us, something that has no limits and if you pay enough attention you will be able to listen. the Roar of an invitation to your own Awakening to the Reality of Being. #TheRugirDelAwakening

The Death of the Ego

When one transcends the ego, all limitation disappears, then our Timeless and Immortal nature is revealed.

The awakening

The light of your Being is one that has no limits, it is always awake, clear and solid, and without the conditions of the mind.

The meditation

Many meditations and practices that do not lead to self-discovery, it is very important to find and discover a real meditation.

There is only one soul

The truth of the soul is that it is not an individual aspect of existence, the soul is one and manifests itself in infinite ways.